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Being An Angel To Get Him (Chapter 7)

Title: Being An Angel To Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Fluff, Humor (?), A little bit of angst, Romance
Pairing: KyuMin, EunHae, hinted Brotherhood! QMi
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

Chapter 7: One Thousand Words

Kyuhyun’s POV

I would be dead in two hours maybe… I remembered Siwon said that God forgives humans easily, but humans themselves cannot forgive each other easily. And Zhoumi is like that. How would he forgive me easily for I let Mr. Kwon killed our mother? I could’ve stopped him. But, I didn’t… I even watched him killing my mother brutally until I couldn’t recognize her face anymore.

I’ve took Zhoumi’s happiness by letting Mr. Kwon killed our mother. I’ve took away his hope and I’ve swore to myself that I would stop hurting him. It was enough seeing him curled on the floor, crying, and screaming in pain. But then… what happens now… I never thought that I would be taking his happiness again.

Sungmin is his happiness. And I’m his happiness thief.

I realize that everything is my fault. I was taken to be my mother’s replacement is a faith I cannot change. It’s none of Zhoumi’s fault. My childish thought said it was his fault. But, I was wrong. My mother was right, Zhoumi really doesn’t know anything. He’s clueless like a lost sheep. If, I had stopped Mr. Kwon from killing mother, none of this would happen but, that means I won’t be here by now.

I suddenly have the urge to laugh and cry in the same time. I want to laugh knowing that Zhoumi would kill me later and cry remembering how rude and sinful I used to be. I think I don’t deserve forgiveness from God. I deserve to die in Zhoumi’s hand. I look up at the starry sky and wonder where God is. But, I know for sure that He’s somewhere out there and would listen to my prayer. Just for this once, please listen to my prayer.

“I want what’s best for Sungmin…” I croak out. I’m willing not to let the tears fall down but, I can’t. There are so many of them and they sting my eyes if I don’t let them fall. A drop of tear suddenly turns into a rain of tears which are soaking my shirt but soon dried away by the night wind. Someone would kill me but, I didn’t wish for forgiveness. I prayed for Lee Sungmin. Damn! That one man has invaded my mind… and heart.

I fall on my knees on the wet sand and just stare into the distance, waiting for Zhoumi even though the night wind is freezing me to death.


Kyuhyun is still alive is the only thing Sungmin has been hoping for the past hours since he’s following Zhoumi from the dorm in Donghae’s car. Sungmin has a feeling that the percentage of Zhoumi killing Kyuhyun is quite big.

“Look, maybe I don’t know what’s going on between Zhoumi and Kyuhyun…” Sungmin starts to say, “But, I know whatever it is, it makes Zhoumi has the urge to kill Kyuhyun.” Sungmin declares. Donghae tightens his grip on the steering wheel until his knuckles turn white. He feels guilty for telling Sungmin the secret Zhoumi has been keeping from Sungmin. Donghae would like someone to bash his head on the wall for making the relationship between Sungmin and Zhoumi a mess.

“Can we just go back home?” Donghae asks, his hands are threatening to turn around the steering wheel.

“NO!” Sungmin barks at Donghae which scares the younger. But, Donghae is more scared of Zhoumi who might want to kill him too for telling his secret. “I have to stop Zhoumi! I wouldn’t let him do any harm to Kyuhyun!” The determination in Sungmin’s tone makes Donghae realized that his hyung has fallen in love with someone else.

“Hyung you…” Donghae is hesitant to ask about it. But, his curiosity is killing him. “Like him don’t you?” Donghae blurts out.
Sungmin glares at his dongsaeng, about to deny it. But, soon he realizes that it’s no use of denying something that is right. Lying is a sin, and he can’t lie to Donghae who is putting on an innocent child expression. Sungmin sighs and pat the younger’s head.

“Donghae-sshi… Don’t be scared of me, okay? There’s nothing wrong for asking that…” Then, Sungmin answers to Donghae’s question in a softer voice, “No, I love him…”


Zhoumi thinks it’s better if Kyuhyun is dead. Zhoumi thinks it’s better if Kyuhyun is alive. Zhoumi thinks the two thoughts before are in the same level. For short, Zhoumi is confused on what he should do to Kyuhyun. Killing Kyuhyun is the first thing that popped up in his mind, but killing Kyuhyun wouldn’t bring his mother back and Kyuhyun isn’t the one who killed his mother. Letting Kyuhyun live doesn’t make his anger go away and it also means letting Kyuhyun another chance to be with Sungmin.

“Maybe I should just kill him…” Zhoumi mutters as he parked his car at the villa’s parking lot. He sits in the car for a while after turning off the engine. He tries to calm down first before stepping out of his car. But, halfway stepping out of his car, he returns back to his car and opens the dashboard to take a magnum revolver from it.

“Kill him it is…” Zhoumi decides.



“KuiXian… Are you okay?” Zhoumi asked, looking at Kyuhyun who didn’t move a finger after he was beaten by his father. “KuiXian..? Wake up..!” Zhoumi’s little hands were shaking Kyuhyun to wake up or at least say something. Little Zhoumi was scared to see his brother all bruised and messed up laying on the ground like he was dying.

Kyuhyun suddenly grunted. That single grunt made a thousand layers of thick smile appeared on Zhoumi’s face.

“KuiXian… Are you hurt? Tell me, KuiXian!” Zhoumi demanded, still trying to make his brother stand up like he always did after he got beaten by his father.

“Shut your mouth, Mi!” Kyuhyun slapped Zhoumi’s hands away from him all of a sudden. “I don’t need your help!” Kyuhyun tried his best to stand up on his feet but, soon he fell again for the sudden stinging pain in his legs.

“KuiXian…” Zhoumi grabbed Kyuhyun’s forearms to help him to walk onlt to get pushed away by Kyuhyun.

“I said I don’t need your help!” Kyuhyun yelled at his brother. However, Zhoumi insisted on helping Kyuhyun to walk no matter how much the latter tried to push or hit him. “Mimi… Please don’t help me!” Kyuhyun suddenly broke into tears as he felt something clutching on his heart. His breathing became uneven as he tried to hold his loud sobs.

“What did dad say to you? Why was he beating you?” Zhoumi asked in a soft innocent voice. Kyuhyun never saw his parents ever hurt Zhoumi. What he always saw was the love in his parents’ eyes whenever they were talking to Zhoumi. Even though both of the children were born in the same day and year, Kyuhyun knew that Zhoumi would be forever his little brother who is in need to be protected.

“Dad said I’m not supposed to be born. He wanted me to die…” Kyuhyun finally said. He let himself fell in Zhoumi’s arms, and crying on Zhoumi’s shoulder. “Why dad wanted me to die while he wanted you to stay alive? Mimi… dad loves you more. Dad doesn’t want you to be around with me.”

“But why?” Zhoumi pushed Kyuhyun from his embrace to look at his brother’s beat up face, “You’re my brother! Dad is drunk… I don’t understand too why he always hurt you. But, I’m here for you if you need me… You were always for me when I need you…” Zhoumi said, pulling his brother in his embrace again.

“Mimi… Thank you…” Kyuhyun muttered a thousand of thank you to Zhoumi as he cried in his brother’s arms.

End of flashback

Kyuhyun feels another tear falls from his eyes, realizing the truth that both of them will never be there for each other again after the incident that night. He actually misses that moment when both he and Zhoumi are still care for each other and will offer a hug when the other is sad.

But now… Seeing Zhoumi walking toward him with a gun in his hand makes Kyuhyun know they wouldn’t be like when they were little.

“Kyuhyun you…” Zhoumi yells at him. Soon a lot of swearing and bitter words escape from Zhoumi’s mouth. Kyuhyun doesn’t hear the words well because of the loud beating of his heart and the sound of the night wave. The next he knows is a hard pain on the corner of his eyebrow where Zhoumi hits him with the gun.

Kyuhyun finds himself kneeling under Zhoumi’s feet, crying really loud. “I’m sorry, Mi…” Kyuhyun croaks out, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m  sorry…” Kyuhyun keeps saying. His fingers are clutching the sand under his palms.

“Stop saying sorry! Do you know how much I hate you for letting that damn old man killed mom? Do you know how much?!” Zhoumi yells at Kyuhyun, pushing on Kyuhyun’s shoulder really hard with his foot, making Kyuhyun fall on his back.

“I’m sorry Mi…” Kyuhyun apologizes instead of answering to Zhoumi’s question.

“It’s a good thing a family adopted me after you left me with mom dead by my side. But, I will never forget how you said that you hate me and then abandoned me!”

“I’m sorry Mi…”

“Stop saying sorry! Is that the only thing you can say before you die?!” Zhoumi points the tip of his gun in front of Kyuhyun’s forehead, “Once I pull the trigger, your head will be blown off and you can’t see Sungmin anymore…”

“Saying sorry is the only thing I want to say to you before I die. I know you’ll never forgive me but, at least I just want to say sorry for everything I’ve done.” Kyuhyun snorts before he continues talking, “I just don’t want you to be like me… I don’t want you to get hurt by Mr. Kwon. I want you to just live your life, Zhoumi… Because, God has a better plan for you…”

Shut up! Since when you became religious?! Since you’re trying to steal my Sungmin? You know what? You don’t have the chance to do that… Anymore.” Zhoumi is starting to push the trigger with his finger. Kyuhyun closes his eyes as he keeps on muttering thousands of sorry to Zhoumi.

“KYUHYUN!!” A voice shouts from the distance in the same time when a loud bang from Zhoumi’s gun fills the night.


Eunhyuk is panting really hard. He feels his legs are trembling after the fast sprint he did a couple of minutes ago to save Kyuhyun. He tightens his arms around Zhoumi so that tall man cannot pull away to do more harm to Kyuhyun. Eunhyuk also feels another fingers locked between the gaps of his fingers perfectly, making Zhoumi squeezed between Eunhyuk and another person on the wet sand.
Eunhyuk finally let his eyes open little-by-little. The first thing he see is crying Zhoumi, then the unfamiliar hand that is locked to his hand on Zhoumi’s waist, and then crying Sungmin who is kneeling next to dying or alive Kyuhyun. Eunhyuk can’t see well in the dark.

“Zhoumi… It’s over… It’s a past that you should forget.” An unfamiliar voice says from behind Zhoumi’s back. That person finally stands up as he pins Zhoumi on the ground with his free hand. Then, Eunhyuk finally can see who that person is. That person had pushed Zhoumi in the same time with Eunhyuk and the three of them fell on the sand.

“Hey blondie!” The person calls. It takes a long minue for Eunhyuk to realize that the person is calling him. Eunhyuk points at himself dumbly, “Yes, you… I’m sorry I don’t know your name yet. But, get your friend back to the villa. Someone has to settle things right…” that person looks at Sungmin and then back to Zhoumi. Eunhyuk understand right away without asking.

Eunhyuk pulls away from Zhoumi and quickly helping Kyuhyun to stand on his feet. He watches Sungmin and the other person talking in husky voice. He catches some of their conversation.

Min, you have to talk with Zhoumi. Tell him the truth…”

“But, it’s hard, Hae… He tried to kill Kyuhyin and think what would happen later if I’m asking to break up with him?” Sungmin grits his teeth,
He’ll try to kill Kyuhyun again!

You can’t keep hiding your feeling. You love Kyuhyun and that’s it! You have to break up with Zhoumi.” After that person says that, Eunhyuk’s cheeks turn bright red from anger. He quickly helps Kyuhyun walking when suddenly the unfamiliar person who was talking with Sungmin helps Eunhyuk making Kyuhyun’s weight a little bit lighter than before.

“I’m sorry… My name is Donghae by the way… Yours?”

“Eunhyuk…” Eunhyuk answers in a flat tone. “Hey, Donghae… Can I ask you something later? It’s about your friend, Sungmin.” Donghae is eyeing Eunhyuk for a while before he nods absent mindedly.

While the two are helping you walking back to the villa, Sungmin sits cross legged next to Zhoumi who is still laying on the sand, eyes avoiding Sungmin’s. Zhoumi already know what would happen next…

“Mi… I’m sorry…” Right after Sungmin says that, Zhoumi doesn’t want to know or hear the next words Sungmin is going to stay.


Eunhyuk and Donghae lay Kyuhyun down on Eunhyuk’s bed. Kyuhyun is still closing his eyes while pressing on the wound on the corner of his left eyebrow. Tears are still flowing out from his eyes no matter how hard he tries to hold it. The pain on his wound is nothing compares to the pain in his heart. Maybe that’s how Zhoumi felt like when Kyuhyun abandoned him.

Eunhyuk takes a medicine pack from his bag. He’s about to apply an alcohol to clean the wound when Kyuhyun suddenly rolls around to the other side of the bed. “Leave me alone!” Kyuhyun says against the pillow.

“But, Kyuhyun…” Before Euhyuk can finish his sentence, an unfortunate pillow hits an unfortunate Donghae who is standing too close with Eunhyuk. Kyuhyun throws another unfortunate pillow toward Eunhyuk but, the latter dodges in the right time.

“Leave me alone!” Kyuhyun shouts again against the bed sheet. “ahdoshuduhw..!” Eunhyuk doesn’t hear the next words Kyuhyun is saying. But, Eunhyuk takes that as random swearing and a cue to leave the room. Eunhyuk have never seen Kyuhyun cries. He’s even sure Kyuhyun’s friends never saw this guy cries. And what surprises him, Kyuhyun cries because of something called love. No matter how evil he is, he still has that soft spot somewhere in his black heart.

Eunhyuk slams the medicine box on the table lamp next to his bed, then leaves the room without saying anything. Donghae follows from behind and closes the door quietly. Right after that, Eunhyuk grabs Donghae's shoulder and he shows his serious look. Somehow that look makes Donghae's nostril grow bigger from trying to suppress his laughter. Donghae sees a straight faced monkey on Eunhyuk's face, that's why he's trying to hold his laughter.

"What? Is something wrong?" Eunhyuk asks.

And both of their silent conversation is like this:





"Gaahh~" and soon a loud laughter escaped from Donghae's mouth. Eunhyuk can only stares weirdly at Donghae. This guy... Eunhyuk sees bright aura all over him. The same bright aura around himself whenever he looks at himself in front of the mirror.

"I would love to laugh with you later but, now... I wanna know... Is Sungmin in love with Kyuhyun?" Eunhyuk asks in a whisper voice. Donghae has expected Eunhyuk to ask that. Although Sungmin has told him that he shouldn't tell about it to anyone, Donghae finds it's hard not to tell, especially when he's cornered by someone he barely knew. 'I guess laughing at him didn't make him forget what he wanted to ask.' Donghae says in his mind.

"Well?" Eunhyuk's voice demanding, snapping Donghae from spacing out.

"What would you do if I tell you?"

"Just tell me yes or no!"

"Look, I don't want to make someone cry. I'm a gentleman who is trying to act gentle. I don't hurt people." Donghae declares. He doesn't realize that he indirectly says the answer.

"So you mean... Sungmin is in love with Kyuhyun?"

"Yes! Ah no... I mean no..." Donghae is stuttering. He doesn't like the way Eunhyuk pouts his lips. He now knows that two people are having a crush on Kyuhyun.

"Okay fine..." Eunhyuk is about to leave when Donghae grabs his wrist. That boy with innocent face and cute wide eyes looks shy to ask something at Eunhyuk. "What?" Eunhyuk's tone is a little bit annoyed.

"Ummm... Wanna go to the pool? You need to cool off." Donghae says. Is this kid mad? It's night and cold, and cooling off in the pool would freeze him. Eunhyuk shakes his head. But, Donghae doesn't seem to give up. "At least do something to calm your emotion. I know if you're alone, you'll cry. That's why you're leaving, right?" Donghae is totally right. Who the hell is he really?

"Look, it's my fault if you're going to cry tonight. Let me do something for you." Donghae says. Eunhyuk doesn't blame Donghae for telling the truth, but Eunhyuk is just surprised that Donghae doesn't give up easily... Unlike him.

"I don't want to swim at night... But, I would like to go to the spa. I think it's open 24 hours." Eunhyuk finally says. He can't surpress his gummy grin when Donghae suddenly pumps his fist in the air and mouths a 'yeah'.

"Haha you're smiling!" Donghae exclaims.

"You're weird, Donghae." Eunhyuk chuckles. Then, both of them walk out of the villa while talking about a group of anchovy, UFO, aliens, and orang utan.


"Hyung, I'm going to the spa with the blond haired guy. He needs to cool off... Btw, take care of Kyuhyun's wound. Careful, he's in bad mood." Sungmin reads the whatsapp message from Donghae.

"Darn you for leaving me alone with Kyuhyun!! >.<" Sungmin replies to Donghae's message.

"But, you like it, rite? ;)" Sungmin hates Donghae for being right. He's about to shove his phone to his pocket when he gets another message from Donghae.

"Where's Zhoumi?"

Ah yes Zhoumi... He probably alredy drown himself in the sea. No no... That's just too desperate. Sungmin doesn't exactly know where Zhoumi went after Sungmin told him the truth and decided that it's better to end their relationship. Although Sungmin said that he still wanted to be friend with Zhoumi, the other guy half heartedly said yes. Both of them knew their friendly relationship would be awkward.

"Let's just hope tomorrow he's still alive." Sungmin replies.

Sungmin tries to ignore Donghae's message every one minute. He's like updating every single thing he does, talks, or anything that has Eunhyuk in it. Sungmin only replied some of the message if it contains something Donghae prefers to name it as EunHae moment. Sungmin thinks his dongsaeng is over reacting.

Sungmin walks in to the villa. Even though he's inside the villa, the temperature is still cold. He stiffly walks up the stairs to Kyuhyun's room. He's about to knock on the door, but he thinks Kyuhyun wouldn't have the strength or maybe mood to open the door. But, it's not appropiate to just walk in too. So, he just opens the door slightly and peek through the gap only to see something blocking his view.

Not something, but someone to be exact.

"What are you doing?" Kyuhyun asks after he pulled the door open.

"Checking you..?" Sungmin's statement ends up into question. "Where are you going?" Sungmin asks back to cover the awkwardness that is starting to settle between them.

"Where's Zhoumi?" Kyuhyun asks without answering Sungmin's question. And they end up in a Q&Q session instead of Q&A session.

"Are you going to see him?"

"You're not with him?"

"Do you feel any better?"

"Where's Eunhyuk?"

"Could you please stop asking?" Sungmin is starting to get annoyed on this Q&Q session.

"Could you please start answering?" Kyuhyun fires back, mimicking Sungmin's annoyed tone perfectly. Sungmin throws his hands up as a sign of giving up. "Alright! I dunno where's Zhoumi because I'm not with him and Eunhyuk is out with Donghae to cool off." Sungmin answers Kyuhyun's questions in one sentence.

"Cool off? What do you mean by that? Is he having some problem?" Kyuhyun asks again, not noticing the annoyed frown on Sungmin's brows.

"Could you please start answering?" Sungmin throws back Kyuhyun's word.

"Okay... I wanna see Zhoumi. I want to see if he's doing okay or not. And I felt better already. Thanks for asking." Kyuhyun smiles. His hand is still covering his wound. Although the bleeding has stopped, the wound is still open and it might be hurt now.

"You should clean your wound first." Sungmin suddenly says, pushing Kyuhyun back to the room and making him sit on the bed without wanting to hear his endless whining about how painful it will be. "Now you just shut up and bite me if it's painful."

"But I don't want to bite you! It'll hurt you!"

"Then, I'll kiss you!" Kyuhyun doesn't expect Sungmin to say that. A heavy silence is filling the athmosphere where both Kyuhyun and Sungmin can only stare into each other's eyes as if trying to find something in there. But, what to find? Lies or Truth? Kyuhyun finds no lies and Sungmin finds gladness in Kyuhyun's eyes. This is what Kyuhyun wanted since the first time they met.

He wants his first kiss not 'accidental'.

"Try..." Kyuhyun manages to say after swallowing thick lump of saliva.

Sungmin licks his dry lips, and then he leans closer to Kyuhyun. Both of them close their eyes when their faces are only inch apart. Kyuhyun can feel the warm auro when Sungmin's lips are only two millimeters close. Kyuhyun tilts his head a little to the side to taste Sungmin's lips fully on his lips. Their lips crashed against each other softly like an eagle landing perfectly on the tree. They stay that way for long minutes, just pressing their lips against each other. They're trying to feel if this is a dream or reality. Because it feels like a dream but their lips on each other are real. The warmth, the softness, the burning feeling in their stomach, and the beat of their heart are real.

Even the pain when the alcohol touches Kyuhyun's wound is real.

"Ungh!" Kyuhyun whimpers against Sungmin's lips. But the kiss is like his personal pain killer that wouldn't make him die of overdose. He starts to move his lips. Kissing Sungmin's lips once, twice, thrice, and more as Sungmin's right hand is treating Kyuhyun's wound. When Sungmin presses the cotton on Kyuhyun's wound a little bit harder, Kyuhyun licks Sungmin's bottom lip, asking for a permission to enter the other's lips.

Sungmin opens his mouth and suddenly he feels something is moving on top of his tongue. Kyuhyun slides his hand to the back of Sungmin's neck, pulling the other closer to deepen their kiss. Soon, the pain goes away, and there's only comfort. Kyuhyun doesn't want to think of anything else for only once in his life. He only wants to feel this loving moment. Kyuhyun breaks away from the kiss and looks into Sungmin's eyes again. He realizes that those black eyes are beautiful from close. He pushes a strand of hair from Sungmin's forehead to kiss his forehead. His thumb caresses the other's right cheek and kisses the left cheek.

"Min, I love you so much..." Kyuhyun says, looking very sincere.

Sungmin smiles. He can't believe that he loves Kyuhyun more than he loved Zhoumi even though both Kyuhyun and Zhoumi shared the same blood. Maybe it's because Sungmin feels save, peace, and real love. Sungmin remembers the day when Zhoumi first confessed to him at a party, and soon after they have their first sex. But this s totally different. He doesn't feel lust in their atmosphere. He only feels weird pinky atmosphere.

"I love you so much too, Kyu..." Sungmin replies, pressing his forehead against Kyuhyun's. The comfort that surrounds him make him feel sleepy. "Sleepy..." Sungmin purrs.

"Me too..." Kyuhyun purrs back. "Let's go to sleep then!" Kyuhyun pulls away and reaches for the light switch with his feet, too lazy to use his hand. When the lights are off, he quickly curls up on bed with his back facing Sungmin. Sungmin doesn't know what to do. He just stand there watching Kyuhyun who is breathing calmly, and hugging the blanket up to his face.

"Good night then..." Sungmin says. He's about to walk to the door when Kyuhyun turns around and calls him.

"Min... I'm sorry.. I'm still nervous. If you don't mind, you can sleep here with me." Kyuhyun cannot see Sungmin's expression when he says that. But, he knows from the long silence that Sungmin is shocked. "Ummm.. I wouldn't do anything to you. So, it's okay if you don't want-" Before Kyuhyun could finish hi sentence, he feels a weight on the other side of the bed, and a hand around his waist.

"Let's just sleep... I'm really sleepy." Sungmin says, already closing his eyes. Kyuhyun smiles. He moves closer to Sungmin as he puts an arm around Sungmin's waist. He gives the other a goodnight kiss and soon both of them drift off to dreamland.

It's so cute that both of them are heavy sleepers until none of them realize that Sungmin's iPhone is vibrating when it receives a call from Zhoumi.


Zhoumi waits...

First ring, second ring, third ring... Until it's on the seventh ring that the lady operator says the one he calls are unreachable and he should try again later. It's really frustrating him.

'Maybe they're having sex already.' Zhoumi says to himself. He takes a gulp of his vodka, and asks the bartender for the I-don't-know-how-much-already shot. The bartender is giving him that dude-are-you-sure-you're-not-tipsy? Look. But he knows that Zhoumi is having a bad day from the sparkle on Zhoumi's eyes.

"How old are you?" The bartender asks.

"230 year old."

"Alright you're tipsy..." The bartender breathes out.

"No no! I'm not... My age is 230 per gravity's acceleration... Okay maybe I'm a lil bit tipsy. I'm 23 to be exact. Why you ask?"

"23 huh?" The bartender nods in understanding. "Hard times happened in your twenties but, life truly begins in the age of forty." The bartender says. Zhoumi keeps nodding as his answer. He doesn't want to hear about life phyilosophy. God! He's an engineering student and philosophy doesn't have anything to do with his study. It sucks when you have to listen to something that doesn't have anything to do with your dream.

"Can I ask for another shot?" Zhoumi asks again, a little bit more demanding this time.

"But... What if you got tipsy? Who's going to take you home?" The bartender asks. That, Zhoumi doesn't know the answer. And nodding wouldn't answer the question.

He's about to say 'I don't know' when someone from behind him says to the bartender.

"I'll take him home." That someone says.

The bartender looks up at the guy who is standing behind Zhoumi and asks. "Do you have a connection with this kid? I'm sorry... I just want this kid to be save. The last time a kid got tipsy and walked home by himself, he died in a car crash."

"Umm not really. I have a connection with this kid's brother." That someone taps Zhoumi shoulder, making him suddenly feel his heart beating in fear.


'KuiXian...' Zhoumi calls his brother in his mind.


'What have you gone through all these years?' Zhoumi doesn't even know why he suddenly thinks of his brother who he really hates.


'KuiXian, why am I so scared?'

"Oh I've known two of them since they were little." Zhoumi hears the guy say from behind.

'KuiXian... Why do I have a feeling to cry? KuiXian... KuiXian... KuiXian...'

"It's late already. You shouldn't get drunk in a place you're not familiar with." Zhoumi hears the guy say. "It's time to go home." The guy turns Zhoumi around to him.

'KuiXian, please take me away from Mr. Kwon!' No matter how hard Zhoumi tries to scream, he just can't his voice as if something is clutching his throat.


A/N: Very very sorry for the long update! It has been nine days since I last posted chapter 6 >.< I hope you still remember the story. If don't... Re-read chap 6 XD *bricked*
A/N2: So, I've decided to end this story on less than 10 chaps. So the end could be on 9, 10, or even the next chapter XD *shot*
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