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Being An Angel to Get Him (Chapter 4)

Title: Being An Angel to Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance
Pairing: KyuMin, MiMin
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

Chapter 4: Learn to let go

It was Kyuhyun’s first time attending a party invited by the popular community. He was proud, yet scared in the same time. What if what Eunhyuk told him at the dorm was right? What if he people will see him like he’s a demon fell in its own trap? What if… What if…

“What if I got Lee Sungmin and prove Eunhyuk that he’s totally wrong?” Kyuhyun muttered to himself to calm his hyper pulse, “He’s just jealous…” Kyuhyun didn’t know that Eunhyuk was actually jealous. Well, not because Kyuhyun is more popular than Eunhyuk, but, because Eunhyuk has a thing or two for Kyuhyun.

The demon walked with his head held up and proud smirk plastered on his charming yet annoying face. His black wings were spanned with pride. All hell bowed before him. And literally speaking, Kyuhyun was walking along the Art & Music and Law Faculty road. The students were watching him with an odd look on their face. Some were whispering to each other, glaring at Kyuhyun, giggling as they gave Kyuhyun a flirty look, or pointing at him as if he’s some kind of a rare species. Kyuhyun tried to ignore them but, he’d fired back a glare at a Law student who was giving him a GTFO look. Kyuhyun will never forget that guy with glasses from Law Faculty. He’ll hunt him later if everything went well.

Kyuhyun found himself standing in front of a building that looked almost like America’s White House. And he could guess that the White House was some kind of Arts & Music and Law Faculty meeting house. The decorations and the lights made the place didn’t look like a Dinner Party. It was more like a Night Party. Kyuhyun’s sharp ears recognized the song that was playing from two huge concert speakers.

‘Because you naught naughty! Hey Mr. Simple! Because you naughty naughty.’

It was Super Junior’s Mr. Simple. He knew that song well and every time he heard the beats, he felt like doing shuffle dance to the song. But, he held the need to do the dance because he saw a guy with dark brown hair, pink fishnet shirt under a black leather blazer, skinny black jeans, and a pair of black leather sneakers. Kyuhyun could see that guy’s abs through his fishnet shirt. So tight…

Kyuhyun shook his head and focused on finding Sungmin among those people. He just walked inside confidently and was greeted right away with a familiar voice.

“Kyuhyun-ah!” Kyuhyun turned around to the source of the voice and his lips formed into a wide smile. He saw Lee Sungmin with a face that reminded him of a fox, M shaped lips that he wanted to taste with love, and sexy body that he really wanted to…

“Yah! You came!” It was Zhoumi. He appeared out of nowhere and was digging his nails through the fabric of Kyuhyun’s sleeves. Kyuhyun soon realized that he would be hugging Sungmin if Zhoumi didn’t appear behind his back, and there could be bloods everywhere, “I see brave you are…” Zhoumi whispered to Kyuhyun in a horrible accented Korean. His accent sounded more like Chinese for Kyuhyun.

“What are you? You’re Chinese? Now you’re speaking like Master Yoda. I don’t understand if you exchanged the place of the Subject and Verb.” Kyuhyun whispered back, pretending he didn’t understand and saying it sarcastically. Kyuhyun knew from the tone of Zhoumi’s voice, it was actually a warning.

“Just shut the fuck up! You just get the hell away from my Sungmin and there will be nothing between us.” Zhoumi’s grip got tighter on Kyuhyun’s forearms. Kyuhyun tried not to wrinkle his nose because of the pain he got.

“Okay… there will be nothing between us. But, there’ll be something between you and Sungmin.” Kyuhyun shook his forearms of off Zhoumi’s grip. He patted his sleeves as if trying to wipe off the bacteria from Zhoumi’s hands. He gave Zhoumi his tough look, “And it’s me!”

Zhoumi just let that Evil Magnae said whatever he wanted because, Kyuhyun didn’t see how Zhoumi tried to hold an evil smirk from appearing on his face, and how he exchanged a meaningful look with Donghae which Donghae nodded and exchanged look with Heechul and Hankyung. Then, Zhoumi gave another glance at Kyuhyun who was talking shyly with Sungmin. He clutched his palms into fist and took a deep breath.

“Alright! Now that our main guest is here… We shall start the dinner.”

And that was the cue for Donghae, Heechul, and Hankyung to start their mischievous plan.


A sweat dropped from the tip of Kyuhyun’s hair. His eyes were read with fury. His chest was moving up and down in a fast phase, so was the sound of his panting. Two strong arms were wrapped around his tummy. His back was against the shorter man’s chest, “Ah! Ah! Ah!” Kyuhyun gasped out whisper-like voice from his throat. He could feel his butt was against the shorter man’s crotch really hard as that man kept shaking Kyuhyun back and forth faster. Both of them were tired and sweaty. Kyuhyun felt like he just wanted to die from the incredible feeling inside him. After a few more shake, it finally came out.

Kyuhyun was coughing and laughing in the same time as he saw the large bean finally jumped out from his throat. He thought he was going to die because of a bean stuck in his throat. He turned around to look at the shorter man who was helping him since that man saw him gasping for air.

“Thanks Sungmin…” Kyuhyun said, natural smile was plastered on his face. Kyuhyun could see that Sungmin was tired from trying to get the bean out of his throat. Then, he shot a killer glare at Zhoumi who kept eating as if nothing was happening at the dinner. Kyuhyun knew that someone put a large bean in his food, so, he’ll be choking to death.

“Yeah… no problem. I was scared you know… I thought you were going to die.” Sungmin said. He took a breath in and exhaled it slowly to calm his heartbeat.

“I wished you are dead…” Zhoumi muttered under his breath.

“Mimi!” Sungmin yelled, glaring angrily at Zhoumi. That tall man got a little bit nervous because, he thought no one would hear his muttering.

“I’m just saying! I’m not-ugh!” Zhoumi grabbed his throat and gasping for air. He stood up only to fall on his back. He was rolling on the floor as he tried to get that damn bean out of his throat.

“Eat that, jackass!” Kyuhyun exclaimed after he shot the bean he choked on-to Zhoumi’s mouth when the taller man was speaking, “Isn’t it ironic when you’re dying because of a bean?” Kyuhyun was taking a revenge on Zhoumi. That was called as a demon. A demon was killing another demon. So, nobody really knew who the good guy in that scene was.


“Don’t. Call. Me. a Demon!” Kyuhyun says behind his gritted teeth. He says every single word in his sentence clearly to Siwon, “Do I look like having horns?”

“Yes, you do.” Siwon answers, putting on a fake horn on Kyuhyun’s head, “You’re the same like Zhoumi if you do the exact thing like he did. You shouldn’t have thrown that bean back to Zhoumi.”

“But, I thought it’s eye for an eye, hand for a hand…”

“That’s old school!” Siwon smacks Kyuhyun lightly on his arm, “Now it’s love each other like how God loves you… Look, you have to love Zhoumi even though he’s your enemy. If, he throws you with a rock, you throw him back with a-”

“Knife?” Kyuhyun interrupted, smirking like a total ass.

“Lord, give me strength…” Siwon breathes out, “No, no… You throw him back with cotton.”

“But, cotton is too light. It won’t reach him. Ah! It’ll get blown away!”

“Umm that’s the point… You’re not meant to hurt your enemy.” Siwon is going to explain more but, Kyuhyun raises one of his eyebrows, looking terribly confused and skeptical. Siwon realizes that explaining wouldn’t make Kyuhyun understand. “Look, it’s no use trying to fight something bad with another something bad. Do you still remember what happened when you did that?”

Kyuhyun stares at the distance. Yes, he still remembers it clear in his mind, “Sungmin sounded angry at me. He said it wasn’t Zhoumi’s fault that I got choked on the bean because, I didn’t have any evidence to prove it.” He answers, tears starting to form on the corner of his eyes.

“And… what jealousy did to you?” Siwon asks again, trying to make the Evil Magnae realizes his mistakes.

“Shame…” Kyuhyun says in a whisper like voice. It stings his eyes when he recalls what happened yesterday at the party.

Return to flashback

-Kyuhyun’s POV-

‘You. Are. So. Dead Kyuhyun!’ I said to myself over and over again as if by saying that I will actually die. But, the fact was… I was still alive, eyes wide, stood still with pouty lips. Again… ‘You. Are. So. Dead Kyuhyun!’

For years I dedicated my life for Starcraft, for years I dedicated my life for being an awesome Mathlete which is forced by my father, and for a couple of minutes I regretted that I dedicated my life for the two things I mentioned earlier and didn’t even know how to get someone’s heart by singing. I felt my lips were dry no matter how much I licked it. The thought of singing something romantic for Sungmin was really scary, scarier than seeing a long haired ghost coming out of a TV. I wished the world ends right at that moment.

“Kyuhyun, you okay? You don’t look good. But then, you never looked good.” It was Zhoumi. He was talking to me with a mocking tone. An evil smile was plastered on his face, under his pointy nose. I could’ve used that nose for my underwear hanger. If, I have a superhuman strength, I would actually pull that nose off with only a pinch…

“What are you going to sing?” He asked. All my angry feelings were washed away and replaced by that familiar scary-and-I-want-the-world-ends-now feeling. I would like to say ‘No, I don’t really know what to sing and fuck off I’m leaving!’ but, that meant I gave up and accept defeat. No, I am not that kind of person. I will not walk away without at least trying it. I took a deep breath and looked to my side. So, he wouldn’t see my twitching left eyebrow.

“I’m not telling you…” I said with a whisper like voice.

“You’re not telling me because, you don’t know what to sing…” I didn’t know if that was a statement or a question. But, it sounded like a statement. I tried to stay cool or he will notice that I’m scared and craving for death to come. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes.

“What are you going to sing?” I regretted right away after asking that.

“Grenade by Bruno Mars. Do you know the song? Oh wait! You only know those war songs in Starcraft.” Then he laughed out loud as if it was his last time laughing, “You may be the Evil Magnae, the person that people feared of. But, I’m sure right after this, no one will fear you. They will laugh at you. You’ll be the clown of this university.” His tone getting deeper with every word he said. He leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear, “You shouldn’t have come, Evil Magnae.” With that, he left me standing still like a statue. He bumped my shoulder with his as he walked pass me. And I knew that time I will not stand a chance against him.

My instinct kicked in and I took out my phone to call somebody. I didn’t know who that time. I just kept scrolling down through my contact in my blackberry. I didn’t have anyone close in my contact but, somehow I stopped on this one name. I thought we’re not close yet but, I pressed the dial button right away. I hoped he has a suggestion for me.

“Hello?” He answered.

“Yah! Eunhyuk! I need your help!”

“Is something wrong? Did something happen?” he sounded concern. I could imagine him standing up straight and eyes wide whenever he was worried. Really, I didn’t know why he sounded worried about me.

“No, not really… Do you know any romantic song that I might know of?”

“Uhhh… Just the way you are by Bruno Mars?”

“… No.”

“Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade?”

“… No.”

“Love is sweet by Super Junior M?”

“I’ve heard of that song but, I can’t speak Chinese. No, I don’t want to sing that.”

“You should give up by Ryeowook.”

“Yeah that would be the correct choice… No! Eunhyuk, you’re supposed to help me!”

“I am helping you! You should just give up. Come back here and let’s play Starcraft. Ryeowook says you won’t stand a chance.” Somehow, I wasn’t angry when he said that. I should be mad, but I didn’t, and I didn’t know why. But, maybe it was because Ryeowook is…

My eyes grew wide in horror. I quickly pressed the disconnect button and shoved my phone to my pocket. I looked around my surroundings to realize that everyone was giving me a weird look. I didn’t feel like giving them a GTFO look and yelled at them. That would give away the nervousness I was trying to hide. So, I could only pretend nothing was happening, and focused on what song I should sing for Sungmin.

I really wished that Ryeowook was wrong… Just for once in a lifetime…


“And..?” Siwon says, wanting to hear more of Kyuhyun’s story even though he knows what happened next. Well, the whole university and the world know about it. It’s totally embarrassing that Kyuhyun locked himself up, crying and pitying himself.

“Stop pretending you don’t know… The whole world knows about it. It’s… so f- ah! Totally embarrassing!” Kyuhyun clenches his palms on his hair with a desperate look on his face but, he doesn’t get any response from the older man. That man only gives him a ‘what?’ look. Kyuhyun breathes out

“I know you’ve seen it! I saw you liked my video from my YT timeline. Father Choi, aren’t you?” Kyuhyun squints his eyes at Siwon as if he’s looking for any signs of lying from Siwon such as twitching eyebrow or trembling lip. However, he doesn’t find any of them.

“Oh that’s my shared YT account with my little brother. But, I’m sure it must be my little brother who watched the video…” Siwon’s cheeks turn bright red, “Sorry the name is kinda… weird.” He looks down at the Church songs on his hands and a smile creeps out from his face, “Singing a religious song could be heartwarming and very sweet, you know. I would sing it for someone I love… Instead of Three Bear Song.” He says sarcastically.

“Yah! You really did watch my video!” Kyuhyun stabs his pointy finger to Siwon’s cheek where a dimple appears when Siwon smiles. Even though Kyuhyun is glaring at him like a wild animal going to cut its prey into pieces and munch it slowly with its fangs, Siwon still smiles. It confuses Kyuhyun a lot. He wonders how to smile that easily.

“I didn’t watch it. My brother did. He told me everything… And how your throw his iPhone to a nearby pool.”

“Wait that’s…”

“Yes, my brother is Eunhyuk. That iPhone was my birthday gift for him.” Siwon says still with a smile on his face, even though there’s nothing good from his words.

Kyuhyun shifts his butt away from Siwon. He scratches his not itchy head. Yes, he remembers that night. He totally sounded and looked like an idiot. What kind of a guy sang Three Bear Song to get someone’s heart? Kyuhyun was so nervous until he didn’t know what to sing, and he felt like dying when he heard how nice Zhoumi’s voice was. When that street lamp guy sang for Sungmin, Kyuhyun could feel the feeling of the song deep to his heart. It scared him. And when it was time for him to sing, he sang out Three Bear Song because, a childhood memory crossed his mind. When he was little, he was scared and his mother had sung him Three Bear Song to make him smile again. But, to his teenage self, that song brought mocking laughter instead of happy laughter.

The next day, he found out someone with the name ZhouLV uploaded the video on YT. He got a lot of viewers in the past 24 hours with a lot of likes and zero dislikes. The comments were heartbreaking. Those people were laughing at Kyuhyun. Most of them were mocking on Kyuhyun, and some were feeling sorry for Kyuhyun.

“I swear to my life I would throw your phone, laptop, or anything you guys used to watch the video and pressed the fucking thumb up button!” Kyuhyun had said out loud as he searched through his friend’s internet history. Ryeowook had left the dorm quickly with Yesung, bringing some of his clothes along, having a fear of Kyuhyun’s wrath. While Shindong left for the café, saying that he has a lot of work to do, having the same afraid feeling as Ryeowook. But, only Eunhyuk stayed in the dorm with shopping catalogue in his hand. He was searching through the catalogue for new iPhone or any kind of phone, because he just pressed the like button under Kyuhyun’s Three Bear Song video.

“I’m sorry for my brother’s behavior… Not that I’m angry, but, I just wanna tell you that whenever you’re mad, try not to make other people feel your wrath, because it’s not their fault. If, you’re angry, you can always pray whenever or wherever you are. God will always listen to you, Kyuhyun.” Siwon says. He sits closer to Kyuhyun and gives the younger a pat on the head, “And please don’t hurt my brother anymore. I love him. And knowing that you hurt him makes me feel like I’m not a good big brother.”

“Is that what love feels like?” Kyuhyun suddenly asks, “You have this feeling in here…” Kyuhyun taps on his chest where his heart is beating in a normal speed, “to protect someone you love… Is that what love feels like?”

“Yes, Kyuhyun… That is called love. My love for Eunhyuk is a brotherly love. I have a feeling to always protect him but, it’s nothing compared to lover love. You’ll have the urge to protect that person, hug that person, kiss that person, and stay next to that person for eternity. That is called as lover love. It’s that kind of love you’re feeling right now for Sungmin.” Siwon says still with the smile on his face.

Kyuhyun stays silent for a while. He rests his hand on his chest to feel his heart beat. The sound of it echoes in his mind like a melody. He closes his eyes and start thinking, ‘Is that how Zhoumi felt for Sungmin? He did bad things to me because he knew I’ll do anything to get his boyfriend like a mother lion would kill anything that put her children into danger.’ Kyuhyun shifts his gaze from his feet to the smiling angel next to him.

“Siwon, you’re not a bad brother. In fact, you’re an amazing brother.”

“May I know why?”

“You gave good influence to Eunhyuk. I just realized that he really sounded like you when he was trying to comfort me but, he failed because I kicked him out of our room. And… you made me realize something.” Kyuhyun breathes out and a sad smile appears on his face, “No matter how hard I try, Sungmin wouldn’t fall for me, because Zhoumi would always protect him from someone like me. Zhoumi loves Sungmin. So do I… If, I really love Sungmin, I’ll just let him be with Zhoumi. It’s enough for me by just seeing him happy.”

Siwon knows right away which road Kyuhyun decides to take. It’s the road to giving up.


“I’ll let him go…” With that Kyuhyun bows in front of Siwon and leaves the Church with tears on the corner of his eyes.


A/N: Sorry for the late update. Been busy with school and other stuffs… T.T sorry *bows* I’ll try to update chapter 5 soon…
A/N2: Sorry if it’s short T.T shoot me.

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