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Being An Angel to Get Him (Chapter 2)

 Title: Being An Angel to Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance
Pairing: KyuMin, MiMin
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

Chapter 2: Curse that cat

“With this, round it up behind three decimalsblablabla…” The professor’s voice started to sound like it was in slow motion. But then, Kyuhyun didn’t like it. So, he imagined that bald professor sounded like a chipmunk. Kyuhyun was entertained by it, he suddenly laughed. He should’ve remembered how quiet the class was. The next thing he knew, his professor has written something on his agenda. Thanks to that blabber mouth next to him.

“Cho Kyuhyun, absent number 30.” That blabber mouth had said with his girly voice.

Kyuhyun shot him with a cold glare, “After this, you’ll find yourself heading to the hospital with a lipless face. Just imagine I cut your mouth with a razor sharp knife.” Kyuhyun said with a voice full with vengeance behind his gritted teeth. That blabber mouth’s Adam apple bopped as he swallowed a thick lump of spit. Then, he mouthed a ‘sorry’ at Kyuhyun, “But sorry didn’t make my name disappeared from that bald head’s agenda. Make sure you wrote your last letter to your family.” Kyuhyun jammed his finger at the blabber’s forehead and pushed it hard.

“Really I-I-I’m sorry!” that blabber mouth muttered, dragging his butt away from Kyuhyun. Then, Kyuhyun found out he sat alone at the top row while the others were sitting at two rows ahead of him.

‘Now all of them feared me.’ Kyuhyun ripped a page from his Physic book and scribbled something on it:


And soon it grew into something like this:

Then, he folded it into a tiny square. He decorated that blank square with flowers and drawings of happy children. He also added five hearts on the corner of it and addressed it to his professor. He wrote his Professor’s name with a neat and beautiful handwriting. In between his scribbling, he heard his professor told his pupils to solve a problem before the bell rang. Kyuhyun looked up from his paper to read the question. He sighed and quickly wrote the answer, complete with how to solve it despite his raging heart.

His motto: Never let your emotion turns your intellectual upside-down. It was him who created it and planted it in his mind. He made that motto after he saw his alien brain sister failed her exam (for the first time) after she broke up with her boyfriend. Kyuhyun had laughed at her secretly but, he soon felt sorry for her. So, he created that motto in the first place to cheer her up. His twelve year old self thought it would change her. So, with a sweet smile, he gave the motto in a piece of paper to Cho Ahra. The next day, he found himself absent from school because of fractured knee.

When the bell rang, he has solved the problem on his physic book. He made his way to the professor’s desk to put his book there. But, he slowed down to wait for that blabber mouth walked ahead of him. When that blabber mouth did, he slipped the note he made earlier into that blabber mouth’s book. He smiled his evil smile again.

Then, he walked quickly ahead of the blabber mouth, put his book on top of other students, and jogged out from the class. He stopped at the doorway when he heard his professor called blabber mouth’s name and invited him to the professor’s office. Kyuhyun couldn’t help but laughed out loud as he ran along the corridor.

Vengeance was served perfectly.


He was pressing his phone tightly on his ear to hear his boyfriend speaking on the other line clearly. His boyfriend’s voice sounded like a whisper and he barely heard what his boyfriend has been saying since the first time he called.

“Is the signal being a bitch or are you the one being a bitch?” Sungmin asked in an annoyed tone. He puffed his cheeks although he knew his boyfriend wouldn’t be able to see it.

“Oh I can see you puffing your cheeks.” His boyfriend said on the other line.


“Puff the Magic Dragon.” It was Sungmin’s nickname when he was a freshman and many people still called him that. Sungmin hated that name. He blamed his cute fluffy cheeks for that.

“Oh…” was the only word that escaped Sungmin’s mouth. Then, he started turning around furiously like a scared beaver being followed by its predator. But then, he couldn’t find where his boy-

“Look up and you’ll see where I am…”

Oh there he was, staring down from the second floor window of Engineering Faculty at his boyfriend who was turning around in a perfect circle, “Min, I’m really sorry I cannot be there in time..!” He shouted from the second floor.

“Why?” Sungmin shouted back. And both of them ended up like in Rapunzel fairytale.

“I have to deal with my professor first! Thanks to that evil magnae in my class!”

Sungmin’s brows raised up until it reached his hair line. He knew perfectly that his boyfriend was a guy who would challenge anyone in front of him. Oh he even dared to challenge the Law Faculty boys in a debate fight. But, Sungmin really never ever thought his boyfriend dared to mess around with the Evil Magnae. The whole University feared him and they would keep their distance as far away from that boy with amazing sexy lips (Sungmin had to slap himself hundreds of times because of that thought).

“Well, you’re dumb enough to challenge him, Mi!” Sungmin shouted back. He blew his bang away from his nose bridge but it was useless since it fell back to his nose bridge. Sungmin rested his hands on his hips and looked up at his boyfriend, Zhoumi, with one brow raised. Somehow, Zhoumi always loved to see Sungmin did that. It made him looked strong and challenging. And they always ended up on bed if Sungmin did that when they were alone in their room.

“I’m… sorry!”

“Okay whatever… If you took so long, I’m going back to my dorm for tonight.”

“Ummm… okay..?” Zhoumi wasn’t sure but, he knew well that it would take long time to deal with his professor especially the note that his professor found has the word ‘Bald’ in caps lock written on it.

‘It’s F! to you, evil magnae!’ Zhoumi thought.

“Okay ummm… You can go back to your dorm, Min… I’m sure I’ll take a long time here. B-A-L-D is written on the paper which the evil magnae slipped it to my notebook. Anyway, if you want to go back to your dorm, you can bring anything from my room… But, don’t touch my Louis Vuitton. It’s sacred.”

Sungmin started to think again that he should be the boy in their relationship. He just didn’t like the fact that he was the girl in their relationship. Because of what? Because of Zhoumi is taller than him and looked somehow older than him despite the fact that Sungmin is two years older than him? Is that it? Sungmin could only tell himself over and over again that he should be the boy in their relationship.

Anyway, Sungmin nodded at Zhoumi before he left his boyfriend without uttering ‘wo ai ni’ at him. But, Zhoum did it anyway, “Wo ai ni!” He shouted at Sungmin in the same time when his professor came in. The word ‘wo ai ni’ or ‘I love you’ or any confessing words in different languages made the professor remembered the time he said that to a girl. But, she rejected him because he was B-A-L-D. So, he rained Zhoumi with speech about how depressing a love is and why B-A-L-D happened to him.

Vengeance was served well.


“You just sit here and don’t go anywhere, you hell cat!” Heechul said at his cat, Heebum, who just staring at him with cold eyes and somehow that look made Heechul shivered from the tip of his hair until the tip of his toe. ‘Again with that demon eyes…’ Heechul thought, “Stop staring at me or you won’t get any rice today!”

Heebum finally averted his gaze somewhere else. Heechul smiled widely until it almost covered his face. He turned around to grab the rice from the rice cooker for Heebum. But, there was something inside Heebum that made that damn cat glared at Heechul again. Heechul could feel the weight of that glare on his back. Then, there was time when the criminal turned around for only a few second and the hostage suddenly disappeared. Well, that happened to Heechul.

He was putting the rice to a bowl when he didn’t feel that cat’s heavy gaze on him anymore. He thought Heebum looked anywhere else but, it was very rare for Heebum to not staring at Heechul from almost anywhere. Even that cat used to stare through any gap he could find to spy on Heechul.

“Hae, where’s Heebum?” Heechul asked after he smelt Donghae’s incredibly strong perfume.

“Huh? I dunno… But, I did see him walk out from the door.” He said, pointing at the front door. It was opened slightly to inside.

Heechul felt his heart weighed a thousand kilogram and it sank deeper and deeper to the depths of the world where it is dark, gloomy, and undetected by any high tech radar. Heechul didn’t realize he just crouched on the kitchen floor, hugging his legs to his chest and rocking his body back and forth.

“Does that mean that magic cat is going to make two new people fall for each other?” Donghae asked which made Heechul started pulling his hair in agony. He feared that that cat’s victim will be Hankyung.


‘Being evil is right, being too kind is not right’. That was Kyuhyun’s motto beside the motto about emotion and intellectual before someone changed that second motto into something like ‘Being evil is wrong, being too kind is right’. But then, it’s another story if you keep reading this fic. Anyway, Kyuhyun was really happy he finally made that blabber mouth got his first trouble with Baldy. If that blabber mouth didn’t look for trouble with Kyuhyun, none of these things would happen:


A gray chubby cat jumped out of nowhere and crashed on Kyuhyun’s book. That damn cat made those thick books scattered everywhere on the stone floor.


Kyuhyun was dumb and low tempered enough to chase the cat after he stacked his books randomly. He swore he would cut the eye out of that cat and hanged it on the flag pole to replace the flag.

#3 important one

He was chasing the cat like a madman with foams all over his mouth when a guy walked out from Engineer Faculty Professors building gate and the cat jumped pass that someone’s head. “Heebum?” He muttered.

“Get the hell out of the way!” Kyuhyun shouted.


Usually, there will be a car accident in a drama when someone was crossing the road. Or usually there will be a scene where this girl was carrying heavy stuffs and then another boy accidentally crashed on this girl and they’ll find themselves on top of each other on the floor. Well, those two things happened to both Kyuhyun and the other guy in the same time.

The guy felt like he was hit by a racing car. Their heads collided at each other, making a loud sound from their skulls. Because of the dizziness that occurred to both of them, they started to get pulled by the gravity (read: falling down). The guy fell down on his back first and followed by Kyuhyun who was getting closer to him. But, Kyuhyun was fast enough to hold his body with both of his hands placed next to the guy’s ears before Kyuhyun actually fell on the guy’s body. But then, gravity was so strong it made Kyuhyun kept leaning closer and closer until their lips…

“Ah! I’m sorry!” The guy under Kyuhyun said first, shoving Kyuhyun away from his body. Then, he quickly stood up and put Kyuhyun’s books into a stack, “I really am sorry… Please don’t kill me. And please don’t kill that cat. He’s my friend’s cat.”

“What’s your name?” Kyuhyun asked as the shorter guy in front of him seemed like couldn’t stop blabbering. Kyuhyun didn’t even know why he asked for name. He never did that before. He never wanted to know his victim’s identity. But, something deep inside him made him ask that question.

“-I’m sorry… Did you just ask my name?” the guy asked. He couldn’t believe he just heard the Evil Magnae asked for his name. Kyuhyun nodded weakly with raised eyebrows. “Ah ummm… My name is Lee Sungmin.” The guy or we could call as Sungmin-hoped Kyuhyun wasn’t going to put his name on list of victims’ book.

“What faculty are you from?”

“Arts and Music Faculty.”

“Arts and Music Faculty…” Kyuhyun repeated as he nodded in understanding, “And… How old are you?”

“I’m twenty two…” Sungmin heard Kyuhyun clicked his tongue as if he was annoyed of something. So, Sungmin didn’t bother to ask, “Is something wrong?”

‘You’re older than me and I hate it because you’re so cute.’ “Nothing is wrong…” Kyuhyun said differently from what he wanted to say. He couldn’t say what he was saying in his mind. If he did, that would mean his first time complementing someone else.

Then, they found themselves staring into each other’s eyes. Kyuhyun saw unicorns, fairies, and cupids in Sungmin’s eyes. While Sungmin saw cerberus, hades, and demons in Kyuhyun’s eyes. Kyuhyun felt his heart was racing that instant, pumping his bloods to his face and made him blushed. Sungmin was so scared until he was sweating really badly.

“I’m sorry but I gotta go!” The two boys said in unison.

It was very awkward.


Sungmin closed the door behind him with his back. He was breathing hard and sweat trickled down from his forehead. He had been running really fast, trying to get away from something… No, not something… Someone. And it was that Evil Magnae he met at the Engineer Faculty.

It was his first time seeing the Evil Magane face-to-face and they were pretty close. Really close… Sungmin touched his soft lips, tracing it with his fingers. He remembered the sudden sparkling feeling in his heart when that Evil Magnae accidentally pecked him on the lips when they fell. He was glad that no one was there to witness that embarrassing moment. But, what if someone did see them? He feared that that someone would tell Zhoumi about it.

Sungmin breathed in and out to slow down his heart beat. It was beating hard because of running really fast or thinking of his accidental kiss from that Evil Magnae. He noticed that Zhoumi and the Evil Magnae’s lips tasted different. Sungmin felt passion and lust whenever he kissed Zhoumi but, with the Evil Magnae, he felt something sweet, fluffy, and cute inside. What the hell was that, he didn’t know. But, Sungmin was sure he should just stay in Zhoumi’s dorm in case Zhoumi did find out about that accidental kiss so, he could make out on bed with Zhoumi as an apology. Zhoumi would never be able to refuse to that.

Sungmin changed his clothes to a plain t-shirt and hanged his pants on the door, only wearing a boxer as shorts before he jumped under Zhoumi’s blanket. He stared at the peach ceiling and mind traveling elsewhere. He tried to remember that Evil Magnae’s name. He had heard of his name a lot of times… Cho… Cho…

“Cho Kyuhyun…” Sungmin muttered. Smile appeared across his face. He felt his cheeks reddening by just saying that name. Sungmin took a mental note that maybe it was just a short-term happy feeling in his heart. Soon, it would fade away and replaced by the happy feeling whenever he’s with Zhoumi. But, he never knew…

As Sungmin was about to closed his eyes, he suddenly remembered Heebum passed in front of him before he was crashed by Kyuhyun.

‘Wasn’t Heechul ever said that his cat is like a cupid?’ Sungmin thought. That thought scared him.


A/N: Sorry if the KyuMin moment is not enough… I have to finish another chaptered fanfiction. Hint for chap 3: Kyuhyun will be confused on… something. (Why I’m giving hint? Well, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go online soon to post chap 3) Comments are love ^^

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