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My Servant, My Love (Oneshot)

Title: My Servant, My Love
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, AU, Angst, Smut
Pairing: KyuMin
Side pairings: HanChul, EunHae
WARNING: Characters Death
Summary: Kyuhyun is born to be a loyal servant. He fell in love with Prince Sungmin and willing to do everything for him even though his love is unrequited.
A/N: I am sad T.T and the smut is... quite long. And and... Feel free to read and comments are loved ^^

Sungmin is the son of the wealthiest and mightiest King in the world. What's more fortunate of him is that he's the only child of the King, so he will be the next in line to rule the kingdom. However, what his father doesn't know is he spoiled Sungmin too much. He gives every single thing that Sungmin asks for him to buy. He gives Sungmin golds, fancy clothes, expensive toys that no ordinary children could afford in a thought that by doing so, would make Sungmin gets over of his mother's sudden death. 

Because of that, Sungmin becomes a spoilt child. Soon, he is known among the servants that he's a selfish prince who doesn't know kindness toward people. Some of the servants say that Sungmin is an sycophant. He acts like an innocent boy in front of his father while he acts like an escaped soul from hell behind his father's back. The servants can only pray for Sungmin to change before he has to replace his father's position to rule the Kingdom.

But, no matter how hard and often the servants prayed for Sungmin to change, the spoilt prince is getting more evil than before as years passed by. And something unexpected happens when the young prince is only sixteen and still has that blackheart within.

"It cannot be!" Sungmin slams both of his hands on the table. "You're lying!!" He accuses the healer who brings a sad news that his father just passed away from heart attack.

"Check for yourself if you don't believe me..." The healer whose name is Heechul replies plainly with a plain expression as if giving bad news is a usual thing for him. He hears Sungmin growls at him before the young man starts to sprint out off the meeting room toward his father's room at the top floor. Heechul feels like he's not needed anymore in that castle when Sungmin's cry of pain echoes around the castle.

He has packed all his stuffs and about to leave when he sees a servant standing by the doorway of the meeting room with an expression between sad and scared.

"Ummm... sir..." The servant starts to say. "Are you sure the King has passed away?"

"Well, your answer is the Prince's cry of pain. Don't you hear him?" Heechul says calmly, pointing his finger at the ceiling.

"Ah yes... I hear him. It's just that... If, the King is dead, then Prince Sungmin will be the King. I'm really worried that Prince Sungmin wouldn't be a great King like his father was. This Kingdom would fall!" The servant's hands are clutching tighter on the hem of his uniform. Fear is written all over the servant's face. 

"So... why are you telling me all this?" Heechul asks. That question catches the servant off guard. The servant himself is confused why he told the traveling healer about it. This servant is pretty clumsy and think only using his heart, not mind. "Ah... you don't even know... What's your name anyway?"

"Hankyung, sir..." The servant answers without looking up at the healer.

"Actually Hankyung... I don't mind you told me about this spoilt Prince. I'm a traveler and I've been traveling for years. And you know what? I can't help you with this problem. But, I know someone who could." Heechul swears his heart skipped a beat when Hankyung looks up at him and a toothy smile appears on Hankyung's face.

"Really? Ah! Thank you very much!!" Hankyung kneels in front of Heechul. The healer feels thousand layers of red creeping up on his cheeks.

"Ye-yes... you're welcome..." Heechul's pretending to rub his face to hide his blushing. "This person lives not far from here... I-I'll be going there now and tomorrow I promise you he'll be in front of this place." WIth that, Heechul quickly walks out from the meeting room before Hankyung sees his blushing cheeks.

"How can I repay you?" Hankyung asks.

Heechul stops near the doorway to answer to Hankyung's question, "Have a tea at the Inn tomorrow if you have a free time."

By the next day, when Sungmin is still grieving over his father's death, someone is knocking on the door. Sungmin doesn't answer it at first, and continues staring at the distance through the window in his room. He looks up at the sky and wonders why God did all this to him. Ruling the Kingdom is the scariest thing that ever happened to him. He's not ready to face the public and guide his Kingdom to glory like his father did. His vision is blurred by tears all of a sudden just by thinking the thing he would have to do when he declares himself as a King. Sungmin doesn't want to do all that. It scares him so much that... that...

"I should just die..." Sungmin decides.

Kyuhun has knocked on the door earlier but no one answer. So, he thought that the new King must be asleep. But, he's glad that he hasn't left yet for he suddenly hears cry of pain, sound of shattering glass, and sound of punching on the wall. Those sounds make the young man becomes worried at the King. The servants have told him that King Sungmin is a spoilt boy and would do harm to him if he make a tiny mistake. At first, Kyuhyun though that the king isn't like any other king. He's spoilt and unwise is what crosses Kyuhyun's mind. But, after he hears that cry of pain from the king's room, Kyuhyun starts having a second thought that King Sungmin is just lonely and in need of attention from other people.

Kyuhyun makes a commitment to give the new king all the attention he needs when Kyuhyun let himself in to the room, and finds the king curled up on the floor with a piece of glass pressed on his wrist. Kyuhyun quickly runs toward the desperate king and snatches the glass away. 

"Who are you? Leave me alone!" Sungmin yells at Kyuhyun, pushing him away. "I wanna die!"

"Don't die, my Lord... Think of your Kingdom. Your people need you, my Lord." Kyuhyun says, gripping on both Sungmin's wrist to stop that sixteen year old king from hitting him. Then, Kyuhyun notices fresh wounds on the king's knuckles as if this king has been punching the wall with his bare fists.

"Nooo!! I don't care about them! I just wanna die! I don't want to be a king! It's... It's... scary!" Sungmin finally breaks down into tears.

"That's why I'm here, my Lord... I'm here to help you with your job. If, you don't want to handle it, let me be the one who do all your job. And all you have to do is just sit during a meeting and I'll be your speaker. I promise... I promise I'll help you guide your Kingdom to glor just like your father did." Right after Kyuhyun said that, Sungmin finally realizes that he's not alone at all. This unfamiliar person somehow returns the feeling when his father was still around, and erases the fear in his heart.

"Who-who are you?" Sungmin croaks out.

"My name is Cho Kyuhyun. I'll be your personal servant forever." Kyuhyun answers with a smile on his face. Sungmin swears he never see that kind of smile which calms his heart.

And since that day, the two of them become best friends. And that dangerous feeling called love grows inside of Kyuhyun's heart. However, Sungmin only sees him as a loyal servant who is willing to anything because of their closeness.


"Kyuhyun~!" Sungmin calls Kyuhyun in a sing-sang voice, "Here! Another bag for you to carry!" Sungmin just put another shopping bag on top of the stuffs he just bought that are carried by Kyuhyun.
"Shouldn't we go back now? I mean... You've bought a lot of stuffs. If you want, we can go back here again next week." Kyuhyun says, trying his best to look at Sungmin from behind all the stuffs he's carrying.

"Oh yeah you're right..." Sungmin says after the realization hits him. "I just love to visit this Kingdom. My father and I used to visit this Kingdom. This place brings back a lot of memories."

"My Lord..." Kyuhyun says, feeling the tone of sadness in Sungmin's voice. Kyuhyun doesn't like to see Sungmin cry. The last time sungmin cried, Kyuhyun couldn't hold his feeling to hold the young King in his arms. And he did just that. Although Sungmin didn't mind if Kyuhyun was hugging him, it was still inappropriate for a servant to hug their master. Oh... now Kyuhyun really miss the warmth of Sungmin's body in his arms.

"Haha don't worry... I won't cry." Sungmin smiles at Kyuhyun. The servants at the castle consider Kyuhyun a lucky servant. Because he's the only one that Sungmin never hurt, and he's the only that is given a smile by Sungmin. "Anyway, let's go home..." Sungmin pulls the hem of Kyuhyun's shirt to make the servant follows him. Without Sungmin doing that, Kyuhyun would always follow Sungmin everywhere.

As they're heading back to their carriage, Sungmin accidentally bumps on someone's shoulder. Sungmin's weak legs can't support his body after that hard bump. Kyuhyun is about to move to catch Sungmin before his butt going to touch the ground when the person who bumped on Sungmin catches the young King's hand faster. That person pulls Sungmin to stand properly. With an apologetic expression, he says,

"Are you okay? I'm sorry... I didn't mean to- you..." That person stops in the middle of his sentence as he looks intently into Sungmin's eyes. Somehow, that tiny action makes Kyuhyun jealous. "Are you Sungmin? Lee Sungmin?" that person asks.

Kyuhyun sees it all. He knows right away that his master is falling in love. He can see it from the thousand layers of red that appears on Sungmin's cheeks. And Kyuhyun sees that unfamiliar sparkling gaze in Sungmin's eyes when he's looking at the person in front of him.

"Yes, I am. Are you Lee Hyukjae? No, I mean... Are you Eunhyuk? Hyukkie?"

"Sungmin! You still remember me! It has been a long time!" That person with blond hair whose name is Eunhyuk, hugs Sungmin like hugging a teddy bear in which Sungmin returns the hug. Of course Sungmin still remembers Lee Hyukjae. There's no way Sungmin could forget the person he loves until he forgot that Kyuhyun is standing next to him whose arms are getting stiffer from carrying heavy stuffs for too long. Kyuhyun can only watch all those scene with a painful pang in his heart.

But, that happy expression on Sungmin's face fades as fast as it appeared when Eunhyuk turns around at a brunette guy behind him.

"This is Lee Donghae. My..." Eunhyuk grins a gummy grin, "Fiance."


It's the longest pause Sungmin ever show.

"Earth to Sungmin!" Eunhyuk waves his hand in front of Sungmin, snapping the older from his long pause. "You were spacing..."

"Oh! Ummm sorry! haha I never thought my dongsaeng is ahead of me." Sungmin smiles a fake smile. "When are you going to get married?"

"Next week on Monday. Will you come to our wedding?" Eunhyuk still has that gummy grin on his face. Kyuhyun feels like wiping that grin away with a 90% Alcohol. Let that alcohol burn that grin because, Eunhyuk doesn't see the pain in Sungmin's eyes.

"Oh... yes... absolutely." Sungmin still has that fake smile on his face while pain is written all over his face. And their conversation doesn't end there. Eunhyuk keeps blabbing about his fiance and their wedding. Kyuhyun notices how Sungmin would steal a deadly glance at Donghae who keeps smiling and laughing at what his fiance says. And when Sungmin looks down at the couple's locked hands, Kyuhyun knows it is time to to jump in in their conversation.

"I'm sorry to interrupt..." Kyuhyun suddenly says, making the three look at him, "My Lord, I believe you still have a lot of work to do back at the castle. And as I remember, you also have a meeting on Monday." Kyuhyun shoots Sungmin a meaningful gaze. And Sungmin knows right away that his servant notices the sadness in his eyes.

"Oh yeah! I forgot!" Sungmin slaps his forehead dumbly. "Hyukkie, I'm sorry... But, I can't go to your wedding. And I have to leave now. It's great t see you again and... nice to meet you, Donghae." Sungmin bows before he walks fast, away from that happy couple.

What Eunhyuk doesn't know is that Sungmin cries again after a long time in his room that night. Sungmin cannot  go to sleep and the images of seeing the one he loves, the one he desires the most is going to marry someone else is giving him a stinging pain in his heart. Because of the loud cry, Kyuhyun let himself in to comfort the young King. It has been a usual thing to do so, Sungmin wouldn't be surprise anymore when he feels arms wrapped around his waist.

"I'm here..." Kyuhyun whispers to Sungmin from behind.

"Kyuhyun, tell me... why he's so oblivious?" Kyuhyun knows the 'he' Sungmin is talking about is Eunhyuk. "Why he doesn't have a single hint that I love him for fucking six years?!" 

"He's blind, my Lord... He doesn't see deep enough to discover your love for him."

Sungmin, please know that I love you... Kyuhyun says in his mind as if Sungmin would hear him.

"I'm sure he would have the chance to see me deeply if that damn fish faced guy never met Eunhyuk!"

Sungmin... You have me...

Kyuhyun tightens his arm around Sungmin's waist, pulling Sungmin closer to his chest, giving the warmth Sungmin needs whenever he's sad. Both of them stays like that for a long time until Sungmin's breathing is calmer than before. Kyuhyun thinks Sungmin has fallen asleep. So, he let go off his arm and about to slip out from Sungmin's bed when the young king touches Kyuhyun's cheek and turns it toward him.

"Stay..." Sungmin says in husky voice. "Stay here... with me..."

Kyuhyun hesitates for a while. Sungmin never asked Kyuhyun to stay in his bed before. But, Kyuhyun's heart is yelling how much it wants to stay next to Sungmin. So, Kyuhyun let himself lays next to Sungmin. Their face are facing each other, eyes are looking into each other's eyes. Their breaths sounded really calm and even. Sungmin moves closer toward Kyuhyun, pressing their forehead together, then their nose, then...

"Let me do this..." Sungmin says.

"My Lord..."

"Call me Sungmin just for this once..."

"Sungmin..." Kyuhyun calls.

"Kyuhyun..." Sungmin says before closing the distance between them with his lips. At first, it's only a peck but soon, it grows into a hotter and messier kiss. It's the first time Kyuhyun ever got kissed by someone, and the same goes to Sungmin. 

For Sungmin, Kyuhyun's lips taste like sweet strawberry that he always ate every night. For Kyuhyun, Sungmin's lips taste salty because of the tears that drenched it earlier. But, Kyuhyun doesn't care about how it taste like. He just cares about the warm feeling in his stomach and the fast beating of his heart. 

Kyuhyun's left hand slip in Sungmin's hair, pulling the other closer to deepen their kiss. Sungmin bites Kyuhyun's bottom lips, making the taller opens his mouth to let Sungmin's tongue slips in. The young King's tongue roams around the wet cave, brushing here and there, sending hard shiver to Kyuhyun. Their tongue brushes against each other, fighting for dominance. Both of the man feel their body is getting hotter.

Sungmin pulls away from the kiss, getting a groan of disappointment from Kyuhyun. But, the disappointment from Kyuhyun soon disappears as Sungmin unbuttons his pajama and throws it somewhere else. Then, he let himself sits on top of Kyuhyun. The young man under Sungmin can see the bulge between Sungmin's thigh has make a tent on Sungmin's pajama pants.

"Suck me..." Kyuhyun says in a voice filled with lust. Just then, Kyuhyun finally sees Sungmin's gaze clearly. It's so full of lust, sadness, and anger. What is this? Kyuhyun doesn't know this Sungmin. Kyuhyun doesn't see the vulnerable Sungmin anymore. He only see the hungry of lust Sungmin tonight. But, nevertheless, Kyuhyun slips his hand inside Sungmin's pants and pulls out the already hard cock from Sungmin's pants.

"Aah~!" Sungmin moans out at the sudden coldness around his cock and the feel of Kyuhyun's hand around it. Then, Sungmin feels his cock is getting harder as Kyuhyun suddenly licking and sucking it. Kyuhyun rubs his tongue against the tip of Sungmin's cock, receiving loud moans from the other. But, Sungmin stops Kyuhyun by pushing the taller's head away. Sungmin then stands up to discard his pants before sitting on top of Kyuhyun again, letting him sucks on that hard cock again.

As Kyuhyun keeps sucking on it, his free hand is starting to rub and squeeze Sungmin's balls. "Aahh~!" Comes Sungmin's response at the rubbing on his balls. "I... can't... stand it anymore..." Sungmin exclaims as he feels a warm pressure on the tip of his cock.

"Just let it out... I'll swallow it." The vibration of Kyuhyun's voice makes Sungmin spills all his seeds inside Kyuhyun's mouth. Kyuhyun keeps his words and swallow the seeds. He notices that Sungmin is getting tired but it seems Sungmin wants more...

"I want to feel you in me..." Sungmin purrs. "Fuck me..." He says against Kyuhyun's mouth. Sungmin's tongue licks his own cum inside Kyuhyun's mouth, tasting himself.  His hands are impatience on opening Kyuhyun's shirt. So, he just torn that shirt apart, exposing a soft white skin. Then, Sungmin starts trailing kisses from Kyuhyun's lips, jaw, neck, chest, tummy and he stops above Kyuhyun's crotch. "You need to discard your pants..." Sungmin says. He unbuttons Kyuhyun's pants the pulls down the zipper, revealing a hard cock that's already leaking of pre-cum.
"You don't wear underwear?" Sungmin dumbly asks.

"No, because it's hot..." Kyuhyun answers shyly."

"Well, that makes everything easier." With that, Sungmin pulls down Kyuhyun's pants and throw it somewhere else. "Now, I want you to-"
Before Sungmin could finish his sentence, Kyuhyun wraps his arms around Sungmin's waist, turning around the position, making Sungmin bottom now. Without saying anymore words, Kyuhyun rubs Sungmin's sensitive inner thighs, and spreads it open to have a wider entrance into Sungmin's hole. 

"You sure about this?" Kyuhyun asks just to make sure.

"Fuck me already!" Sungmin says through gritted teeth. 

Kyuhyun obediently does it. He rubs the pre-cum from his own cock to make his finger slips easily into Sungmin's entrance. Sungmin jerks his hips as he feels the sudden cutting pain in his hole. But, soon the pain disappears when Kyuhyun finds his spot.

The servant thrusts his finger in and out for three times before putting another finger and another until four fingers are inside of Sungmin. Kyuhyun makes sure that Sungmin's hole is wide enough for his cock to enter.

"I want you..." Sungmin says between his panting. Kyuhyun takes that as a cue to pull out his fingers and replace it with his long cock. His thrusts it in and out and moves it up and down, rubbing and hitting Sungmin's prostate over and over again.

The silence of the night soon is filled with loud moans and skin slapping each other. At first, Kyuhyun does it slowly but Sungmin suddenly wraps his legs around Kyuhyun's waist and manages to say, "Faster..." Kyuhyun does it. He thrust his cock harder and faster. His cock slips in and out easily because of the pre-cum that leaks out from Kyuhyun's cock. With that fast thrust, Sungmin's moans become louder. Kyuhyun grips on Sungmin's abandoned really tight as he feels the pressure on the tip of his cock is getting harder and harder. He pumps Sungmin's cock in the same phase as the thrust in Sungmin's hole. Again, Sungmin feels his cock is getting harder and harder.

"Ah~... Ah~... I'm going to... come..." Kyuhyun manages to say. On the last thrust of his cock, Kyuhyun pours out his seeds inside Sungmin. So as Sungmin who comes for the second time in one night.

Kyuhyun slips his cock out of Sungmin and let his body falls next to Sungmin. He sees that Sungmin has closed his eyes. Kyuhyun just know that Sungmin is actually a light sleeper. He caresses Sungmin's flushed cheek with his thumb when all of a sudden... that name escapes Sungmin's mouth.


Kyuhyun feels his heart breaks into thousands of pieces. But, he already predict it would happen. From the look on Sungmin's face when they have sex, Kyuhyun knows that Sungmin is just hungry for lust and he desires Eunhyuk the most. But nevertheless, Kyuhyun just have sex with Sungmin because he loves this young King way too much.


Days passed. both Sungmin and Kyuhyun are still acting ordinary as usual as if the night when they have sex is nothing. And when Sunday finally arrives, Sungmn summons Kyuhyun for his first and last mission.

"I want you to kill Donghae..." Sungmin orders. Kyuhyun pauses for a long minute. He stares into Sungmin's eyes, trying to find a hint of joking. But, there's no way telling a servant to kill somebody is a joke. Kyuhyun understands that hatred. He just smiles and nods.

At night, Kyuhyun does his mission. He goes to Eunhyuk's Kingdom across from Sungmin's Kingdom. For Kyuhyun it isn't hard to walk through the guards, thanks to years of living with an assassin. No one knows that Kyuhyun just breaks in into Eunhyuk and Donghae's shared room. He waits in a dark corner of the room for Eunhyuk to leave to the bathroom before lunging toward Donghae who is left alone in the room. Donghae doesn't even had the chance to scream when Kyuhyun stabs him on his beating heart.

His mission is done. Kyuhyun only need to go back to Sungmin and see the smile on Sungmin's face again. But, as he turns around to leave, Donghae manages to say his last words.

"Don't be his servant of evil..." After that, Donghae releases his last breath. Kyuhyun stares at the lifeless body on the floor in a pool of blood with tears drenching his cheeks

"I wish you happy with mom and dad..." Kyuhyun says before he flees from that place in silence.

No one knows that Kyuhyun and Donghae are siblings. Both of them got separated when they were kids because of adults stupid decision which they thought as wise. And now, the two siblings are separated forever.
"Have you kill him?" Sungmin asks the next day.

"Yes, I have..." Kyuhyun answers with a smile on his face. Then, he gets a wide grin from Sungmin in return.

"Good!" Sungmin pats Kyuhyun's head and leaves the servant standing still with tears that is hard to stop.


-Kyuhyun's POV-

You're my prince, and I'm the servant who is willing to do sinful actions just for you. I'm born to be someone who serves other people. But, I never thought I am meant to serve you... to love you even though you only sees me as a loyal servant who tails you around and obeys you like a dog. But... why you're so oblivious? Don't you see that everything I did are not like any other servants would do? Don't you see that everything I did is because I love you?

Oh... Why are you so oblivious?

Sungmin, don't you know that I cry silently when I see you cry? Seeing you sad makes me sad too. You're the one who's hurting but, my heart hurts more knowing that even though I'm always be there for you,you still cry. What I want is... I want you to smile knowing that I'm always be there for you. Because, if you smile, you make me feel accomplished.

At least, I want to see you smile before I die...

Loud shouts from the people wake me up in the middle of the night. I'm wondering what is going on. So, I jump out of my bed and about to walk out of my room when Hankyung suddenly pushes the door open, making my head hits the hard material with a loud bang. Without questioning why  I'm sitting on the floor, he says in a panicked tone.

"What did King Sungmin do? What did he do?!"

"Ah... what?" I take a deep breath to make the dizziness go away before I ask Hankyung, "What's going on, hyung?"

"Our people and King Hyukjae are in front of the castle. They're demanding for King Sungmin to come out..."

I know right away what the rebellion is all about. 

Eunhyuk is seeking for revenge. He's going to kill Sungmin for something he didn't do.

Without saying anymore, I quickly storm out off my room, ignoring the shouting from Hankyung. The only thing in his mind is only Sungmin. Only him and his safety. I don't care about anything else, I don't even know what I should do in this kind of situation. I decided that I should just go to Sungmin first and maybe something will popped up in my mind.

"My Lord!" I call him when I enter his room. But, I don't see him on his bed. Instead, I see him curled up at a dark corner of this room, looking very scared, and again... He's crying. "My Lord!" I call him again.

"Don't! Go away! Please don't kill me! I'm scared!" Sungmin keeps screaming in fear. He can't stop throwing everything near him at me. But, I keep walking closer and closer to him. I try to reach out for him even though he's starting to hit me with his fists. 

"My Lord... Calm down... It's me Kyuhyun." I say to him in a soothing voice. "My Lord..." 

"Go away!"

"Sungmin... It's me... Kyuhyun." I call him by his name. He finally stops hitting me, and look up at me.

"Kyuhyun..." He croaks out, "Kyuhyun!" Suddenly, I found him already wrapped his arms around me, seeking for comfort and warmth I always gave to him whenever he's sad. I pull my young master closer to me. Our heartbeat are beating really fast. Mine, beats because of love. His, beats because of fear.

We're hugging each other when Hankyung suddenly bursts slams the door open. "I apologize for interrupting, my Lord. The people... They're going to break in! Unless my Lord do something about it!" Hankyung says as he tries to catch his breath. 

I can see that Sungmin doesn't know what to say, even do. He's still looking really scared. This is why I always have the urge to protect him. No one asks me to protect me. Heechul asked me to guide him, not protecting him, and of course not sacrificing anything for him. But, I want to do it... My heart tells me I have to. 

"We have to run..." I suggest. "Hyung, do you know where the emergency escape route in this castle?" I ask in which Hankyung answers with a nod and begin running out of the room. Both I and Sungmin are following him. But, Sungmin doesn't know that I have another plan in my mind. 

The emergency escape route is under a barrel in the Wine Storage Room. I help Hankyung pushing a heavy wine barrel. Once the barrel is pushed away from the secret door on the floor, Hankyung opens the door and jump down first before offering his hand to help Sungmin. "Let's go my Lord..." Hankyung says. Sungmin nods and about to jump down when I catch his hand and pull him in another tight embrace.

"Even until this last moment, you still don't realize it..." I say next to Sungmin's ear. I'm getting tired of hiding this feeling. I don't care if he doesn't love me back... At least I want to tell him the truth before... before... everything is over for me.

"Kyuhyun, what do you mean?"

I don't answer that question with words. I answer it with a passionate kiss I've always wanted to give him. I close my eyes and let my tongue tastes his lips. It still tastes the same like the night when we kissed for the first time. But, the only difference is this kiss will be our last kiss.

"Sungmin, you're my last love, last kiss, and last dream. You'll always be my first and last... I love you..." I say with tears already flowing out of my eyes. Before he can say anything else, I push him toward Hankyung. "Hyung, please take him far away from this place. Far far far away and never return! And please... this is my first and last request for you... Protect him." With that, I close the door, completely ignoring Sungmin's cry saying that he's sorry for everything he has done, and saying that I don't deserve this at all. Well, truth to be told, I deserve this all. I've committed to myself that I would do anything for him. And besides, I deserve to die for killing Donghae, my brother. I did that because of love. It's sad that love can make me do mindless things.

Then, I make my way to the throne room where Sungmin would sit there in his free time and fall asleep. I really loved to watch him sleep on his throne. I will never forget that cute pouty lips when he slept. I really wished I could be with him forever.

I pat the throne chair first before sitting on it. I take deep breaths to calm my emotion. Once I'm starting to get comfortable, I lean on the chair, prop my arm on the chair's arm, and cross my leg. No wonder Sungmin could fell asleep on this chair... It feels squishy and comfy on my butt. Now, i wish I can fall asleep like Sungmin, so I can escape from this chaos. I try to make myself drift off to dreamland when the door suddenly slams open, revealing Eunhyuk and his army behind him. He looks so shocked when he sees me on the throne, instead of Sungmin.

"Where is Sungmin?" He asks, clutching his sword tighter.

"Gone, disappear, dead... I don't know, you name it." I say calmly. An evil smirk suddenly appears on my face.

"Don't test me, servant! You're nothing but a servant and you better tell me where the fuck is he, then I'll spare your life!" Eunhyuk threatens me. His sword pointing at me..

"Oooh I'm scared!" I tease him. Then, suddenly an evil laugh escapes my mouth. I don't even know that I can act this way. The way I'm acting actually scares me. "By the way, I'm not only servant. I'm more than it! I'm your fiance's murderer! Yes, I killed Lee Donghae!" I declare, walking toward Eunhyuk. "It must be a shock isn't it? Finding him laying on the floor all bloody and..." I whisper next to his ear, "Dead!" I must be sounding like a demon since I caught a glimpse of fear in Eunhyuk's eyes. 

Suddenly I feel a stinging pain on my cheek bone as Eunhyuk punches me while wearing metal gloves. I'm glad it is me who felt it, not Sungmin. That fragile King will be knocked out in one hit.

"I'm taking you as a prisoner. You'll be executed tomorrow when the Church bell rang at twelve." Eunhyuk says. I don't do anything about it. I just show him my evil smirk as if I don't regret for killing Donghae. "But, where is Sungmin?" He asks again. I know he'll be asking that again, and I should do something that'll convince him that I'm a crazy murder who murdered Sungmin.

"Pretty much dead by the river... I threw him there after I killed him slowly but painfully with the same knife I used to kill Donghae. If you're going to look for his body, I bet it'll be too late since his body would be eaten by hungry wolves or crocodile." I say calmly. And there, Eunhyuk falls for my lies again. he punches me for the second time. I feel the saltiness of my blood in my mouth. I spit it on his foot. "So, how's life? Sucks isn't it?" Suddenly, I laugh for no reason. It scares both me and Eunhyuk. But, with that, I've convinced Eunhyuk that I'm a psycho and Sungmin would be save with Hankyung.

"Make sure this psycho dies without head." I hear Eunhyuk says to his bodyguard. "I would like to burn his demon face!"

Yes, I would like to die like that...


Time seems to pass by really fast for Kyuhyun. He doesn't even have the time to sleep. He only prays all night long for Sungmin, Donghae, and praying for forgiveness. Even he doesn't stop praying as he's taken from his prison and to the town square to be executed. 

He watches a lot of people are gathering around the town square. They're throwing him loud insults for killing Donghae the innocent prince, but he spots only one person who doesn't say anything. That one person is crying like he always did.

"Sungmin?" Kyuhyun mutters under his breath. He feels the executor forcing him to kneel in front of the wooden board and pushes his head against it. All the insults seem like disappear all of a sudden and all he can hear is Sungmin's muffled cry.

The used to be King is standing at the front line of the crowd. He's wearing a servant clothes and a hood to cover his face from public. Sungmin doesn't know why he insisted on coming for the execution. He had argued with Hankyung and Heechul, and Heechul threw his cat at Sungmin as a sign of giving up. Sungmin's heart told him to be there for Kyuhyun before his loyal servant die.

Both of the young men's heart are beating really hard as the Church bell rings at noon. The executor raises his giant axe above his head, ready to swing it down on Kyuhyun's neck at anytime. Kyuhyun looks at Sungmin who is still crying. This is the last view he doesn't want to see. He wants to see Sungmin smile for him before he dies.

"SMILE FOR ME! PLEASE SMILE!" Kyuhyun shouts all his might. People are mistaking him to be crazy and they give him louder insults to him. But, Sungmin knows that Kyuhyun is shouting at him, pleading him to smile.

So, Sungmin smiles for Kyuhyun.

It's not a forced smile. It's a smile that says thousands of thank you for everything Kyuhyun has done for him.

Before the axe is being push down toward Kyuhyun's neck, Sungmin mouths a word that Kyuhyun would always wanted to hear for all this long.

"I love you..."

Ad then Sungmin closes his eyes, unable to see what happened next when the axe touches Kyuhyun's neck.

People are cheering for the death of Kyuhyun. But, Sungmin doesn't. He tries not to cry, but realizing that he's so oblivious for all this long is what makes him broke down into tears. If only he realized it soon, Donghae wouldn't be dead, Kyuhyun wouldn't be dead, and Sungmin would be with Kyuhyun forever. Sungmin would've fall down if Hankyung and Heechul didn't catch him around his forearm.

"It's time to leave, my Lord..." Hankyung says. Sungmin just blankly nod at him in return.

"Hankyung, can I meet Kyuhyun again in another life? I would like to have a chance to love him..." Sungmin suddenly says. Heechul says that this fragile boy is being a dimwit, and gets elbowed on his ribs by Hankyung.

"Yes, of course... just pray for it, my Lord." Hankyung says to Sungmin. And the boy actually believes that.



"Yah! Could you guys please shut up?! Manager hyung wants to say something!" Leeteuk, the leader, yells at his uncontrollable childish dongsaengs. The boys don't stay quiet soon until Heechul is the one who yells at them. "Right... Thank you, Heechul..." Leeteuk sighs.

"Okay... I'm here to introduce you to a new member of Super Junior. He'll be the youngest here so, try to be a good hyung for him, okay?" Manager hyung says. He's actually worried that the boys say yes only in front of him but, will do bad things to the new member behind him.

"Who's the new guy?" Sungmin asks. He feels his heart jumping in excitement to meet this new member. What's better, the new member is younger than him. Well, he can befriend the young member and he's sure that the new member would do everything he told when they're close enough. Sungmin laughs out loud in his mind.

"You'll see later..." Manager hyung opens the door for the new member. "Alright, you can come in..."

Sungmin feels his heart stopped for one two three maybe five seconds when his eyes landed on the new member. The new member is taller than him, has that calming brown eyes, dark brown hair that looks so soft and shiny. And when the new member meets with his eyes, a smile forms on his lips.

"Hi... My name is Cho Kyuhyun." The new member introduces himself with his eyes locked on Sungmin's, as if he's saying it to Sungmin only.

'Do I know him from somewhere?' Sungmin questions himself.
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