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Cheating Cause Him This... (Oneshot)

Title: Cheating cause him this...
Rated: NC-17
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Pairing: KyuMin
WARNING: TeacherxStudent Relationship
Summary: Kyuhyun is a killer biology teacher, and he's giving unappropiate detention to Sungmin for cheating during exam.

Sungmin is looking up from his answer sheet. He directs his gaze at that one person sitting on the teacher's desk, reading newspaper. Sungmin notices that the teacher's face is completely covered with the newspaper so, that means a big chance for Sungmin to slip out a paper from his pocket, hide it under his answer sheet, and happily writing all the answers.

Yes, Sungmin is cheating during Biology Exam.

Nothing is hard with Biology, really. It's just Sungmin pretended that he forgot to study last night, because the first time he opened his textbook and saw all those small letters, scientific names, meanings, function, parts, this, and that-he quickly closed the book and thought WTF with Biology. Mr. Cho isn't a strict teacher. It's easy to cheat behind his back. Sungmin has always been cheating in Mr. Cho's class. And Sungmin doesn't mind of doing it again today even though it's second term exam. But then, there are one or two unexpected things Sungmin never thought would happen.

The bell rings. Sungmin breathes out in gladness as he looks at his answer sheet, completely full with his  answers. Sungmin can't help but smiles at his criminal act.

"Okay kids! Put the answer sheet on my desk and go home immideatly. Really, I don't want to see any of you got caught smoking at the nearest garden." Mr. Cho says without looking up from his newspaper as if his eyes are glued on it.

The students do exactly what Mr. Cho told them. one-by-one they put their answer sheets and leave the room. Sungmin does the same too. But, at the time he's putting his answer sheet on the desk, Mr. Cho puts down his newspaper and shot a deadly gaze to Sungmin's eyes.

"Lee Sungmin... I would like to speak to you." Mr. Cho says. Sungmin's stomach does a backflip when he hears Mr. Cho's deep voice. And the young man has a feeling that Mr. Cho is up to no good.

"You're toast, man..." Donghae whispers to Sungmin as he put down his answer sheet and leaves the room with Eunhyuk's following from behind. But, the blond hair guy mouths a 'Good Luck' at Sungmin.

"So..." Mr. Cho taps the answer sheets on his desk before putting it inside his folder, "Come with me to my office. I would like to speak with you... privately." He presses his tone on the word 'privately' as if that word is in bold, italic, underline, and caps lock font. Sungmin nods nervously at Mr. Cho.

Bum Bum BUM...

Sungmin's heart rate keeps increasing in every steps he takes to follow Mr. Cho to his office. The young man doesn't realize that cold sweat is flowing down from him forehead. Sungmin's mind restlessly thinking of bad thoughts. And he feels like throwing up when he thought that Mr. Cho actually found out that SUngmin was cheating during exam. And the consequence would be getting zero on all Biology test, and cleaning Mr. Cho's house for a week. But, it depends on how heavy the student's criminal act during Biology class. Sungmin has heard from many of the students that Mr. Cho's house is like a dog house. It smells like a wet dog, messes can be seen everywhere, unwashed dishes, unwashed dirty clothes, and not to mention the bathroom. The last victim was Donghae. When he said that Sungmin is toast, Sungmin knows that he'll be totally like a crispy toast with butter on it.

Mr. Cho opens his private office door and let Sungmin walks in first. Sungmin really can't hold his heartbeat. It keeps beating harder and faster when he takes a step in to Mr. Cho's office. He is sure that if it goes  harder a little bit more, Mr. Cho would hear it.That biology teacher closes the door silently and... locks it. That clicking sound when he locks the door scares the hell out of Sungmin.

"What-what... is-it-yo-you want to s-say to me?" SUngmin is stuttering. Mr. Cho raises his right eyebrow as if he notices the nervousness on Sungmin. An evil smirk forms on the corner of his lips, but Sungmin doesn't see it with his head hanging low.

"Why are you cheating during exam?" Mr. Cho asks right to the point. It takes Sungmin off guard. The younger boy doesn't answer the question, "Tell me WHY?!" Mr. Cho slams his folder on his desk, surprising the unfortunate student in front of him.

"I'm sorry, sir..." Sungmin apologizes.

"For what?" Mr. Cho asks again. Somehow, his voice sounds a little bit softer but, deeper.

"For cheating during exam... And all of the previous exams you gave us." Sungmin breathes out, "All. Of. Them."

"Oh? Is that so?" Sungmin feels an air blowing on his bangs. He looks up and quickly stumbling backward when he sees that Mr. Cho is standing way too close to him. If, Sungmin raises his head higher, his lips would have brushed against Mr. Cho's.

"Yes, sir. I-I'm sorry, sir... I'll take any detention from you." Sungmin says. And soon, he regrets that he just said it.

"Have sex with me..." Mr. Cho says clearly. Sungmin's eyes are wide open in horror. His jaw drops wide. He's starting to feel scared all over again, "I want you..." Mr. Cho says softly. He walks closer to Sungmin just to make the younger walks backward, "You said you'll take any detention from me. And this is the detention I'm going to give you."

Sungmin keeps moving backward until his back hits the wall, "Shit!" He swears under his breath. He looks up just to find out that Mr. Cho is standing in front of him. His eyebrows in the same level of his hair line, and eyes are sparkling like a puppy pleading for food. Sungmin never sees that kind of look on Mr. Cho's face. What he know is that Mr. Cho has always been the scariest and most evil teacher at school. He shows no mercy, no smile on his face, no anything kind. But, this... He just gave Sungmin a pleading look.

"Please... I want you, Min." Mr. Cho pleads. He even says 'please'! And the way Mr. Cho calls Sungmin by his nickname gives the younger a shiver all over his body.

"Mr. Cho... I can't..."

"Please..." Mr. Cho stretches his arm to cups Sungmin's cheek. But, the younger slaps that hand away and runs across the room to the door. But, He just remembers that it's locked and the key...

"The key is right here..." Mr. Cho jingles the key on his hand and then he throws it away to somewhere in the  room. The next thing happens in a flash. Mr. Cho has moved closer to Sungmin and puts both of his hand next to Sungmin's head. The way he stares at Sungmin makes it like it has a deep meaning. Not just want to have sex and rape the younger but, it's like there's something more behind it.

"Min..." Sungmin shivers again when he heard his nickname rolls out from Mr. Cho's lips, "I want you... very much. I..." Mr. Cho moves his hand toward Sungmin's cheek, about to caress it. But, the younger moves his head away from it, rejecting it. But, that biology teacher just moves his hand closer again and finally he can caress Sungmin's soft milky white skin. He caress it softly with his thumb back and forth. Sungmin shivers under his teacher's touch. His heartbeat grows bigger until the younger forgets how to breathe normally. His  teacher puts a hand on his chest, trying to feel his heartbeat. "Calm down..." Mr. Cho whispers next to  Sungmin's ear, "Calm down..." He whispers again. This time, he buries his head on the crook of Sungmin's neck. 

Both of them are really close to each other until Sungmin can smell the strong mint scent on Mr. Cho's hair. "Slow it down..." Mr. Cho presses his palm harder on Sungmin's chest. Sungmin can feel the vibration of his  teacher's voice on his neck, "I'll do it softly... Because I..." Mr. Cho kisses Sungmin's neck, "Love you." 

That word somehow makes Sungmi's heartbeat increases a little bit but, turns slower all of a sudden. His world seems like stop rotating when Mr. Cho moves his head from Sungmin's neck to in front of his face. Sungmin can see through Mr. Cho's eyes that the older man is saying the truth.

"Min, I really love you..." He says it again then, he kisses Sungmin's forehead, nose, and he stops in front of Sungmin's lips, "Trust me..." He says before giving a peck on Sungmin's lips. He waits... But, Sungmin isn't  responding to him, "You know what... I think you hate me now. I shouldn't have said this to you. You're my  student and it's-uumph!" His sentence is cut by Sungmin when the younger presses his lips against his teacher's lips.

Sungmin's lips tasted like strawberry lipgloss on Kyuhyun's tongue. No wonder his student's lips always looked sparkling. Sungmin deepens their kiss by wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun's neck, pulling him closer. The biology teacher puts his right hand on Sungmin's back head, and the other is already working on oppening Sungmin's shirt.

Kyuhyun doesn't even know why the younger suddenly kissed him despite that he looked so scared before. But, he doesn't really want to question that. He just wants to focus on having sex with his student. He bites Sungmin's bottom lip, making the younger moans out. Kyuhyun uses that time to slip in his tongue inside Sungmin's mouth. 

His tongue roams around the wet cave. His and Sungmin's tongue are brushing against each other, fighting for dominance. As they kiss, Kyuhyun pulls down Sungmin's shirt from his shoulders. Then, the younger breaks away from their messy wet kiss to focus on opening his teacher's shirt.

"Your shirt... is it new?" Sungmin asks between his panting. He finds it hard to open Kyuhyun's shirt.

"I just bought it yesterday... Oh! Sorry! I'll help you." He's starting to open his shirt from below while Sungmin from above. And when their hands finally met on the last bottom in the middle, Sungmin opens it quick and strips Kyuhyun off his shirt in a flash. Sungmin pushes Kyuhyun to a couch.

"I'll top." Sungmin says.

"What? I'm the one whose giving you detention. I should top!" 

"Just shut the fuck up!" Sungmin growls. He rests his knees on both sides of Kyuhyun's hip. years of practicing martial art finally has its effect. Sungmin uses a hand locking technique on Kyuhyun's hands, so he wouldn't be able to turn their position. Then, the younger proceeds with unbuckling his belt and let his pants fall off, showing a big hard cock. Kyuhyun feels his little friend behind his pants is getting harder. 

Sungmin sees Kyuhyun's face, pleading for Sungmin to open his pants. Sungmin smirks and works his hands on unbuckling Kyuhyun's pants. The younger pulls off Kyuhyun's pants along with his boxer in one go. Kyuhyun gasps at the sudden cold air at his already hard cock.

Sungmin presses his lips against Kyuhyun's lips, then jawline, and moves to his teacher's neck. He bites, licks, and sucks on that soft skin like a vampire hungry for blood. Kyuhyun let out a moan from his throat at how soft Sungmin's tongue brushing against his neck.

"Fuck! Your cock is so hard on me... Aah~!" Kyuhyun is moaning at how Sungmin grinds his cock against  Kyuhyun's. Up and down, and brushing against the sensitive spot on Kyuhyun's cock. "Aah~!" Kyuhyun moans out really loud when Sungmin catches his nipple with his mouth and starts nipping at it really hard as if trying to get something out from it. "oh God! You're so fucking good!" Kyuhyun croaks out. Sungmin looks up at Kyuhyun and smiles at him.

"Mr. Kim is really good in teaching sex education. He told us everything we need to know." Kyuhyun takes a mental note that he would treat Heechul two bottles of Soju (or more) after this.

"But, does he ever taught you of this position?" Kyuhyun reverse Sungmin's handlock technique and makes the younger to sit on his lap in a flash, "You need someone to jerk you off..." Kyuhyun whispers next to Sungmin's ear. Then, he slips his right hand inside Sungmin's boxer, grabbing that hard and long member. He pulls it out from the boxer and starts pumping it fast. Sungmin throws his head back, resting it on Kyuhyun's shoulder as he tries to hold a loud moan from escaping his throat. He fears that someone will hear it.

"It's okay... just scream my name... Scream like you wanted more." Kyuhyun says against Sungmin's lips. He kisses Sungmin with both passion and lust. He kisses Sungmin like he actually loves him but, he bites like a hungry lion.

"Kyu... Hyun~!" Sungmin manages to let out a whisper. Kyuhyun smiles. He's demanding for a scream, not a 

whisper. So, he pumps on Sungmin's cock harder and faster, making the younger finally screams out loud. Sungmin feels a warm pressure at the tip of his cock. Yes, he wants to cum, and Kyuhyun knows that. On the final shake, Sungmin finally cums, making a mess on both the floor and Kyuhyun's palm. When Sungmin is about to fall, Kyuhyun grabs him around the waist.

"Don't fall yet... Make me cum..." Kyuhyun whispers. Sungmin nods weakly. He swears that he never thought  Kyuhyun loves him. Sungmin has always been watching Kyuhyun from behind since the first time he entered High School. He admires this teacher, then starting to like him, and finally became the teacher's secret fanboy. But, Sungmin threw away that feeling when he didn't know how to get close to Kyuhyun and besides, Sungmin is a very shy boy. And now, he finds himself sitting on his biology teacher's lap, facing that older man.

He starts kissing Kyuhyun while playig on Kyuhyun's big cock. He's rubbing it around the tip, the base, and the sides, then shaking it up and down. But, Sungmin suddenly whimpers when Kyuhyun inserts one finger into Sungmin's hole. The seeds on Kyuhyun's fingers make it easier to slip inside. Then he slips in another finger until four fingers are inside Sungmin's ass. He starts rubbing Sungmi's tight hole sides, making it wider, and he gets loud moans from Sungmin in return. Kyuhyun slides his fingers in and out in the same phase as Sungmin's pump on Kyuhyun's cock.

"Hot isn't it?" Kyuhyun asks, a smirk is plastered on his face.

"Ve-very... Hnngg~!" Sungmin breaks away from the kiss to steady his breathing only to get stabbed by something big on his hole. Sungmin curses really loud. He wraps his arms around Kyuhyun's neck, fingers are clutching Kyuhyun's hair. He feels himself shuddering at every thrust of Kyuhyun's cock inside him. It's big and long. Sungmin swears he never had that kind of cock in his life. This is his first time.

Sungmin wraps his legs around Kyuhyun's waist tighter on every thrust Kyuhyun gives him. But, the older puts his hands on Sungmin's inner thigh. "Spread your legs a little bit more." Kyuhyun pushes Sungmin's legs apart a little bit as he rubs on that sensitive skin. Sungmin yells out a moan as he feels Kyuhyun's tongue around his cock. That tongue is licking and teasing around his cock. The tip of it, sides, and base before putting it whole in the mouth. Kyuhyun suck on it as if it's a sweet lollipop he'll never get bored of. The sound of sucking, licking, moans, and skin slapping against each other are the only thing that filled the room. And it's getting worst when Kyuhyun's long cock hits Sungmin's prostate.

"Move your hip..." Kyuhyun mutters against Sungmin's cock, giving a vibration around it. Sungmin hisses ad  starts moving his hip up and down, making Kyuhyun's cock hitting his prostate over and over again. Both of them moans at the incredible pleasure that nothing could ever defeat. Every time Kyuhyun's moaning, it sends a hard vibration around Sungmin's cock. The younger can only shuts his eyes and grips on Kyuhyun's shoulders tighter. Sungmin is sure that it will leave a mark on his teacher's shoulders.

Both Sungmin and Kyuhyun are feeling like they're going to reach their climax. They feel a warm pressure on tip of their cock as if their seeds are about to burst out of their cock. 

"Kyu~ I want to... cum..." Sungmin mutters between his panting. 

"Do it... just do it!" Kyuhyun feels his student's body shaking and warm liquid fills his mouth. Kyuhyun also cums inside Sungmin's hole in the same time. Some of the warm liquid is dripping out of Sungmin's hole. Both of the boys are feeling really weak. Sungmin cums twice in one session, while Kyuhyun wants to smile at how messy and amazing his first sex is.

Sungmin rolls off to Kyuhyun's side, panting really hard. His eyes are half closed. Sungmin's eyes are looking anywhere but Kyuhyun's eyes. Kyuhyun's sighs to break the heavy silence between them.

"Why did you kiss me back?" Kyuhyun asks.

"I don't know..." Sungmin answers without looking at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun drags himself closer to Sungmin. He grabs his students chin with his finger and thumb, and turns it to him. "Why not?" Kyuhyun makes his voice softer. He looks through Sungmin's eyes with a meaningful look.

"Well, not that I don't know... It's just that I..." Sungmin breathes out, "I like you... I thought I've gave up that feeling months ago but, now it comes back to me again, knowing that you love me." Sungmin smiles. Kyuhyun chuckles. He pulls Sungmin closer for a kiss and rests his chin on the younger's head.

"Do you love me then?" Kyuhyun asks. Sungmin can hear the older's heartbeat against his ear. Its beating is really fast.

"Maybe not yet..." Sungmin answers truthfully, and the heartbreak goes slower and slower as if it's going to die. 

"Okay... I'll wait then. When you finally love me, we'll be together... forever. Okay?" Kyuhyun pulls away from Sungmin and offers the younger his pinky finger, "Pinky promise?" 

"Un! Promise!" Sungmin interwines his pink finger on Kyuhyun's. Both of them are smiling really wide.


A Month Later

Kyuhyun walks to behind the class in a silent steps. The students in his class are paying attention to at answering the test Kyuhyun gave them. Kyuhyun makes sure that his students are really focusing on the test, not looking anywhere else. "Don't look to your left, right, in front, or behind. If I spot any of you doing just that, I'll take away your answer sheet." Kyuhyun smirks. He is now sure that his students won't look around the class.

He stops next to Sungmin's desk at the far corner at the back of the class. Sungmin is also paying attention to the test but, Kyuhyun interrupts his concentration by putting his fingers on the gap between Sungmin's fingers. Sungmin's pouty lip forms into a wide smile, and he clutches Kyuhyun's hand in his.

"Don't cheat..." Kyuhyun whispers next to Sungmin's ear. The older man free hand has found its way into Sungmin's desk, holding Sungmin's hand which is holding a paper filled with cheats.

"I'm not cheating..." Sungmin whispers back.

"Then, what's the paper I'm holding?" Kyuhyun pulls the paper from Sungmin's hand.

"See it for yourself." Sungmin smiles. He continues answering the test question. Kyuhyun opens the paper, and he can't help but smiles at what he just read:

Woman has XX Chromosome and Man has XY Chromosome
So, XX and XY are meant to be together
I don't care if both of us has XY Chromosome
I LOVE YOU and I want to be with you forever

Kyuhyun puts the paper in his pocket, and gives a silent passionate kiss on Sungmin's lips.

"I love you too..."

A/N: First time making KyuMin smut because, I'm so bored in Biology class and the teacher is absent ^^ *bricked* comments are loved ^^
Tags: fanfic, kyumin
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