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Being An Angel To Get Him (Last Chapter + Epilogue)

Title: Being An Angel to Get Him
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance, Angst
Pairing: KyuMin, brotherhood! QMi
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

Last Chapter

'How long I have been dating Sungmin? Oh yeah! For only two days! I really wished I'm not dead... But, why death isn't painful?' Kyuhyun questions himself. 'But maybe I'm at that 'world' already? I don't feel any pain...' Kyuhyun still had his eyes closed even when he feels two arms are wrapping themselves around his waist, and pulling him away from where he is standing. Kyuhyun thinks that it's an angel. So, he opens his eyes and he realizes one thing:

He is still at the backyard, and watching his friend fall in front of him is really hurt deep inside.

"Siwon?" Kyuhyun breathes out.

He watches the older guy falls to the grass that is turning red because of the blood that flows out from his friend's chest. Kyuhyun feels his legs are trembling. If Sungmin hadn't came and hugged him, he would have fallen on the grass.

"SIWON!" Kyuhyun watches Eunhyuk holding his brother in his arms, doesn't matter that the bloods are staining his shirt. "Hyung, don't leave me! DON'T LEAVE ME!!" Eunhyuk screams until his throat feels sore.

"Hey, Hyuk... I'm sorry... Please... Tell Henry that I won't be..." Siwon coughs a great amount of blood.

"Hyung, don't talk!"

"Just tell him I won't be there for Christmas... Ah... I've promised him I would give him a present. I guess I couldn't. Tell dad my apologize... I won't be able to be the president... Just tell everyone that I apologize..."

"Okay, I will... I will..." Eunhyuk holds his older brother tighter in his arms.

"Hyuk... God is always here..." Siwon touches Eunhyuk's chest where the heart is beating with his hand. "Remember that..." And suddenly Siwon's hand falls to his side as he breathes out his last breath.

"Siwon... Did he..." Kyuhyun's voice trails off.

"Ah fuck! Why did he shield you from my bullet? Hmph! I'll just try to shoot you again..." Mr. Kwon is about to pull the trigger when Sungmin suddenly pushes Kyuhyun to the side and lunges toward Mr. Kwon.

"Oh no you won't!"


The pain stings. Nonetheless, Sungmin keeps moving forward and sends a hard punch on Mr. Kwon's face. He grabs the man's wrist and twist it until he let go off his gun. Then he hits Mr. Kwon's chest with his palm, knocking the air out of him. Without waiting any longer, Sungmin turns around as he lifts Mr. Kwon's arm, and he bends down quickly, slamming Mr. Kwon on the ground. Using his last technique, he twists the arm he is holding and sends a kick on Mr. Kwon's face.

"I could have killed you if it wasn't for Kyuhyun!" Sungmin says in an angry tone he never thought he had.

"..." Mr. Kwon doesn't say anything since he can only groans in pain under Sungmin's feet. This is the first time someone faught him back.

Sungmin winces at the pain on his shoulder. He squeezes his shoulder to stop it from bleeding. It was just a scratch but, the wound feels like burning. 'At least Kyuhyun is saved... I don't want anyone else to die. Seeing someone I don't really know died is painful. What would happen if Kyuhyun died?' Sungmin says to himself. He is going to take out his phone only to realize that it's in Kyuhyun's hand and he's using it to call the police.

After Kyuhyun called the police, he walks to where Sungmin is standing and looks down at Mr. Kwon who is still laying on the grass.

"Someone I knew asked me to forgive my enemy no matter what he has done. So..." Kyuhyun sighs, trying hard to hold a tear from falling. "I forgive you..." Sungmin feels Mr. Kwon tensed under his feet. "And do you know who told me that? It was the guy that protected me from your bullet." After Kyuhyun said that, he takes Sungmin's hand in his and takes him toward Zhoumi who is still standing at the doorway with a shocked expressiong. "Mi, take care of Min's wound... I have to calm someone..." Kyuhyun looks at Eunhyuk who is crying over Siwon's dead body.

"KuiXian..." Somehow, Zhoumi doesn't see the evil brother he used to see when he was little, while Sungmin doesn't see the evil magnae he used to see. Both Zhoumi and Sungmin are seeing a totally different Kyuhyun. Zhoumi feels like crying, and Sungmin falls in love more with Kyuhyun.

"You're an angel..." Both Zhoumi and Sungmin mutter the same word.



Days soon turned to months, and months soon turned to years. Siwon's family had gotten over the death of Siwon after a year. Days and months after his death has been really hard for Eunhyuk, and because of that, Eunhyuk was starting to fall for Donghae who was always be there for him, giving him his support in any kind of form.

While Kyuhyun... As he had promised to Sungmin if they sticked together for a year, he would give Sungmin a surprise.

"It's cold, isn't it?" Kyuhyun asks.

"Of course it is! It's winter!" Sungmin answers, moving closer next to Kyuhyun.

"But, it's Christmas... It should have given us warmth. Are you warm?" Kyuhyun holds Sungmin's hand in his as they stopped near a bench in the park.

"Not really... But, having you next to me makes me really warm." Sungmin smiles. Kyuhyun swears that Sungmin's smile looks really sweet under the Christmas light that shone the entire park.

"Sit..." Kyuhyun pushes Sungmin a little toward the bench. Sungmin sits on the bench whil Kyuhyun is standing in front of him. "Does the warmth feel really good?"

"Yes, it does. Why are you asking?" Sungmin chuckles at his boyfriend's weird act.

"We have been dating for a year and tonight is our 13th anniversary. And in a year, we would have our graduation party. And by that time, I want all people to know that you belong to me..." Kyuhyun shoves his hand into his pants pocket. "So..." Suddenly Sungmin's heart is starting to beat really fast when Kyuhyun kneels in front of him. He watches Kyuhyun takes out a little dark blue box from his pocket, and opens it in front of him, showing a silver ring with a ruby on the center and tiny diamonds around the ring.

"Lee Sungmin, Will you marry me?" Kyuhyun finally purposes after a year. Sungmin doesn't expect that to happen. His jaw drops as a sign of shock. "I know it's really shocking... But, I want you to be my source of warmth forever..."


"What?" Kyuhyun hears Sungmin said something in a whispery voice.

"Yes... I do..." Sungmin smiles really wide until a tear escaped from his eye. "I wanna marry you, Kyuhyun!"


Zhoumi keeps looking at the clock on the wall. It's really late and the KyuMin couple haven't returned to the dorm yet. He has been waiting for them at Kyuhyun's dorm for around two hours.

"I wonder where they're going..." Zhoumi says to no one in particular.

"Probably they’re having their lovey dovey moment." Yesung answers as he is putting on a coat on his body and proceeds putting on a coat on Ryeowook's body.

"Where are you going?"

"Oh... I'm going out with Ryeowook... We're going to watch the Christmas festival at the square. It's going to start at 12. Are you coming?"

"... I guess not..." Zhoumi answers. He continues reading the fashion magazine.

"But, it'll be fun! Shindong and Nari, and KyuMin, and EunHae would be there too!" Ryeowook says.

And yeah that's the point. All of them are going there as couples. Zhoumi went to Kyuhyun's dorm because, he thought all these geeks would stay at the dorm, playing game, unlike his dormmates: Heechul and Hankyung who left him at the dorm alone for the festival.

"I'd rather not go... Go have fun! I'll be here waiting for you guys..."

"Oh sure..." Ryeowook sounds really sorry. "So then... Could you please wait for a freshman to come here? He's late because his plane was delayed for an hour. He's Siwon and Eunhyuk's younger brother."

"Sure! Go have fun!" Zhoumi replies without looking up from his magazine. The next thing he heard is the sound of the door being closed.

"I'm single and very happy..." Zhoumi tries to cheer himself up. But, in Christmas Eve, no one is going to be left alone, and Zhoumi feels the warmth minutes after the YeWook left.

A single knock on the door changes his life.

He drags his slim feet toward the door, and opens it.

"Hi there... Ummm... Merry Christmas! I'm Choi Henry. I'm sorry that I'm late cuz the plane was delayed..." Zhoumi doesn't really hear what the fluffy cheek boy in front of him is saying, because his loud heart beat is filling his ears. Without him wanting to, his hand rests on the boy's head, and cleans it from the snow flakes.

"There are some snows there... Aren't you cold?"

"Ummm yeah thanks..." Henry's fluffy cheeks are turning bright red.

"He-hey! Are you sick? Your cheeks are red!"

"N-N-No! I'm not sick..! It's just you're like my late brother. He used to clean wipe the snow away from my hair..." Henry says in a low voice.

"Oh... I-I-Im sorry for reminding you of him..." Zhoumi feels a sudden pang in his heart when he sees the younger boy is looking down at his feet with a pouty lips. Somehow, Zhoumi just want to see the boy smiles. "Hey! How bout' we go to the Christmas festival? It's about to start soon. And you can meet your seniors there too!"

"Really? Oh... Okay... Sure!" Henry approves.

Zhoumi takes the younger's luggages and put it near the shoe rack. Then, he grabs his coat and a hat. "Here!" He gives the hat to Henry. "To keep your head warm." Henry wears the hat like the way Eunhyuk would wear a hat like a rapper. Zhoumi nods as he discovered that Henry has a similiarity with Eunhyuk.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Zhoumi. But, you can call me Mimi..."

"Okay... Mimi, do you mind accompanying me to the Church? I wanna do some praying and thinking." Zhoumi nods again as he discovered that this freshman has Siwon and Eunhyuk side in him. The boy is a swagger like Eunhyuk, and religious like Siwon.

"Henry... You're so cute!"



A/N: Hey! I'm sorry if the ending is not that good T.T And thank you for all my readers and silent readers for reading this fic ^^ And this fic is my last fic I'll ever made, because I'll be on hiatus for a year or two (or at least until I graduate from high school) My grades are really in danger and I have to focus more on my study. And if I have graduate from high school, I promise... I promise I'll post tons of fanfiction xDDD Thank you so much for all your comments :')
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