September 27th, 2011


Being An Angel To Get Him (Chapter 6)

Title: Being An Angel to Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance, Angst (I guess the genre changes as the story goes by)
Pairing: KyuMin, MiMin
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

A/N: It’s long and complicated I guess -___- So, why QMi are brothers but acted like they’re not brothers? Well, both of their flashbacks explained why. I was on angst mode when I wrote this. Sorry for the late update by the way. Next chapter… *sigh* I don’t know. Let’s just hope I don’t post it late like this one -___- Please, don’t think that I’m dead.

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