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Stuck Together (Drabble)

Title: Stuck Together
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: YabuHika
Summary: Hikaru is a tourist from Australia. He came to his hometown, Japan, to finish his painting masterpiece. He has planned his schedule on what he would do but, it was ruined when a handcuff bounded him with a village boy named Yabu.

A/N: A short drabble I made from the original one-shot (Actually, I haven't make the one-shot yet hehe)

"Whatcha doin?" Yabu asks for the millionth time.

"Shut up..." I say to him without looking away from my canvas.

"I'm bored... You're so boring." Yabu sighs and pouts. I swear the way he's pouting his lips is really cute. I wanna laugh at the sight and pinches his cheek.... God! What the hell am I thinking? Then, I continue on focusing with my blank canvas that is yet to be filled with colors.

"Let's play Hikaru..." Yabu says with pleading eyes as big as a doe eyes.

"But, Yabu... we just-" I pause. I see that little kid is hugging his legs to his chest in front of me and looking at me with his doe eyes. There's something about that look that makes my heart goes boom boom pow. I don't know what... But, it's like those eyes have some kind of spell on me. I've tried since the first time I met this kid to not have a 'like' feeling towards him. He's just a childish fifteen year old and I'm a twenty year old Art Student. I shake the thought of liking him away from my mind. "Go play by yourself." I say to him coldly although I don't mean to talk coldly to him.

"Yeah right..." He raises his left arm and suddenly my right arm is being lifted also. Oh yeah I remember now... I'm bounded with this kid by a chain for almost a whole day already. I know this kid was just playing around with me when he put our wrist on each of the chain's end. But, I consider it wasn't fun anymore when a stupid crow stole the key. GAAH! I don't want to remember that anymore...

It's my fault, my fault, my fault...

The words repeat themselves in my mind. But, I dare to say that this whole day is really fun. This kid was just looking for someone to play with but, I guess he doesn't know that he makes me want to be more than his playing friend. I smile really wide. I actually don't mind to be stuck with this kid, thinking of the many things we've been through for the past hours.

Then, it finally hit me.

I look at my canvas and to Yabu back-and-forth. I realize that I don't have any idea what to draw on my canvas. I thought going back to my hometown would give me an inspiration for my painting masterpiece. And it really does.

"Ne, Yabu-kun..." He looks up to me, "Would you please stand up right there so the sunset is right behind your back?"

"But, why?" He asks, confused is written all over his face.

"Just do it, please? I'll give you a reward after that. I promise!" I don't even know what reward I should give to him.

Yabu is looking intently through my eyes for a moment before he shrugs and stand where I wanted him to be. "Here?" He shouts at me.

"Yeah! That's perfect!" I shout back at him. I never thought that my inspiration is actually right in front of my eyes this whole time. I gladly draw a line of his body structure. I look up to him occasionally to make sure I have right angle. Every time I look up, I always find him looking back at me with a sparkling eyes. Those eyes really give me a warm blush on my cheeks. I have to take a few deep breaths to calm my thoughts before continuing to draw him on my canvas.

I don't know how long it takes for me to draw. But, he has closed his eyes at the time when I'm finished drawing him. It's amazing if he falls asleep in a standing position. I stand up and walk closer to him. We're standing only an inch away. I say this is the first time I ever stand close to him since the first time I met him. And I just know that his hair smells really sweet like vanilla and a little bit of sweat from the fast running we did an hour ago. But, I don't care about his smell... I just care about his personality that makes my heart jumping excitedly.

'he's sleeping...' I say in my mind. I can say that from how calm his breathing is. I've promised him I would give him a reward. Maybe I'll do something wrong just for this once. No one is here anyway. Just him and me.

My heart beats louder and louder every time I move my head closer to him to close the gap between us with my lips. I brushes my lips against his soft lips. And then done. Just a peck and then I pull away. But, before I could pull away completely from him, his hands cup my cheeks and pull me close for another kiss. He licks on my bottom lip, asking for me to part my lips. So, I do just that. He slips in his tongue and the way it brushes against my tongue makes me feel a vibration all over my body, and a warm feeling in my stomach. I wrap my arms around his waist to deepened our kiss. His fingers are tangling on my blond hair, messing it.

I would never want to be separated from him. I don't want to open the chain that bounds us knowing that we share the same feeling.

"I love you..." I say, pulling away from the passionate kiss. "Very much..." I give him a peck on the lips.

The young boy giggles, "I love you too!" He snuggles his face on my chest like the way cute little kid does. "Best. Reward. I ever. HAVE! You're the best, Hika-nii!"

"You'll be my inspiration forever..." I lift him off the ground and we spin around in circle, laughing like tomorrow is the end of the world.
Tags: fanfic, yabuhika
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