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Being An Angel to Get Him (Prologue + Chapter 1)

Title: Being An Angel to Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance
Pairing: KyuMin, MiMin (for this chapter: slight! KyuHyuk, WonKyu)
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.


Kyuhyun clasps his hands together, closes his eyes, and trying to focus his mind to speak to God. He takes a deep breath and is starting to utter the prayer. The way he’s saying the prayer sounds like he does it with full concentration and heart. The Church is filled with the sound of his prayer for a few seconds before that boy stops in the middle of prayer…


It is the rarest thing someone can’t remember a daily prayer. Kyuhyun still keeps his eyes closed, and hands are clasped together. However, his mouth stops moving, and no voice comes out from his throat. He tries his hard to remember the next sentence but, unable to do it. ‘Shit! What’s the next phrase?’ Kyuhyun says in his mind. Supposedly, if you’re talking to God, you should not say bad words with your mouth or inside your mind. Because, either way, God still can hear your mind.


“I heard you’re saying the S word in your thought.” Siwon says after he smacked Kyuhyun’s head with a damn fifty pages of religious songs. As if the songs just get transferred to his mind because of that hard hit, he can hear a choir sings different songs in his mind. 

"..." Kyuhyun still keeps his praying position as if he's so into the prayer until he doesn't hear Siwon talking or just smacked his head with a fifty pages of Church songs.

"I see that you're pretending you don't hear me..." Siwon starts to say, "I guess I can actually spit out everything bad about you. Well, you don't hear me anyway..." a curve of smile appears on the corner of his lips. Kyuhyun would love to say all cursing words in his mind if Siwon can't hear his mind. But unfortunately, that holy angel can.

"I heard... You like to curse people for their wrongs and sucking the life out of them for they are righter than you." Siwon says. It's true actually. Kyuhyun really love to do that. The person who got cursed the most is Eunhyuk, a freshman in his dorm for he always wrong in almost everything (read: he's right only in mechanic but, Kyuhyun always blabbing about different theories in mechanic which Eunhyuk never heard of, and making him so damn confused). And the only one who always righter than him is Ryeowook and with that, Kyuhyun always blamed Ryeowook for all the bad things that happened to him (read: even some bad things that didn't have anything to do with Ryeowook, Kyuhyun will still blame that eternal magnae for being right).

Kyuhyun stays silent at that first fact. When Siwon doesn't get any response from Kyuhyun, he continues to the second fact, "You act with emotion when you are angry. Most of the time, you would hurt the person who made you angry. Regardless if they're your senior or not, you would do any kind of harm to them" 

Kyuhyun shifts his butt a little to the right. The second fact really hit him straight on the spot. Again, Siwon is right. Once, Kyuhyun was playing a game and he almost got that rare weapon he had seek since he was only a nerdy high school student when the lights started to flicker like in some tacky horror movies and then...

"AAAAAAAHHHH!!" Kyuhyun screamed in agony before he dashed out of the dorm to the University's electric source building. Just imagine what Kyuhyun did to the poor man in charge of the electric source. 

Siwon chuckles and sits next to Kyuhyun. He bends down to look at Kyuhyun's face, and another smile appears on his face, "Still praying? Don't lie... I know you forgot the next phrase for Hail Mary." Siwon says. Kyuhyun winces his nose for a second with eyes still closed tight, "Alright... move on to third fact." Siwon looks up at the ceiling of the Church and can't help but chuckle evilly at the thought that appears in his mind.

"You... like to wash your armpit before you go to your class..."

"That's Eunhyuk, not me! I swear that's Eunhyuk, not me! I repeat! That's Eunhyuk, not me!" Kyuhyun suddenly says with wide eyes and a serious face. Again, Siwon chuckles evilly, "What?" Kyuhyun’s face suddenly looks like an innocence chick with its small beak.

"In a date, never talk about other people, especially sharing their privacy to other people without them knowing about it."

Kyuhyun stays silent. Confused is written all over his face as he stares at Siwon with furrowed brows. 

He doesn't get it...

Not yet...

And then...

Kyuhyun makes a perfect O with his mouth as he suddenly realizes what Siwon just did to him. 'This so called angel tricked me to do something bad... As- No, I should not say any bad words.' Kyuhyun says in his mind. Siwon winks as if he just heard Kyuhyun thought.

"Okay look... What are you trying to do to me? I'm looking for a Love Guru, not a religious man who seems to try to make me religious too. I'm in a desperate need to get my hands on that guy, not on Bible." Kyuhyun explains, "What are you up to, really?" That douchebag asks again. Even Kyuhyun wonders to himself why did he come to this religious man in the first place?

So, here's the story:


Chapter 1: Evil Magnae

Red liquid flowed from the corner of his mouth-down to his chin. A drop of the red liquid fell to the floor with a loud 'tick' if you're an ant (read: ants could hear that sound). His white shirt was slowly stained by the red liquid. It spread down from his chest, then tummy, making the shirts got pressed tightly against that tight abs, then the red liquid finally reached to a less appropriate area, making him looked like he just peed in his pants. And the red liquid reached to the couch, staining those fluffy cushions with red. The boy felt his life was being sucked out of him.

Eunhyuk was drenched in Fanta.

The second combo hit him next in a flash: Laughter. Eunhyuk still kept himself seated on the couch while holding a bottle of Fanta in his right hand. His brain was trying to sync in what just happened to him… And then...


He could feel his face was as red as the Fanta he was holding. He covered his mouth in embarrassment. He was so damn stupid to accept a drink from a senior. Well, let's just say it was his first lesson to not believe a senior in the first day of college.

'He's a late thinker.' Kyuhyun took a mental note as he couldn't stop laughing at that miserable freshman. His tummy was moving up and down in a rapid speed. It tickled him a lot. His eyes were blurred by tears of laugh and joy at the sight of a miserable freshman.

It wasn't Kyuhyun's first time to do that at a freshman. It was a pretty simple trick where you put a mentos in any kind of soda, and then gave it to a dorky freshman (and didn't forget to snap a photo when the soda blew up on a freshman's face). Because of the sight in front of him, he remembered well when he was a freshman. A senior did the same thing to him but, his reaction was totally different from Eunhyuk which caused him to be called as 'evil magnae' and receiving an intensive psychology session everyday (except on day off).

Kyuhyun, Shindong, and Yesung approached Eunhyuk with endless laughter. They started to sound like a choir of devil laughing at a poor innocence sheep. Well, except for Ryeowook. He gave a clean towel for Eunhyuk to dry himself.

"Sorry man... But, this is the tradition." Ryeowook said to Eunhyuk. He was really sure that Eunhyuk was totally pissed after being bullied by his seniors and Ryeowook has prepared at least 5 paragraphs of soothing speech for Eunhyuk. But, he didn't expect that young man to say...

"Yeah I don't mind. This is what a freshman will get, right? But, I never thought it would happen so quickly." Eunhyuk let out a chuckle. His entire jaw was almost covered with that wide grin, and his big gum could be seen by the others. 'A unique grin it is.' Ryeowook thought.

"He's different from you, Ryeowook... You cried when you first got prank by the seniors." Yesung said, laughing his ass off when he suddenly remembered Ryeowook running away from the dorm with tears in his eyes. Okay, it wasn't funny to laugh at your war partner (read: friend) when they were in vain.

Regardless if Eunhyuk was already drenched in Fanta, Shindong came back with a bucket of cold water and poured it on Eunhyuk. The first time when the water touched his head, he felt all his nerves stopped working normally and he started to twitch around like a dying worm. His brain was frozen for a few seconds.

Another laugh soon followed. Kyuhyun laughed his ass off with his friends while Eunhyuk was hugging himself. His teeth were clattering loudly. Ryeowook felt like he wanted to laugh when it suddenly happened…

“Okay shut the fuck up!” Kyuhyun yelled.

The room fell silent. Everyone’s eyes were on Kyuhyun, and they nodded obediently at him after a while. Kyuhyun had that mood swings in him. First he was really happy and the next he’ll get really cranky. His friends knew about that dangerous mood swings. So, they knew when to talk about serious stuffs with Kyuhyun and when to stop joking around with him. None of them wanted to feel what their senior felt when that bitchy senior picked on Kyuhyun when he was in the middle of his mood swings. Well, one thing they knew was that their senior was never seen again in the University. Some said that bitchy senior moved to a different University where there are less evil magnae, and many nerdy magnae to be picked on.

Eunhyuk was smart enough to stay silent until Kyuhyun made his way upstairs to his room. When they heard the door was opened and got slammed close, they finally stopped holding their breaths which they’ve been holding since Kyuhyun suddenly yelled. The atmosphere suddenly changed from hot to cool.

“Wh-wha-what the-hell-was that?” Eunhyuk asked behind his clattering teeth. Ryeowook had a thought of making FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) and put that question in it. Many people who just first met Kyuhyun would ask the same question.

“That is called as Mood Swings…” Shindong answered, “Kyu always does that a lot of times. So you ummm… Be careful whenever you’re around him. Make sure you always pay attention closely at him. Sometimes he would show a clue before his mood changes to something else. He usually got so happy or sad before the mood changes.” Shindong gave an advice to the freshman. His face looked really concern and felt sorry for the freshman. So were the others. And it was revealed why when Eunhyuk asked…

“Alright… I’ll take your advice in my mind. So, ummm… Where’s my room?”


The three seniors were exchanging look at each other as if they were making sure if they have the same thought of telling it to Eunhyuk. The freshman could see the word ‘suspicious’ dangling around their neck like a name tag. “Where’s my room?” Eunhyuk asked again. This time, it sounded more demanding.

“I’m sorry Hyuk…” It was Yesung, “You have to share a room with Kyuhyun.”

Eunhyuk wished he has to share a mud bed with a pig rather than with that demon.


Kyuhyun heard exactly three loud knocks on the door while his eyes were glued to the computer screen. He didn’t stand up to open the door because three loud knocks were not the correct password to enter his room. He could guess it must Eunhyuk who knocked on the door. So, the game maniac kept pressing his mouse in a speed of 120 km/h that would chop onions in no time.

“Hyung~” Eunhyuk called from behind the door. His voice was muffled by the thick layer of the door. Instead of opening the door, Kyuhyun shifted his butt a little on the fluffy cushion on his chair without breaking his view from the computer screen. Fingers were tapping viciously on both keyboard and mouse.

“Hyung, please let me in… I have to take a shower. I’m cold and sticky…” Eunhyuk continued after he didn’t get any response from Kyuhyun. Eunhyuk’s first thought was Kyuhyun already fast asleep but, he quickly changed his mind when he heard a loud sword fighting from the room.

‘I don’t care a damn if you’re cold or sticky.’ Kyuhyun thought bitterly. He killed ten demons in a row with one skill. The demons screamed in pain before dissolving into a green glob. Suddenly a brain cell that has a job to handle imagination got activated. Kyuhyun was wondering what would happen if he has that kind of power like his character in his game? Oh… He could smell the different scent of the air. It smelt like Freedom…

But then, his eyes opened after he realized he fell asleep in front of his computer. He saw that his character just died in the game. Judging from the amount of demons that roamed around the place, his character died because he suddenly didn’t fight back and there were three options that appeared on the screen:

Go to last save data

Kyuhyun sighed as he chose Exit. It was his first lost… An embarrassing lose it was. Even he wondered why he lost the game. He was known as the Game God in his community and whole game world. But… he just lost to a bunch of demons that turned into green glob when they died. He felt his heart sank, imagining the words he’ll get from all gamers. He quickly changed his private setting:

Comment: Disable

Then, kind heartedly he opened the door for Eunhyuk who smelt like Fanta, and gave Eunhyuk a head-to-toe look before he asked, “Do you play Starcraft?” Eunhyuk’s ears twitched when he heard the word ‘Starcraft’ as if that word really meant something for him until he would go all hyper like a fangirl flailing over their stars but then, he held it deeply in his heart. Eunhyuk replied Kyuhyun with a single nod. That guy with deep brown hair nodded, “What’s your job and level?” Kyuhyun’s voice sounded challenging.

“My job is Assassin, level 130, hyu-”

“Don’t call me hyung… Call me Kyu.” Kyuhyun interrupted. A Wide smile has appeared on his face, “Come in! I have bottles of Soju in my fridge. Make yourself at home. You are very much welcome to use everything in this room including my computer!” Kyuhyun slung his arm around Eunhyuk shoulders and brought the freshman to his room. Kyuhyun’s computer is included in Kyuhyun’s private space list. He would kick anyone who interrupts his private space but, Eunhyuk-in less than a minute-was granted an access to Kyuhyun’s private space by Kyuhyun himself. That action drew three young men by the stairs attention.

“It’s just one of his mood swings. So, really, don’t worry about it…” Shindong said to calm his jealous feeling inside his and his friends’ heart. Although he knew it wasn’t Kyuhyun’s mood swings.


A/N: This is my first time posting KyuMin fic here ^^ Sorry if there’s any grammar mistake in the story. Comments are love ^^ Thanks~
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