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Being An Angel to Get Him (Chapter 5)

Title: Being An Angel to Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance
Pairing: KyuMin, MiMin
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

Chapter 5: Sungmin knows the truth

“Sungmin, you should eat…” Heechul says, looking up from his plate. Since the time Sungmin woke up, Heechul notices that Sungmin has something in his mind. He wonders what is bothering Sungmin so much. He’s sure that last night he heard Sungmin and Zhoumi were having a great private activity in their room. With their load moans and yelling, Heechul knew it was a blast. But, Sungmin isn’t happy at all this morning.

Sungmin stops playing around with the broccoli on his plate. He sighs and pushes the plate away from him. Suddenly he doesn’t feel hungry anymore. He feels dizzy instead from thinking of that certain someone. That certain someone who sang Three Bear Song at the party, that certain someone who got laughed at, thrown with ice cream, and got drenched in ice cold water. That certain someone who…

‘Looks at me with a loving gaze.’ Sungmin says in his mind. Kyuhyun’s face keeps repeating in his mind. The way Kyuhyun smiles, laughs, smirks (which is so damn hot), and suddenly he feels Kyuhyun’s touch in his hand.

“Baby, you’re okay?” Sungmin snaps out from his daydreaming. He bites his tongue before he can say ‘Kyuhyun’ because, the guy in front of him is not Kyuhyun, it’s Zhoumi.

“Yeah… I’m okay.” Sungmin says quietly, “Mi..?”


“Can I go somewhere for a while?”

“Yeah sure… I’ll go pre-”

“I mean alone…”

Zhoumi stops in the middle of his way to his room. He looks at Sungmin with confused written all over his face. Sungmin rarely walks around by himself because, he always asked Zhoumi to go with him, and Zhoumi always agreed even though Zhoumi doesn’t feel like going anywhere. And it really surprises Zhoumi that his boyfriend wants to have a walk by himself.

“You… You’re not going to meet that Evil Magnae, right?” That question stabs through Sungmin’s chest, making a deep hole on it. Sungmin’s heart does a flip, and there’s this twisting pain in his stomach whenever he’s nervous. Actually, he’s right… Sungmin is going to see that Evil Magnae to check how he’s doing after the party. But, Sungmin can’t say the truth to Zhoumi.

“Hmph! Why would I see him, Mi? I just wanna have a morning stroll around the… University! By myself! Is that wrong?” Sungmin tries his best not to look nervous but, saying that he wants a morning stroll around this damn huge university sounds like weird. You’ll need more than two hours to stroll around the university and back at the dorm. Sungmin slaps his cheek many times in his mind for being a stupid by saying that.

“Seriously, Min? Stroll around the university? This place is so damn huge and you’ll start your class in an hour.” Zhoumi’s eyebrows rise to his hairline. He’s so shocked and confused in the same time until he doesn’t realize that his spectacle just slide down from his nose bridge.

“Really, there’s nothing wrong with it! I’ll go take my bike anyway… So, it won’t take too long.” With that, he shoves his bag to his shoulder and walks toward the door. But, Zhoumi grabs Sungmin’s forearm before the shorter guy can stepped out from the dorm.

“It’s not about what I said yesterday, right?” Zhoumi whispers to Sungmin’s ear. Sungmin breathes out, and stands on his toes to kiss Zhoumi’s lips.

“No…” He answers. Zhoumi looks at him deeply for one two three maybe ten seconds before letting him go, “I’ll be back before you know it…” Zhoumi nods at Sungmin. He doesn’t say any more words to Sungmin because, he believes that Sungmin would always listened to him. Sungmin takes that as a cue to open the door.

“Ah! Sungminnie, don’t you want pumpkin ice cream before leaving?” Heechul shouts from the dining room, running toward Sungmin to give the Pumpkin Ice Cream cone to Sungmin.

“No thanks, Hee hyung.” Sungmin answers calmly. He closes the door behind him, leaving the people in the dorm staring at the closed door with both eyes and jaw wide open. A heavy silence appears in the dorm. Not even the sound of their breathing can be heard.

“Meow?” Heebum breaks the silence. If any of them understand what Heebum was saying, they’ll know that Heebum was saying ‘Should I say sorry?’

Sungmin never turned down pumpkin ice cream before. He accepted anything that has pumpkin in it. No matter how much he hated turtle soup, as long as there’s a pumpkin in there, he would eat it whole. But, he just turned down a pumpkin ice cream for the first time in his life. Sungmin also realizes that this Evil Magnae really drives him crazy, drives him away from his normal self.

‘Cho Kyuhyun, why do you make love feels so complicated?’ Sungmin asks to Kyuhyun in his mind as if by doing that Kyuhyun would hear him. Sungmin rides his bike to Kyuhyun’s dorm. He’s sure it’s not that far from Zhoumi’s dorm since both Zhoumi and Kyuhyun are in the same Faculty. But, Sungmin has to be extra careful so, Zhoumi wouldn’t found out that he’s visiting Kyuhyun’s dorm.

Usually, around seven o’clock he would see Kyuhyun jogged around the Faculty with his geeky and weird friends. Sungmin has been watching Kyuhyun every time he jogged around the Engineer Faculty whenever he stayed at Zhoumi’s dorm. At first, he was curious of the Evil Magnae who people said is very scary but, as time goes by Sungmin finds out that Kyuhyun isn’t that scary at all. He’s quite a shy boy. But this time, he doesn’t see a guy with curly brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and whiter skin than Zhoumi.

Sungmin stops in front of Kyuhyun’s dorm which people said as the demon lair, and anyone other than Kyuhyun’s friends should not come closer to it. Only brave people would come closer to the dorm. And Sungmin considers himself as one of those people.

‘Right… Why should I be scared? Kyuhyun is nice… he won’t do anything to me, right?’ Sungmin says to himself. He breathes in and out slowly to calm his racing heartbeat, “Kay… You can do it… Just ask him ‘how are you’ and then… yeah just that! It wouldn’t be hard.” Sungmin mutters under his breath. He steps on the stairs to the dorm’s front door, and he gets tons of heavy stares from behind him. People are watching him to take another step up to the front door. Some are whispering at each other, and some are having a bet if Sungmin will be tortured or not. Sungmin tries his best to ignore them and takes another step up which he gets an awe from the people behind him. There are four more steps which mean he gets four more awes. It irritates him… a lot.

“Would you guys just shut up?” Sungmin yells at them with an unexpected high pitch voice. But, instead of shutting up, the people moan out another louder awe in unison. Their eyes are fixed on someone behind Sungmin.

“What… are you doing here?” A voice asks. Sungmin turns around but, backs away when he realizes that Kyuhyun has opened the door and standing only inches close from Sungmin. The older man slips on the stair as he’s trying to back away from Kyuhyun. Sungmin waits for the painful fall on his back head but, there are only murmurs and gasps instead of deadly pain on his head. Sungmin feels a hand holding his wrist and the other arm is around his waist. He smells a minty scent when he takes a deep breath.

“You okay?” Kyuhyun asks. His voice sounds really deep but soft in Sungmin’s ear. The older guy can feel the younger’s heartbeat against his chest. It’s beating fast in the same phase as his heartbeat. It lures him to bury his head on Kyuhyun’s neck, planting a gentle kiss on it, “Sungmin?” Kyuhyun snaps the older guy from his daydreaming.

“Ah, Kyuhyun!” Sungmin pulls away halfheartedly from that warm embrace, “Um… You… uhhh…” Sungmin is stumbling for words. He was going to ask ‘how are you’ but, never thought that it’ll be so damn hard. Just looking at Kyuhyun’s face already make him forget what he’s going to say, “I don’t know why I’m here…” Sungmin breathes out.

“Oh? Okay…” Kyuhyun says, somehow he sounds really calm despite that he was really shy around Sungmin before the party. And then there's nothing else to be said. There's a heavy silence between them, an awkward one where Sungmin keeps fiddling with his fingers while Kyuhyun stares at him with eyebrows on the same level of his hairline.

"So, umm..." 'Would you like have a stroll around the university with me? Let's skip class...' That's what Sungmin's trying to say when suddenly he sees a blond haired guy coming toward them with two bags on both of his shoulders.

"Kyu, let's go... Siwon hyung doesn't have much time. He has to go somewhere after Church." The blond haired guy says.

"Oh! Oh yeah! Okay sorry... Let's go then. My car or yours?" Kyuhyun says, taking his bag from Eunhyuk's shoulder.

"Mine... People already know your car. They called it as Demon's horse. Geez! If I came out from that car, they'll think I'm some kind of your prisoner or blah. Hate that!"

"You... What year are you in?" Sungmin suddenly asks with a deep frown on his forehead. He's just surprised that someone talks like that at Kyuhyun. But, it seems that Kyuhyun is fine with that.

"I'm a freshman, Sungmin hyung." Eunhyuk gives a slight bow at Sungmin to show a little respect to his senior. Eunhyuk really wants to do that to Kyuhyun but, he doesn't let him after Siwon told him that Eunhyuk is his brother.

"You... Are a freshman? Your name?"

"Yes, I'm Choi Eunhyuk. Why Sungmin hyung?"

"Nothing..." Sungmin says, starting to leave because, he can't stand seeing Kyuhyun acting nice to anyone other than him. Well, Sungmin doesn't have the right to not allow Kyuhyun to act nice to any other people beside him. But, it's just that stingy feeling inside his heart that makes him wanted to punch that freshman face.

'No, I'm not jealous...' Sungmin says in his mind, "So, have a great day you two..." Sungmin says without looking at the two men behind him.

"Umm... Okay." Kyuhyun says. Then, he walks toward Eunhyuk's dashing red sedan in the garage. Sungmin feels a pang in his heart. He expects Kyuhyun to ask him to go together or what... But, no, Kyuhyun just gets into the car with Eunhyuk. The blond haired freshman starts the car and drives it out from the garage when Sungmin suddenly jumps to the front of the car, and slides really fast on the window then fall hard on his butt next to Eunhyuk's door.

Eunhyuk pulls the break to check if Sungmin is really okay. In fact, he is. He stands up and leans closer to the window, tapping it with his finger. Eunhyuk opens the window with his jaw wide opened.

"Kyuhyun, can I go with you?" Sungmin really doesn’t care if he has to skip class for today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. He just wants to make sure of what Zhoumi had said to him yesterday.

The thing that happened yesterday

"Why are you guys doing that to Kyuhyun?" Sungmin asked as he watched Donghae and Heechul were laughing at Kyuhyun's Three Bear Song video.

"Actually..." Donghae started to say. His eyes were still glued on the computer screen.

"Yah! You shouldn't tell him!" Heechul hit Donghae's head with a folder.

"Tell me what?" Sungmin's curiosity grew bigger.

"Ignore him..." Heechul whispered to Donghae. But, he didn't realize that he was whispering loud enough for Sungmin to hear him which resulted Sungmin snatched Heebum from Heechul's arms. The older man's eyes grew wide in fury. He growled, "Lee Sungmin, give him back to me!" Heechul tried to snatched Heebum from Sungmin's arms but, the younger kept moving farther away from Heechul until his back was against the window.

"Hah! You can't go anywhere! Give my Heebum back!" Heecul demanded.

"No..." Sungmin replied plainly. He opened the window, and stretched his arms out of it. Heebum was hovering two stories above the ground.

"Meow?" Heebum croaked out.

"Hee-Heebum! HEEBUM! No! Aaaww!!" Heechul started to panic. He clutched his palm on his long bang, eyes were red with tears, foot stomping on the floor, and his scream was epic. Actually, if Heechul understood cat language, he'll know that Heebum wasn't asking for help. He was saying 'drop me and I'll have eight lifes to go anyway.'

"You tell me the thing you don't want to tell me first or I'll drop your cat!" Sungmin shouted at Heechul, threatening him.

"Meow?" Translation: 'oh in the name of hell cat! Just drop me!'

"No no! Don't please! Zhoumi told us not to tell you about this!"

"So, blame Mimi if I dropped your cat!" Sungmin pulled a finger away from Heebum's body. Then, it proceeded to two, three fingers. Sungmin's hands were trembling, unable to bear the weight of that fat Russian Blue cat.

"Meow?" Translation: 'Dang it! Just drop me! I'll fly like underdog... Ew?' Heebum was fidgeting in Sungmin's grip which Heechul saw as getting totally scared. And Heebom was also meowing a lot than usual which meant a lot of swearings in cat language, but Heechul saw it as an act of panic.

"No no please! Okay! I'll tell you! I'll tell you! Don't... Drop my cat, please?" Heechul pleaded.

"Tell me about it first then, I'll give back your cat." Sungmn demanded. Heechul sighed and looked at Donghae which the younger replied with a nod.

"So... Zhoumiwastryingtoprotectyoufromkyuhyunbecausethatguyisinterestedinyou!" Heechul blurted out in one pull of breath. His breath hitched near the end of his sentence then, he found himself panting really hard.

"What the-?"

"Yes, that's true..." A voice said from behind Heechul. Heechul could feel that persons's tight grip on his shoulder. That person's nail was digging through the fabric of his shirt, and soon will dig through his skin. Heechul turned his head to his side and caught Zhoumi's cold glare on the corner of his eye. Heechul felt he'll die soon that time.

"Mi? What do you mean? Yes, Kyuhyun is really nice to me but, that doesn't mean he's interested in me."

“So then, explain to me why he looked at you in a…” Zhoumi bit his bottom lip to stop it from trembling. He looked to his side, making his bang fell down and covering his eye, “I’m scared of losing you, Min… I’m scared of separation… Kyuhyun is…” Zhoumi’s voice broke into loud sobs all of a sudden. Sungmin didn’t really know why, because he never saw Zhoumi cried in front of other people, not even Sungmin himself.

“Mi? SUngmin put Heebum on the floor before approaching his crying boyfriend, “Mi?” Sungmin reached out to touch Zhoumi’s cheek, but the taller man slapped SUngmin’s hand away. It wasn’t that hard, but Zhoumi never hit his boyfriend, and he just did that in a very depressed state that anyone should stay away from.

“It’s just a family matter…” Zhoumi said in a whisper like voice. Then, he left the room still in tears. Sungmin didn’t have the chance to see Zhoumi’s eyes to know if he was mad or not.

“What the heck? Sungmin was shocked. For the first time, he didn’t understand what his boyfriend was saying as if Zhoumi was talking in Chinese, “What did he mean by ‘it’s just a family matter’? We’re not talking about family matter here… We’re talking about Kyuhyun who you guys said has an interest in me.”

“Well ummm…” Donghae stood nervously next to Sungmin, “Zhoumi has always been scared of Kyuhyun since he was just a child…” He pulled Heechul to his feet by pulling on his forearm then, he made his way toward the door as he spoke to Sungmin, “But, for the first time he tried to be brave just to protect you from Kyuhyun.”

Sungmin felt that something wasn’t right. Zhoumi suddenly cried and said that it was just a family matter while they were talking about Kyuhyun, Donghae suddenly was trying to explain something to Sungmin but, he was like unsure of whether to spit out the truth right away or not, and Heechul has pulled Heebum to his tight embrace and kept glaring at Donghae, eyes grew wider as Donghae spoke more.

“Is there another secret you haven’t told me?” Sungmin asked right away.


“No there’s nothing! Now, let’s go Donghae, it’s time for a little boy like you to sleep. Umma Heechul has to wait for Hankyung to be here.” Heechul interrupted before Donghae could say the truth to Sungmin. He slung his arm around Donghae’s shoulder, and dragging him out of the room.

“Aish!” Irritated, Donghae shouted the truth to Sungmin, “Kyuhyun is-”

Back to present

‘No, that cannot be…’ Sungmin says to himself. He looks up from his feet to gaze deeply at Kyuhyun’s face. Sungmin just realizes maybe for the first time in his life that Kyuhyun is nothing like a demon when he’s praying. His eyes are closed, hands clasped, and the corner of his lips is lifted a little bit, making him looked like he’s smiling. But, Sungmin doesn’t see it on Kyuhyun’s face, ‘Nothing similar…’ Sungmin tilts his head a little bit to look closer.

“Hey… what are you doing?” Kyuhyun opens his right eye, looking down at Sungmin’s cute puppy face.

“Kyuhyun-ah!” Sungmin exclaims a little bit too loud that Kyuhyun has to silence him by putting his hand on Sungmin’s mouth.

“We’re still in the Church…” Kyuhyun whispers again. His eyes scanning at the front seats in front of him and exhales gladly when he sees Siwon himself is talking with Eunhyuk.

“But, can I talk to you for just a few seconds?” Sungmin asks in a low voice.

“After Church, okay?”

“I’m sorry… But, it’s kind of urgent and I need a private space to talk with you. After Church, there will be no private space anymore with Eunhyuk and Siwon hyung with us.” Sungmin explains. He gazes through Kyuhyun’s eyes with pleading puppy eyes where they’re sparkling and teary. Kyuhyun can’t say no to that no matter how hard he tries. Sungmin is just too cute for him to say no.

“Siwon would be mad at me if he knows I went out before we’re finished. Anyway, just this once in my life…” Kyuhyun stands up, and then make his way toward the Church door. Sungmin follows from behind. He tries to keep up with Kyuhyun’s long steps. Sungmin frowns when he sees Kyuhyun grows a little bit taller and have straighter hair. Sungmin shakes his head when he sees Zhoumi in front of him instead of Kyuhyun. The shorter guy isn’t thinking about Zhoumi at all. He’s only focusing his mind at Kyuhyun who’s walking ahead of him with his…

‘Long legs like Mimi…’ Sungmin says in his mind, ‘Yes, he’s tall but, that doesn’t make him similar to Mimi.’

Sungmin blinks his eyes many times as the light from outside is blinding him when Kyuhyun opens the door for him. Kyuhyun chuckles a little bit, a wide grin is plastered on his face, “What are you doing? Let’s go..!” Sungmin swears to his life that he just heard Zhoumi talks to him instead of Kyuhyun. Sungmin takes a deep breath and breathes out slowly to calm his mind. Without saying anything, he walks out from the Church with Kyuhyun trailing behind him.

Sungmin sits on the Church stair. He asks Kyuhyun to sit next to him but, the taller guy refuses polity and says that he’s better standing up than sitting. He just doesn’t really want to make his pants dirty.

“But, it’s black and no one will notice if it’s dirty or if it is dirty, you can wash it later, right?” Sungmin says. He feels like he’s about to suffocate when he hears Kyuhyun’s answer.

“But, I just don’t want my pants to get dirty. Sungmin, you really have to respect your clothes. Your clothes are like your…”

“Body.” Sungmin finishes Kyuhyun’s sentence.

“Uhhh… Yeah… That’s right. How do you know? I thought you’re not someone who respects fashion.” Kyuhyun grins again. Sungmin notices that when Kyuhyun is grinning widely, he can make Zhoumi’s facial structure if Kyuhyun’s nose is a little bit pointier.

“Mimi always says that…” Sungmin’s voice trails off, so does with Kyuhyun’s smile. It disappears when a guy named Zhoumi is mentioned.

“Oh… Your boyfriend?” Kyuhyun asks with a mocking and annoyed tone.

“Yes, my boyfriend… Kyuhyun, are you still mad of what he did to you at the party?”

Kyuhyun doesn’t answer to that question. He looks at the distance with thin frown on his forehead. Sungmin feels like pulling his eyes out when he sees Zhoumi’s face on that Evil Magnae’s face. Sungmin stands up and sighs, “Look, I’m sorry… Zhoumi is just trying to protect me for some reasons… I don’t know what but… I’m hoping you can explain it to me.”

“What are you talking about?” Confused is written all over Kyuhyun’s face. Yes, Sungmin can see that. That same confused expression like Zhoumi’s.

“Kyuhyun, are you Zhoumi’s brother?”

Kyuhyun suddenly glares at Sungmin and clutches Sungmin’s collar in a tight grip.


A/N: Shocked? Maybe not… hehehe kill me *shot* I edited a photo of Kyuhyun and Zhoumi. The original photo was Kyuhyun is smiling really wide and Zhoumi is grining. After I edited it, both of them are grinning really wide. Hope the photo helps you imagine what Sungmin saw when Kyuhyun is grinning. Blame my eyes if Kyuhyun and Zhoumi’s grin are not the same… I forgot where I put my glasses. So, here’s the picture ^^

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