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Being An Angel To Get Him (Chapter 6)

Title: Being An Angel to Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance, Angst (I guess the genre changes as the story goes by)
Pairing: KyuMin, MiMin
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

A/N: It’s long and complicated I guess -___- So, why QMi are brothers but acted like they’re not brothers? Well, both of their flashbacks explained why. I was on angst mode when I wrote this. Sorry for the late update by the way. Next chapter… *sigh* I don’t know. Let’s just hope I don’t post it late like this one -___- Please, don’t think that I’m dead.

Chapter 6: The Hatred Between Brothers

“You. Must. Not. Speak this to anyone, even any of your best friends.” Kyuhyun says behind his gritted teeth. He clenches his grip tighter on Sungmin’s collar. He knows he shouldn’t have treat Sungmin the harsh way, but this older guy has crossed his privacy line all of a sudden. It really shocks Kyuhyun.

“I-I-I won’t!” Sungmin’s voice reaches its highest pitch. It shows that he’s really scared at Kyuhyun’s sudden aggressive action, and Kyuhyun notices that. He lets go off Sungmin. Kyuhyun sits on the little stairs with a heavy sigh and sadness written all over his face. He growls as he rubs his hair, making it into a total mess. Sungmin takes a mental note that he’ll never mention or ask about Kyuhyun’s private life. It actually hurts him to see Kyuhyun looking vulnerable like a child because of him.

“Kyu…” Sungmin calls. He sits next to Kyuhyun just to make the younger sits a little bit farther from Sungmin, 

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to interrupt your private life. Donghae told me about it, and Zhoumi confirmed that.” Sungmin sits closer to Kyuhyun. Just for this once he wants to know everything about someone not that close to him. He doesn’t even know Zhoumi very much. He just knows that Zhoumi is kind, sexy, seductive, and romantic. But this… Somehow, Sungmin wants to know deeper about Kyuhyun. 

“Kyu… Please tell me.” Sungmin says, his voice is demanding. He sits closer to Kyuhyun every time the younger one scoots away from Sungmin until he can no longer scoot away. “Kyuhyun… Tell me and I swear to my life I won’t spit it out to anyone. If I break that, you can kill me!”

“Why would I kill you anyway? I don’t want to take your living right.” Kyuhyun says plainly, “I just don’t want to talk about it anymore.” Kyuhyun looks sideway to escape from Sungmin’s pleading eyes, “Why do you wanna know?”

Sungmin suddenly holds his breath there. Ah he should’ve known that Kyuhyun might ask that question. Okay, first thing that comes to his mind: There’s no way Sungmin can tell the truth that he wants to know everything about Kyuhyun. Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with saying that he wants to know everything about this now-not-so-evil magnae but, obviously, this young one doesn’t have any feeling for him anymore (or that’s what Sungmin thought). Thirdly, well, a bit of lying doesn’t hurt… right?

“I want to know about my boyfriend. It’s really rude I dated someone but, I don’t even know anything about that person. And… well, if you tell me, you can help me get to know…”

‘You…’ Sungmin says in his mind but, he holds it. Instead he says, “to know Zhoumi better…” Sungmin finally lied to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun stays silent for a while. His eyes finally meeting Sungmin’s again, and is like giving the older a head-to-toe look as if it’s the first time he met a cute senior. Actually, Kyuhyun is just looking for any sign of lying from Sungmin. But then, Kyuhyun think, ‘Why would Sungmin lied to me? I shouldn’t have negative thinking. Maybe he just doesn’t have the guts to ask about it to Zhoumi.’ 

“Okay… I’ll tell you.” Kyuhyun breathes out. “But, do you mind sitting a little bit far from me? We’re still at the Church ground. People will think we have something between us.” It takes a long minute for Sungmin to finally realize that he’s sitting really close to Kyuhyun. If he had moved a little more, his lips would’ve touched Kyuhyun’s. So, with his mouth forms a perfect ‘O’, Sungmin drags his butt away from Kyuhyun awkwardly.

“Okay thanks…” Kyuhyun says under his breath, “So… it was rainy and…”

“No, it’s not rainy…” A voice interrupts them. Sungmin swears he would strangle whoever that person is if he’s not somewhere near the Church. He turns around and he sees that blond freshman. “Am I interrupting something?” Eunhyuk asks as soon as he sees Sungmin’s fierce gaze at him.

‘Yes, you’re interrupting my time with Kyuhyun. Dammit! He’s going to tell me about his past!’ Sungmin is about to say that when Kyuhyun says the opposite of it first.

“No, you’re not interrupting something. I’m sorry I skipped today’s Church. It’s just Sungmin doesn’t feel really well so, I was accompanying him.” Kyuhyun says to both Eunhyuk and Siwon. It wouldn’t be a perfect lie if Sungmin isn’t showing a deep frown on his forehead which the frown is actually an anger frown for Eunhyuk.

“God forgives you, kid… But, next time, try not to do that again.” Siwon says, “And Sungmin… If you’re not feeling really well, you should just stay at home. Today’s wind is not a friendly wind. You don’t want to catch cold, right?” Both Kyuhyun and Sungmin are nodding in the same time. Kyuhyun nods with a smile on his face. And the other with a face that looks like a hungry psychopath which Siwon takes as a face of someone needing to go to the loo. “So, shall we get going? I think Sungmin needs to go to the loo…” Siwon chuckles.

Sungmin doesn’t say anything. He just stands up and jogs to where Eunhyuk had parked his car. Sungmin gets in and is waiting for both Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk. But, instead of both of them who come toward the car, it’s Siwon who comes. He waves at both his little brother and Kyuhyun before turning on the car engine. Sungmin suddenly sits up straight, and eyebrows are at the same level of his hairline.

“What? Ummm why are you here?” Sungmin asks.

“I’m driving you back to the dorm of course.” Siwon says, pulling the seatbelt across his chest. 

“Where are Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk going?”

“Them? I dunno… a date?” Siwon laughs like today is the end of the world but suddenly his happy face falls to a plain face when he finally remembered the night when Kyuhyun has a complicated love problem. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t laugh like that. They’re going to book a room in a villa.”

“What?!” Sungmin’s breath hitched.

“Don’t think the wrong way… The room is not just for them, but for me, and Kyuhyun’s dorm mates. We’re going on a holiday. And yeah we’re going to skip classes but, no worries… My family has it covered up!” Siwon raises a thumb up at Sungmin.

“Oh…” Sungmin feels a little bit glad. He slumps down on the chair again.

“But, both of them are staying today because, it’s a long way there.” Siwon continues as he drives his car away from the Church, away from the two figures who are walking side-by-side while laughing at something they’re talking about. Sungmin feels a clench in his stomach. He’s so jealous and furious that he has a sudden need to go to the loo… For real. Sungmin never felt this frustrated in his life.


“Hyung, you okay?” Eunhyuk asks as he’s driving through the traffic with Kyuhyun’s slumping down on the passenger seat, head’s resting on the window.

“I shouldn’t act that way at Sungmin…” Kyuhyun mutters. Eunhyuk barely can hear what Kyuhyun is saying with loud honking from the cars at either in front or behind them. But, with that sad face on Kyuhyun’s face, Sungmin knows it has something to do with that Lee Sungmin.

“Is it Sungmin hyung?”

“I already told you, right? Don’t you hear me?” Kyuhyun himself is surprised at how high he raises his tone. It shocks both of the men. “I’m sorry…” Kyuhyun quickly utters an apology. Kyuhyun finally realizes that letting go a love feeling is really hard especially when he treats that someone badly, it’ll be hard not to think about it.

“Yeah… It’s okay…” Eunhyuk’s nodding in understanding. He cuts a car behind him as soon as he sees an opening to his right. He’s glad that Siwon’s Ferrari is balanced in both speed and handling. But, he tries his best not to scratch it. Even though Siwon is a religious man, he can be a demon if he sees a tiny scratch on his millions dollar car. “So, what is it between you and Sungmin hyung? Do you still love him?” Venom is filling on the word ‘love’ but, Kyuhyun doesn’t seem to notice it.

“I try not to… But, it’s so hard.” Kyuhyun sighs, “And, I don’t know that loving Sungmin will be the second mistake I’ve ever done in my life.”

“Second mistake?” Eunhyuk asks with his eyes still fixed on the road, trying to find an opening in the traffic, 

“If it’s second… Then, there was first… Hyung, I never thought you have a complicated life.” Eunhyuk chuckles although he knows he shouldn’t be laughing. There’s nothing funny about Kyuhyun’s proble. But, he just wants Kyuhyun to smile… Even it’s only a smirk. “Mind telling me about it?” Eunhyuk manages to ask, and soon random swearing follows when a car cuts him from behind. Kyuhyun waits for Eunhyuk to finished his swearing before saying,

“Sungmin’s boyfriend… is my brother.” With that, Eunhyuk suddenly steps on the gas really hard that Siwon’s Ferrari suddenly jumps and racing to pass the gap between two trucks. 

“FUCK YEAH!” Eunhyuk exclaims happily, screaming in joy for he’s able to pass those two trucks without leaving a scratch on Siwon’s Ferrari.

“Thank God…” Kyuhyun breathes out, slumping down on his seat again. This time, he tries to get a sleep rather than talking any shocking fact with Eunhyuk. But, Kyuhyun knows he can’t get any sleep with Sungmin flying around in his mind.

‘Damn Lee Sungmin… Why is it so hard to forget about you?’ Kyuhyun says in his mind. He pulls out his blackberry to see if he got any BBM or not. And the fact is no. But, he receives a whatsapp message. So, he checks from whom. Suddenly, Kyuhyun shrieks like a fangirl. Eunhyuk looks away from the road in front of him for a mere second to see what’s going on with Kyuhyun.

“Hyung, you okay?”

“Ignore me for I am sleepy and thinking some crazy stuffs.” Kyuhyun mutters in a lazy voice without looking away from his blackberry. His thumbs are tapping on the keyboard furiously as if he’s playing StarCraft on blackberry. Kyuhyun feels like he wants to jump out of the car and dances like he’s being possessed or just blastoff to outer space. He taps both of his feet rapidly. He bites his bottom lip to hold a smile from forming on his lips. And he also tries his best to look really sleepy. Kyuhyun starts to think that he’s a crazy man in love.

So, here’s thing that makes Kyuhyun in glee:

>Kyuhyun, it’s me Lee Sungmin… ummm… Wht r u doing?
>Lee Sungmin, do you know how hard I try to forget you right now? I bet you don’t know. It’s like I’m trying to forget someone I don’t even know. It’s hard… really. I actually don’t want to forget you. I want to keep you forever in my mind, and if you don’t mind, in my heart too. What I wanna do now is: I want to hug you, giving you a warm embrace full with love and passion. I want to kiss you in the name of love. I want to feel you, and I want you to feel me. I want to feel love and be loved in return. This is the first time I ever love someone but, I never know how it feels like to be loved. And all I can hope is: I love you, and I want you to be the first and last person to love me back.
Kyuhyun must be mindless and crazy and sad enough to press the send button. But, he’s not that mindless and crazy. So, he presses the delete button instead and re-types his message:

>Trying to sleep. It’s a long way to the villa and I’m scared of dying cuz of Eunhyuk lol. He’s driving like hell!

It doesn’t need half an hour or more for Sungmin to reply Kyuhyun’s message. Because that older man is keeping his eyes on the screen, waiting for any pop-out chat from Kyuhyun even though Zhoumi is asking him tons of question like why did you skip class? Or why could Siwon drive you back to the dorm? Where did you meet him? etc. Sungmin hears some of the questions and answers some of them because, mostly, he’s paying attention to Kyuhyun’s message.

Sungmin is about to type another message when Kyuhyun sends him another one:

>What are you doing, Min?
>Mimi is asking me tons of questions. But well, he doesn’t mind I’m playing with my phone when he’s talking. At least I answered some of his questions keke~ ^^ bad me *bricked*
>Oh… haha… Btw, Min, I’ll call you tonight, k? I haven’t told you about… ‘that’.<
>And… what do you mean by ‘that’?
>’That’ is my past. I guess it’s more like mine and Zhoumi’s past.
>Oh… okay… I’ll wait for ur call then ^^ But, I’m sry… I don’t mean to force u to tell me bout it but… I juz wanna know Mimi better.

Then, Sungmin waits for Kyuhyun to reply him but, he doesn’t. Sungmin presses the menu and back button back and forth. In hope by doing that Kyuhyun would reply his message. Maybe like just an ‘ok’ or more the better. But, there’s nothing. Sungmin sighs and stuffs his iPhone in his pocket and follows where Zhoumi is taking him.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun swear under his breath when he sees that his blackberry’s signal is off because of low battery. But, the screen is still on where he can see clearly that he hasn’t pressed the send button for the question he’s going to ask.

>Don’t you want to know about me?

Any of you familiar to that kind of feeling where you’re about to ask something important or discussing something important and then your blackberry signal is off or phone suddenly shuts down on its own? Well, if you do, then you understand how Kyuhyun is feeling right now. He clutches his blackberry tightly in his palm. If, Eunhyuk didn’t close the window, Kyuhyun would have thrown his blackberry out to the street and smiling when it does series of somersault on the asphalt. But, he had tried his best winning Aion battle competition to have enough money to buy that damn blackberry, so, he just throws his blackberry into his bag instead.

He rests his head on his palm as he locks his gaze at the road in front of him. Kyuhyun tries to forget the fact that his blackberry is such an ass and the feeling of wanting Sungmin to care about him. His mind wonders… what if he did send the question to Sungmin? What would Sungmin answer? And how the older would react to it? Kyuhyun grits his teeth and growls. He rolls down the window and sticks his head out.


“RETWEET THAT!” A random person on the street shouts back. This is just so wrong and random.

Kyuhyun opens the door to the villa. Thank God that they’re in time to book a VIP villa for both him and Eunhyuk, and the others back at the dorm. The VIP villa is totally big. One villa has five rooms and a bathroom in each room. Everything in the villa is so luxurious that the realization hits Kyuhyun straight to his head.

‘Siwon and Eunhyuk’s family is so fucking rich! Damn!’ Kyuhyun says in his mind.

“One day, I’ll buy this villa!” Eunhyuk exclaims from the second floor. Kyuhyun looks up to where the voice came from. “I want to live in this villa with my family. Together… Then, when my kids have grown, they can either move or use this house to be theirs. So, when I died-”

“Eunhyuk, you’re still young. Let’s just enjoy your today’s life.” Kyuhyun interrupts, getting tired of Eunhyuk’s miserable talk about his future life and death. “I wanna go for a walk for a while. You go take a rest. It’s almost night already. You must be tired after driving a long way.” Right after Kyuhyun says that, Eunhyuk does feel tired. His back, legs and arms are stiff. Then, he’s starting to imagine how soothing the warm water would be, on his skin. 

“Yeah you’re right… Come back soon. It’s cold outside.” With that Eunhyuk disappears to his shared room with either Siwon or Kyuhyun, it depends on Siwon.

After Kyuhyun sees Eunhyuk leaves him, he walks out of the villa without bringing anything but his blackberry. At first, Kyuhyun wanders around in the middle of the night, looking at other villas, and only the sound of crickets that filled the night. He keeps walking through the villas and looking at the bushes in case something would jump out from it. Yeah… Kyuhyun is just being ridiculous for thinking that. Then, when he hears the sound of wave, he realizes that the villa where he’s staying at is near a beach. So, he follows where the sound came from, and he was right. 

He takes off his shoes and carries it with his two fingers. As he keeps walking lazily along the wet sand, he suddenly remembers that he has a promise with Sungmin. He looks at his wristwatch, and that expensive watch say it’s 08:00pm.

‘I hope Min is still awake.’ He says in his mind before he presses the dial button on Sungmin’s number.

Hello?” A voice says from the other line.

Kyuhyun clicks his tongue. He doesn’t expect this to happen. He should think further more before dialing Sungmin’s number. He should know that probably around this hour, Sungmin would be around this person. 

“Zhoumi, can I talk to Sungmin?” Kyuhyun doesn’t get an answer from the other line. So, he continues, “Please?”


Zhoumi, can I talk to Sungmin?” Kyuhyun asks from the other line. Zhoumi bends his body backward to look at Sungmin who is playing with Heebum with Heechul and Donghae. “Please?” Zhoumi’s eyes turn wide after he heard Kyuhyun just say his first please.

“Rare it is for you to say please.” Zhoumi says with an unnoticed anger in his tone.

Zhoumi, I just wanna talk to Sungmin. That’s all… Nothing more. I promise!” 

“I don’t believe you anymore, Kyuhyun. It wasn’t my fault, okay? You don’t need to do that to her!”

Zhoumi… I…” Kyuhyun is about to say something more but, Zhoumi continues his sentence. The tall man feels a heating emotion within his heart. It’s suffocating him. It’s clutching his heart so, it would stop beating. Zhoumi feels like he has to let it go.

“You betray me Kyuhyun… Do you remember?”


Kyuhyun’s Flashback

“I want your son…” Someone said behind that double door to his father’s office. “He could be a great addition to my group.” Kyuhyun felt something clutched his beating heart. His breath hitched.

“But, he’s only twelve… I-I cannot give him to you. He doesn’t know anything!” Kyuhyun’s mother denied in a high tone.

“Your son… He’s tall, pretty, has slim legs… People would love him. And besides, you’ll get the money he made after sleeping with those desperate people…”

A slapped was heard through the door. Kyuhyun pressed his ear harder on the door to hear more since both of the adults behind the door were talking in muffling tone. 

“I will not give you my Zhoumi!” His mother said. Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows to his hairline. He was wondering what Zhoumi has something to do with his mother’s business.

“Hey hey… Remember about that contract… You’re a hooker. You work for me, but of course you’ll grow old. Even now I can already see the wrinkles on your-used to be-beautiful face.” The man said, “And I want a replacement for you… I bet that tall son of yours is a good replacement for you. Oh! He could be better from you!”

“Don’t touch me!” Another slapped was heard. “I’m not going to give you Zhoumi. He’s too good for you. I’ll give you my other son…” She said without any burden as if giving away her son was like giving away an unused stuff.

“You mean Kyuhyun? Hmph! What can that kid do? He doesn’t have a pretty face like Zhoumi. He’s shorter than Zhoumi. He’s nothing compared to Zhoumi!” The guy shouted. Kyuhyun felt a pang in his heart. Well, he knew he was nothing compared to Zhoumi. But, hearing it directly from someone else really hurt his heart. But, he didn’t want to leave yet. He wanted to hear more from those adults.

“Oh… He’ll do better than Zhoumi if you teach him how. He’s a very fast learner than Zhoumi. He has this evil look he inherited from his father, even his evil behavior. Your clients really love violence. They’re crazy, desperate, and needs to feel pain for their lusty desire. They would hurt Zhoumi, and would make him got traumatized from it. But, not to Kyuhyun.” It was right. No matter how much you hurt Kyuhyun, he wouldn’t fall down as if the punches, kicks, and whips you gave him didn’t have any effect for him. Kyuhyun’s mother had seen that some late afternoon where her husband was yelling at Kyuhyun and hurting him.  But, the boy kept standing on his feet.

“Oh really? I would like to see that… And you know what I will do to him.”

“Yes, you may… I’ll show you.” Kyuhyun quickly ran away from the door. He knew he would be hurt soon. He was actually scared that this person would do more than giving him physical violence. He just knew this person would strip him off his clothes and hurting him in a gruesome way he didn’t want to imagine. What made his tears flowed from his eyes was the fact that his mother didn’t love him too. He was happy when his father died. He thought he would live happily with his mother and Zhoumi. But, he just found out that his mother didn’t love him too. She loved Zhoumi more.

Kyuhyun had the feeling to run away from home.

“Ah KuiXian!” It was Zhoumi. Everything actually began from Zhoumi for Kyuhyun. “Where are you going?”

“I can’t tell you now… I’m going somewhere!” Kyuhyun was running again when Zhoumi caught him on his arm.

“Tell me where first!” 

“ZHOUMI I DON’T HAVE TIME!!” Kyuhyun yelled at Zhoumi, giving away of his whereabouts.

“Oh! There he is…” Kyuhyun heard his mother’s voice from his back. It was then her hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the tall man in front of him. “Kyuhyun, meet Mr. Kwon. He wants to know something about you.” She said with a fake smile plastered on her face. Kyuhyun felt like he wanted to wipe that smile away with 90% Alcohol. Let it burn her face, he wouldn’t care.

Mr. Kwon took a glance at Zhoumi who was staring at the three of them. There was an evil smirk appeared on his face. But, when he looked down at Kyuhyun, his evil smirk turned into something mischievous. “Come here, kid… We’ll have a fun talk…” He said. Kyuhyun’s mother pushed his son to follow Mr. Kwon. Kyuhyun took his very last glance at Zhoumi and he clutched his palms into a tight fist.

‘Why it’s not you? Why? Why? WHY?!’ Kyuhyun screamed in his mind.

The hatred grew bigger and bigger with every action Mr. Kwon did to him like kissing, licking, and biting him, even slapped him really hard on the face when Kyuhyun didn’t want to do this or that, creating bruises all over Kyuhyun’s body.

“Turn around!” Mr. Kwon yelled at him.

Kyuhyun bit his bottom lip to stop it from trembling. He knew what would happen once he turned around. Mr. Kwon would hurt him really bad. But, nonetheless, Kyuhyun turned around to lay on his chest. He closed his eyes and just waited for the pain to come. And when it finally came to him, all he could think of was Zhoumi. He imagined how he would hurt his brother one day. He swore he would make Zhoumi felt the pain in his heart. He swore he would steal Zhoumi’s happiness.

“AAAAHHHH!!!” Kyuhyun screamed out loud on either the pain or the pleasure he felt when Mr. Kwon thrust into him many times.

End of Kyuhyun’s flashback


Zhoumi’s Flashback

“Mom..?” Zhoumi approached the woman who was laying on the floor, her back was facing him. He could only see her hair which was shined by the moonlight through the window. “Why are you sleeping here? I thought you would sleep with me tonight…” Zhoumi said in a sleepy tone while rubbing his half opened eyes. After Kyuhyun was taken by that man named Mr. Kwon, Zhoumi’s mother was always next to Zhoumi, helping her son to recover from the loss of his brother. 

“Mom?” He called again when he didn’t get any response from her. He went closer to the body and his pointy nose finally caught the smell of rotten steel. And everything finally began for Zhoumi.

The little boy looked down to his feet when he felt he stepped on something wet. He lifted his foot and to his horror, it was drenched in fresh blood. The boy stumbled backward, and fell on his butt. “Mom?” His voice broke into loud sobs.

“Mom is dead…” A voice said from behind the curtain.

Zhoumi looked up at the figure that was shorter than him. He saw that familiar dark brown hair in the dark. Then, when the figure has stepped completely under the moonlight, Zhoumi felt his life was being sucked out of him.

“KuiXian…” Zhoumi croaked out. His eyes were wide in horror.

“Mommy is dead…” Kyuhyun said in a tone Zhoumi never heard of. He walked toward the lifeless body at the centre of the room, and turned her around with his foot for Zhoumi to see her unrecognizable face. Some of the bloods were covering her face. “Someone killed her sadly. But, it’s not me.” Kyuhyun’s voice sounded soft but cold in the same time. 

“Why..?” Zhoumi was already crying. He felt like he was alone, scared, and just wanted to die along with his mother for he didn’t know how to survive the real world. And the only person he had in his family was the murderer of his mother. The truth was killing Zhoumi slowly.

“I don’t know… Maybe that Mr. Kwon grew tired of her so, he decided to kill her!” Kyuhyun clapped his hands once, surprising his brother. “End of the story!” 

“H-How-How do you know? Why didn’t you stop him? You lived with him, right?” Zhoumi raised his tone, “WHY DID YOU LET HIM KILL HER?!” 

“She doesn’t love me!” Kyuhyun shouted back. Tears were threatening to fall from his eyes, “She gave me away to this Mr. Kwon and now I am his forever! At least until he died. But, he gave me everything mom and dad never gave me only if I… I… have sex with him!” Kyuhyun just blurted it out loud at Zhoumi. 

Zhoumi never thought that Kyuhyun went through something really bad. But, at least Kyuhyun has a life while he didn’t. So, his short mind made him asked Kyuhyun, “Take me with you! I want to live with Mr. Kwon! I don’t care if I have to please him every night. At least I’ll have a life!”

“IDIOT!” Kyuhyun punched Zhoumi on his face. The taller one fell to his side. He felt his cheek was throbbing from that hard punch. “I know now why Mr. Kwon chose you in the first place. Because, you’re a bitch! You don’t think! You don’t know how horrible it is to live with him! It’s not a life at all!” Kyuhyun broke into tears, 

“It’s all because of you! Mom was protecting you from Mr. Kwon. So, she gave me instead. But, what now? You asked me to live together with Mr. Kwon! You fucking idiot!” Kyuhyun kicked Zhoumi right on his tummy, “I’m not going to take you! You’re staying here and I don’t care how you’ll survive!” 

Kyuhyun made sure he broke Zhoumi’s ankle so that Zhoumi wouldn’t follow him. The taller one screamed in pain as Kyuhyun twisted his ankle with his bare hands.

“KuiXian… Please…” Zhoumi pleaded as he cried on the floor.

“No! I hate you Zhoumi! I hate you!” With that Kyuhyun ran out from the office, leaving Zhoumi curled up on the floor next to his mother’s dead body.

End of Zhoumi’s flashback


Zhoumi, it’s over… I don’t want to remember…” Kyuhyun says in a shaky voice.

“You have to remember! You left me there crying in pain and loss! You have to!” Zhoumi clutches Sungmin’s iPhone tighter in his hand. “You were the only one I have, Kyuhyun… But you… left me…” Zhoumi falls on his knees. He cannot hold his tears anymore. He just let them flooding his cheeks. “Since the day I met you in this university, I thought I would have a hope to be close to you again. But, the fact is… I can’t. And now you’re trying to take Sungmin away from me just like Mr. Kwon did to mom.”

Zhoumi I’ve changed… Please listen to me first…

“Stop! I don’t want to hear anything from you anymore. How bout we settle this man-to-man?” Zhoumi snorts, “Now tell me, where the hell are you?!” He asks through gritted teeth. Kyuhyun doesn’t answer that question right away. Zhoumi can imagine how Kyuhyun would bite his lips when he was nervous.

I’m at a villa in Mokpo. It’s nine hours drive if you’re stuck in traffic jam. But, I’m sure it’s only two or four hours drive if you don’t get stuck.” Kyuhyun finally says. 

“Okay! Just wait for me there… I’ll make sure you’ll never forget what I will do to you!” With that, Zhoumi presses the disconnect button. He takes his bag with him and just walks out of the dorm without saying anything to Sungmin or his friends. He doesn’t have a chance to look at Sungmin’s shock expression.

“Min?” Donghae snaps Sungmin out from his deep thoughts. Maybe Kyuhyun haven’t told him everything. But, from what he had heard from the phone call makes him realized that Kyuhyun past is more complicated than he thought.

“Donghae, come with me, I have to follow Zhoumi. I’m scared that he’ll actually do something bad to Kyuhyun!”  Sungmin pulls Donghae by force to go with him.
To Be Continued
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