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Let Me Feel You In Me (Oneshot)

Title: Let Me Feel You in Me
Rated: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Pairing: YamaWon (Siwon x Yamada)
Summary: Hey! Say! JUMP finally made their first concert in Korea alongside with Super Junior. But, who knew that the most handsome Super Junior member wanted to 'touch' Yamada?

“Thank you for all your love, ELF and JUMPER!” Hey! Say! JUMP members said in unison with Super Junior members as they waved their hands at their fans which they got flowers being thrown at them in return. 

Yamada watched the new sight in front of me. He never thought there would be a lot of JUMPER in Korea and without him realizing, tears started to fell from his brown eyes. He had always wanted Hey! Say! JUMP to be known and famous all over the world because, he was sure he’ll get more love from his fans. He mouthed a thank you to the screaming fans in front of him, and he didn’t forget to give them his sweet smile.

Those screams got louder when he suddenly felt a thumb wiped off his tears from his cheek from behind his back. He thought it was Takaki, his closest friend in Hey! Say! JUMP. But then, it didn’t feel like Takaki… Takaki would never ever hug him that tight in a concert, especially, rested his face on Yamada’s neck.

Yamada turned his head at the guy who hugged him from behind.

It was Choi Siwon, the most handsome Super Junior member.

Seeing the older guy did that to him made him jumped and wriggled from that tight embrace. “Hyung, what are you doing?” Yamada asked. It was an appropriate thing to call someone older with ‘Hyung’, “I-I’m embarrassed…” Yamada confessed, looking sideways to hide his blushing face but, he couldn’t hide it from the fans. Their scream was getting louder when they saw Yamada blushed in Siwon’s embrace. 

“You smell like strawberry… I like it…” Siwon said, sniffed on Yamada’s neck which made the younger boy shivered either in pleasure or fear. Come on! They knew each other only for a week. Even Takaki never did that to him even though they’ve known each other for years.

And it was then Yamada finally pulled himself from Siwon’s embrace when the older guy pecked him on the neck. Yamada felt that tingling sensation when the older guy’s soft lips brushed his soft skin. “Yuyaa~!” Yamada shouted at Takaki who was standing side-by-side with Eunhyuk, Super Junior’s main dancer and rapper. They were talking about something and whatever that was; it really made Eunhyuk blushed like crazy.

“Yuya…” Yamada approached Takaki who was still talking to Eunhyuk.

“Yeah?” Takaki finally turned around to look at his best friend.

“I’m still not used to this new surrounding…” Yamada said in Japanese. He didn’t want the Korean guy next to him understand what he was saying, “Super Junior’s most handsome guy just pecked me on the neck and he said that I smell like strawberry!” 

“Well, you do smell like strawberry. Everyone knows that. So, what’s up with it?” Takaki asked, seemed like he didn’t find something unusual about it.

“He… pecked me on the neck, Yuya! He brushed his lips against my-”

“Well, he always did that…” It was Eunhyuk. He suddenly joined in the two young boys’ conversation. His Japanese accent was weird, “But, what I know… he’ll never do that to someone he barely knows, especially you’re far younger than him.”

Yamada really wished to return to Japan, being an ordinary school kid instead of staying there any longer. But, ironically, his entertainment just made a deal with Super Junior’s entertainment that they’ll be debuting together for at least… five years.

‘After five years, my fans won’t see my face ever again! Entertainment is just too scary sometimes.’ Yamada thought. But then, Yamada was positive he would die of being brutally raped before that five years contract was closed. Yamada couldn’t think of any positives thought when it comes to two boys pressing on each other and letting out either soft or loud moans.

“But the only way to stay away from him…” Eunhyuk said, snapping Yamada out from his imagination, “is to watch a lot of hentai, porns, or yadong videos or whatever you call them. He really hates them!” Eunhyuk continued.

“Hate? You sure about that? So then, tell me, where did he learn how to peck someone on their neck?” Yamada was really sure anyone who knew a lot of sensitive areas-watched a lot of ‘dirty’ videos. 

“I’ve been around him many years longer than you with Takaki. I know him a lot. He’s like a religious man, and actually he really hates pecking you on your neck but, he did it for his fans. He’s like the second best fanservice accomplish in Super Junior.”

“Who’s the first?” Yamada asked.

“That Cinderella guy named Heechul…” Eunhyuk pointed at a guy with shoulder length hair flirting on Chinen. That poor child was absolutely scared. He thought he was going to die. Yamada couldn’t help but smile at the view in front of him. He wasn’t alone.

After the concert, Yamada felt his back ached. He was young but, somehow he felt really tired and every single muscles and bones in his body felt like they’ll fall apart in no time.

“What’s up, Ryo-chan?” Takaki asked, noticing how Yamada was frowning in pain.

“My back hurts… I’ll be at the massage spa if you’re looking for me at the hotel.” With that, Yamada left both Hey! Say! JUMP and Super Junior members at the waiting room. The young man decided to get a relaxing massage back at the hotel. But, he didn’t know that Takaki was complotting with both Eunhyuk and Siwon. 

“Hyukkie, tell Siwon that his target is clear.” Takaki said to Eunhyuk who has been listening to the conversation.


Yamada breathed out, glad that the spa wasn’t full. He asked for an oil massage at the payment counter. He was thinking to use Relaxing Oil but, oddly all of the oils tubes were empty, except for Love Oil.

“Ummm… what’s Love Oil?” Yamada asked in Korean with a Japanese accent.

“Oh it’s Oil that’ll raise your romantic mood.” The clerk said with a smile plastered on her face. Yamada mouthed a ‘what?’ He thought it was kinda weird but, he needed something warm and smelt nice. So, he nodded at the tube and decided to use it. The clerk nodded and guided Yamada to the massaging room.

Once Yamada was in the massage room, the clerk dimmed the light and said that a massager will be here in any minute with the oil. Yamada nodded, “Thank you.” The young man said softly. After the clerk left him in the massage room, Yamada put his bag on the table and started to strip himself from his clothes. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and just threw it on the table, on top of his bag, so as his pants. Then, he lay on his chest on the bed with only wearing underwear to cover his manhood then, covered his waist with a blanket.

The Japanese young man closed his eyes and tried to relax when he heard someone came in to the room. He thought it must be the massager. However, the massager didn’t greet him or say something to him. What he knew was that a massager is supposed to greet or say something to the client before starting the massage. Well, he tried to blend it with his new surrounding in Korea.

He was about to drift off into dreamland when the massager strong hand rubbed the oil on his back, and started to massage Yamada’s spine with two strong thumbs, getting a low moan from Yamada. After that low moan, the way the massager’s hands massaging Yamada’s back got stronger and slower. When the massager’s pressed the end of Yamada’s spine right above his butt, the young man found himself unable to hold his moan. He felt an electrifying sensation all over his body. But when the massager reached Yamada’s butt and pressed it as if his butt was some kind of a fluffy stuffed animal, Yamada had to turned around to see who the hell his massager was.

“Hey sexy… Siwon here.” Siwon said with an evil smirk plastered on his face. Yamada saw that the older man was already stripped off his clothes.

“Si-Siwon?! What the heck are- Ah~!” Yamada’s words were cut when Siwon kept pressing on Yamada’s butt and massage it in a circular motion. 

“How is it? Is it good?” Yamada was about to answer when Siwon turned him to lay on his back and closed the gap between them with a wet messy kiss. The older nipped on Yamada’s bottom lip, biting it, and licking it until Yamada couldn’t resist the electrifying feeling around his body. He opened his mouth to welcome Siwon’s tongue inside him. Their tongues brushed against each other, wrestling for dominance. Siwon let out a low moan from his throat as Yamada deepened their kiss by wrapping his arms around Siwon’s neck.

Suddenly Siwon broke the kiss and looked down at Yamada. The younger groaned of the sweet flavor on Siwon’s lips, “You… really want to do this?” Siwon asked.

“Y-yes… please?” Yamada pleaded. He didn’t even know why he agreed. He wasn’t close with Siwon and rarely talked with him, because the older man was always busy reading the Bible at the corner of the room. But maybe… Maybe having sex with Siwon was what Yamada really wanted since the younger boy met Siwon for the first time. 

“So, I was right then… you wanted me since the first time we met…” Siwon said, kissing Yamada on the forehead, nose, and then lips, “I’ve always interested in you too since the first time we met…” Siwon said between his kisses. 

“So then… prove it… Fuck me…” Yamada said between his panting. 

“…Okay.” After Siwon said that, he climbed on top of Yamada and giving trail of kisses around Yamada’s jaw, neck, collar bone, and when he reached the younger boy’s chest, Siwon licked on his nipple and sucked it as if trying to get something to come out from it.

“Aah~! No… ugh! Just fuck me already!” Yamada accidentally raised his tone a little bit. He didn’t mean to scream at Siwon like that but, his already hard cock was twitching and wanted to get sucked.

“Baby, relax…” Siwon whispered to Yamada. His eyes looked like a hungry wild animal, “Trust me…” As he said that, he dragged his finger down to the twitching member behind Yamada’s black underwear. The pre-cum has made a stain on the underwear, “Your underwear will get dirtier if you don’t remove it…” With that, Siwon pulled it down in one go. Yamada gasped at the sudden cold air around his twitching member. Then, he held it firmly in his palm, giving the younger a tingling sensation on the tip of his member.

Yamada was gasping for air when Siwon licked the pre-cum on the tip of the cock, kissing its sides, and base. Siwon put his finger inside Yamada’s hole as he suddenly sucked on Yamada’s cock. He bobbed his head up and down in the same phase as the thrust of his finger inside Yamada.

“Siwon… Aaah~ Ah~ AH~!” Yamada was panting really hard. He clutched Siwon’s hair and pulled him closer to the hard cock so, the older guy could suck him deeper, 

“Suck me… deep! Ah~!” The way Siwon played his tongue around Yamada’s member made the younger felt a pressure on the tip of his cock. Siwon could feel Yamada’s cock got tenser in his mouth. He was really ready when the younger spilled his seeds inside of Siwon’s mouth. He didn’t have any choice but, to swallow the warm white liquid from Yamada’s cock. 

“Are you happy?” Siwon asked, wiping a drop of Yamada’s seed from the corner of his mouth. When he did that, he looked like a demon, not the angelic face Yamada saw for the first time.

“Unn…” Yamada nodded weakly. His eyes looked tired. He felt like he just wanted to drift off to dreamland and wake up next to Siwon but, he didn’t get it right away.

“Now, it’s your turn… Ride me.” Siwon demanded. Before Yamada could say anything, Siwon had put a firm grip on Yamada’s waist. The next thing Yamada knew, he already on top of Siwon, “Ride me…” Siwon said through gritted teeth. His voice sounded like a growl, “Don’t worry… It wouldn’t hurt. I’ve made your hole wider with my finger.” Siwon still kept his hands on Yamada’s waist, “Trust me, it won’t…” Siwon repeated with a deeper tone. Yamada breathed out. He relaxed his body first before slowly he lowered his butt in top of Siwon hard cock. 

It was a little bit painful but, soon it was replaced with pleasure as Yamada kept lowering his butt until the tip of Siwon’s cock stabbed his prostate. “It’s there, isn’t it?” Siwon asked, “Now… Ride me…” 

Yamada rocked his hips back and forth which made Siwon’s cock rubbing his prostate. Siwon held out a moan by gripping on Yamada’s hard cock. He shook it up and down, and pumping it in the same phase as the shake on his member inside Yamada.

“Siwon… I just can’t… ah… hold it…” Yamada said between his panting. Siwon was already drenched in sweats and he wanted more.

“Spill it..!” On the last pull of Yamada’s cock, the younger boy spilled out his seeds all over Siwon’s tight abs, making it to be his second come in a night. Seeing that, the older man felt his cock twitched and he also spilled his seeds inside Yamada, some of it came out from the younger’s hole. Yamada suddenly bend over to clean the mess he made on Siwon’s tummy with his tongue to taste his own seeds. The young boy trailed his tongue from Siwon’s tummy up to his chest, neck, jaw, and finally…

“Siwon, I never thought I could love you… this much. I want you more.”

“Do you know how much I really want to be inside you?” Siwon asked. His voice was like a whisper.

“Yeah I know until you have se-”

“Ssh… No… What I mean… do you know how much I really want to be inside your heart?”

Yamada couldn’t help but smile. If, he thought about it more, he and Siwon have seven to eight years age difference. It made Siwon like a pedo but, who cares? Love knows no boundaries. 

“I love you, Siwon…”

“I love you too… Ryosuke.” With that, Yamada closed the gap between them with a kiss.


Yamada and Siwon ran away before the real massager came into the massage room and found two bodies on top of each other, naked, and smelt like the sour smell of a man. They were holding hands and talking happily with smile plastered on their face when they got back to their dorm just to found out that it was really quiet.

“Hmmm… That’s odd…” Siwon said.

“Why?” Yamada asked, noticing the frown on Siwon’s forehead.

“Usually, my friends would make a lot of noises and chaos in… What the-?” Siwon stopped in the middle of his sentence when he noticed a lot of Soju bottles around the floor and table.

“Siwon… Is this… Donghae’s t-shirt?” Yamada gave a pink t-shirt with ‘Keep Calm and Stay Handsome’ written on it, “I found it on the floor… Alright! You guys are just too older than us and I don’t really understand the way you guys think.”

“Alright… I’ll tell you… C’mere.” Siwon held Yamada’s hand in his. He took the younger boy to have a look at each of Siwon’s friends’ room. From the first until the last room, Yamada was shocked to find out that his friends were having a night blast on either bed or bathtub with Siwon’s friends. Some of them were doing it threesome and some were just having a normal activity on bed. “They’re drunk.” Siwon whispered to Yamada, “They’re mindlessly doing all this. But, both of us were not drunk when we did it. We were drunk with love…”

“And we’re still drunk of love… Don’t leave me, Siwon.”

“Never…” Siwon leaned in to kiss Yamada’s lips slowly with a lot of passion.


A/N: Kay! Tell me if it's a fail! I'm writing it with the speed of a horse -_____- So, ummm… Calm my mind by commenting on this fic? Hehe tell me what do you think of this new pairing… Hey! Say! JUMP and Super Junior ^^
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