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Being an Angel To Get Him (Chapter 9)

Title: Being an Angel To Get Him
Rating: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance, Angst
Pairing: KyuMin, brotherhood! QMi
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

Chapter 9: One Sacrifice Is Worth It

"Siwon hyung!" Eunhyuk suddenly jumps onto Siwon's back as the older man walks in into the villa. Eunhyuk feels like he just wanted to hug his brother really tight like a doll. Somehow he misses the feel of his brother's arms around him. He nuzzles his face against his brother's hair, sniffing the mint scent of Siwon's hair.

"He-hey! Hyukkie... What's gotten into ya'?" Siwon chuckles at his little brother's sudden cute act.

"I love you, hyung~!" Eunhyuk says in a sing-sang tone. Eunhyuk can hear Donghae shrieks a little next to him.

"So sudden... I love you too, lil bro!" Siwon smiles. He is glad to hear that his little brother loves him. Siwon carries Eunhyok on his back to the living room where he puts his little brother on the leather sofa, then he sits next to his little brother who looks at him with a wide smile that makes his cheeks looked puffy.

"Why are you so cute?" Siwon says as he pinches Eunhyuk's cheeks, making the younger blushes a little. Kyuhyun who watches the two siblings feels a little bit of jealousy in his heart. He really wishes that he and Zhoumi could do that soon. He wants to be a good brother for Zhoumi but, looking at the fact, he just let Mr. Kwon took Zhoumi from him.

"What are you thinking, baby?" Kyuhyun feels a hand wraps around his hand. He looks to his side and sees that Sungmin is looking at him. "You know... I'm sure we can save him in time. Don't worry... Zhoumi is strong you know. He can hold it... I'm sure of it." Sungmin says. He squeezes Kyuhyun's hand to calm his lover's trembling hand. Kyuhyun responses to the touch by holding it back.

"Mimi has grown... Yeah... He's strong, I'm sure of that. But, no matter what, I don't want him to feel what I felt for years. If I protect him, maybe mom would be proud of me up there..." Kyuhyun says, gloomily. But, Sungmin's kiss on his cheek makes him smiles a little.

"And I too am would be proud of you for being brave to save Zhoumi." Sungmin looks into Kyuhyun's eyes with a meaningful look. He caresses his boyfriend's cheek, realizing that Kyuhyun leans into his touch and grabs his hand.

"Thanks... I love you..." Kyuhyun says against Sungmin's palm as he kisses it.

"I love you too..."

Kyuhyun leans closer to take Sungmin's lips full on his lips. But, they stop only an inch away from each other's lips when they hear a shuttering sound from their right. They turn around to see who just took their picture.

"I'm just testing my camera if it works or not." Shindong says, pretending to check his camera.

"Would you like to test your camera, if, it’s waterproof or not?" Sungmin suddenly says the line Kyuhyun used to say when he was the evil magnae.

"N-n-no..! I-I-I'll delete it right away..!" Shindong is about to delete the picture when Kyuhyun's hand stops him.

"I would like it to be printed out. It would be great for our memory book, right?"

"Memory book?" Sungmin asks.

"Yeah... I would like to keep all these as a memory. Zhoumi will be added soon after I... We save him." Right after Kyuhyun said that, the YeWook, EunHae, and Shindong have the same shock expression on their face.

"What-" before Eunhyuk could finish his sentence, Kyuhyun interrupted him.

"This has something to do with my past. It's horrible and... I don't really want you guys to help me but, it's all up to you. I just don't want to put my friends in danger." Kyuhyun says, finally sitting on an armchair across the sofa. "I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me..." Kyuhyun looks up at Sungmin who is standing next to him, hand is brushing against Kyuhyun's hand in a soothing way.

Siwon sees how scared Kyuhyun is. He knows that Kyuhyun is right about going with him will be dangerous. But, he couldn't let his friend goes alone. If, Siwon could help him, so why not?

"Kyuhyun, I'll go with you." Siwon says.

"Hyung! You don't have to!" It isn't Kyuhyun who is trying to stop Siwon. But, it's Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk himself doesn't even know why he's trying to stop his brother or why he is over-protective toward his big brother all of a sudden. The loud beat in his heart and twisted feeling in his stomach are what made him did that. "I-It-It could be dangerous!"

Siwon gives his little brother a 'wth' look. Maybe Siwon and Eunhyuk aren't close siblings but, Siwon knows that Eunhyuk never cared this much for him. And Siwon wonders why. "Hyuk... Why do you care?"

"Is it wrong to care about you?"

"No, it's not... It's just your sudden act scares me..." Siwon chuckles a little to break the serious expression from his face. But inside, he asks to God on what would happen to him today.


The first thing Zhoumi see is a white ceiling. The first thing Zhoumi taste is blood. The first thing Zhoumi feel is pain. He turns around on the bed, and spits the blood from his mouth to the carpeted floor. He wants to reach out for his clothes on the floor but, just stretching his arm is really painful. He feels his bones are going to crumble into pieces if he took another blow from Mr. Kwon.

Zhoumi can't imagine what Kyuhyun has been through for the past years. And he is amazed that Kyuhyun could bare all the cruciating pain. But then, it's because Kyuhyun was raised with violence, unlike Zhoumi who was raised with love.

Zhoumi lays on his back, just staring at the white ceiling. His eyes are heavy but, he has to be on his guard in case Mr. Kwon comes back and would ask him to do this and that. He takes a deep breath before clutching the bed sheet and pulls himself to a sitting position. He bites his tongue to suppress the scream of pain that is about to escape. Instead, he growls as he pulls up his body,

He traces his long fingers around his neck, collarbone, and chest, brushing softly on red long scratches. He winces a little at the slight burn on the scratches as he touches them. After a few seconds, Zhoumi is about to step down from the bed when Mr. Kwon comes in into the room with two plane tickets in his hand.

"Here!" He gives one to Zhoumi. "Don't argue... Your career will start there. A lot of French wants you there. I knew you would be better than Kyuhyun!" Mr. Kwon says with a wide smile plastered on his face. Zhoumi feels sick at that smile. But, he feels sicker as he keeps looking at the plane ticket to Paris. It's farther than going to China, Japan, Singapore, or Indonesia. Zhoumi doesn't know what to do anymore. There would be no meeting with Kyuhyun or anyone he knows by ‘accident’ because he's going to be alone in Paris with a lot of people who speak a language he doesn't know.

“Am I going to stay there forever?” Zhoumi asks. His eyes are still locked at the plane ticket for tomorrow.

“No, we are going to stay there forever. Isn’t it exciting? Ah! If only I took you since you were a child… You’ll be famous by now, I’m sure of that!” Mr. Kwon continues. “You are perfect, Zhoumi. Don’t ever try to disappoint me. I would punish you in any kind of way if you ever try to disappoint me.”

“But, what about my adoptive family?” He stops right there. Zhoumi really wish he didn’t mention about his adoptive family. When he sees that evil smirk creeps on Mr. Kwon’s face, he knows what the older man would say.

“I’ll take care of them… Don’t worry okay!” Before Mr. Kwon leaves, he adds another word to Zhoumi. “And I’ll take care of your real family too. I don’t want that kid too look for you and report everything to the police. You do know who I am talking about right now, right?” Then, he finally leaves Zhoumi who quickly texts Sungmin.


“I wonder what’s going on to Eunhyuk…” Kyuhyun says to no one in particular. But, Sungmin hear his lover said that, so he answers.

“I’m sure he’ll be okay… He has Donghae anyway.” Sungmin looks at his boyfriend who is resting his head on the kitchen counter, watching Sungmin making something for their lunch.

“Oh…” is the only word that escapes Kyuhyun’s mouth. He looks pretty mashed up. Hair is sticking here and there, eyes are looking sleepy, lips formed into a pout. Sungmin smiles and brushes Kyuhyun’s hair with his fingers.

“Eunhyuk just want to be with his brother while he can before Siwon would go with you tomorrow.” Kyuhyun lifts his head off the kitchen counter and gives Sungmin a ‘wtf are you talking about’ look. “Not that I’m saying he’ll be-”

“No one is going to die, Min! No one! I wouldn’t let that happen…” An image of Zhoumi crying over the lifeless body of their mother flashes in his mind. “Not anymore, okay?”

Sungmin nods. He reaches his hand out to caress Kyuhyun’s cheek when Kyuhyun pulls him on his hand and crushes their lips against each other. Kyuhyun’s lips feel really soft on Sungmin’s lips. Kyuhyun licks Sungmin’s bottom lips, asking for an entrance. Sungmin grants that right away, and their tongue brushes against each other. Their teeth hit each other as Kyuhyun wraps his arms around Sungmin’s waist to deepen their kiss. Kyuhyun’s tongue roams around Sungmin’s wet cave, making Sungmin let out a deep moan from his throat.

Kyuhyun really wish time would stop and they could have the world only to both of them. Kyuhyun doesn’t want to let go off Sungmin, doesn’t want to leave from Sungmin’s side. He only wants to feel Sungmin’s love and warmth on him. Kyuhyun has never been loved this way before.

Sungmin bites on Kyuhyun bottom lip, making Kyuhyun gasps out a moan between their passionate kiss. He feels Kyuhyun’s hand is reaching at the hem of his shirt and Kyuhyun’s hand is about to slip under it when Kyuhyun breaks away from the kiss and slaps himself. Sungmin’s face is like this (O_o)? when he sees Kyuhyun’s sudden weird act.

“I’m sorry…” Kyuhyun apologizes for no reason. A large black question mark appears above Sungmin’s head. “Uhhh… I don’t want to hurt you.” Sungmin’s face turns like this (O_o)?!

“Wha-what are you talking about? Hurt me? No, you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I don’t want to do anything to you unless… unless…” Kyuhyun suddenly is stumbling for the right words. He’s not ready for that yet not matter how much he wants it. No matter how much he wants to feel the warmth inside Sungmin’s body, because Siwon told him not to.

Kyuhyun claps his hands, “It’s going to be a surprise!” He says, grinning really wide. “I really love you, okay? That’s the hint. I’ll tell you a year later.” Kyuhyun shows Sungmin his toothy grin. He doesn’t see that his lover’s cheeks are flushed because of his cute face when he grins.

“I love you too…” Sungmin tiptoes and gives a peck on Kyuhyun’s lips. “Now get the hell out from my kitchen! I need someone who knows at least one thing about cooking.”

“Hey I know that one thing!”

“No, you don’t… I’ve heard from your friends that you have a habit to almost burn the whole kitchen when you’re cooking. So, shoo~!” Sungmin slaps Kyuhyun’s thigh with the napkin, making the taller winces at the stinging pain on his thigh.

“Geez! Alright! Alright! I’ll go call Ryeowook for you.” Kyuhyun pulls out Sungmin’s iPhone from Sungmin’s pants pocket as he walks out from the kitchen. “I’m borrowing your iPhone.” In which he gets a blank nod from Sungmin as a reply. It is then Kyuhyun feels the fear is returning to him.

He notices that there are 5 messages and tons of missed call displayed on the screen. Kyuhyun wonders from who those messages and missed calls. It looks like that whoever sent all this to Sungmin is in a desperate need for help. So, Kyuhyun checks the missed calls first. He is just curious at this someone who would give 50 missed calls to Sungmin.

Gentleman Mimi

One person that comes across Kyuhun’s mind: Zhoumi.

One reason that comes across Kyuhyun’s thought: Zhoumi has something emergency.

Kyuhyun bites his bottom lip as he watches his thumb moves to press on the message button. His thumb hovers on top of the iPhone screen. He fears that it is the same person who sent Sungmin 5 messages. If it’s the same person, Kyuhyun swear he wouldn’t think of his life anymore. He would go straight to Mr. Kwon’s house and save Zhoumi even though he knew, he would be hurt. In a flash, his thumb presses on the message button and the 5 messages are displayed on the screen:


Min, I’m sry for everything I’ve done. I’m sry that I didn’t love u enough. And I’m sry that our last meeting was when you broke up with me. I’m sry if I hurt you… But… please… I need your help. Tell Kyuhyun to help me. Please!


Min, I’m really sry… I still wanna see you, wanna see Kyuhyun, and everyone… I don’t wanna go yet! Please help!


Min, Tell Kyuhyun to help me please… I don’t want to be separated with you guys! HELP!!


Min, HELP!!!



Kyuhyun feels his head is getting lighter after he reads all the messages that came from Gentleman Mimi or Zhoumi. He is starting to feel sick as a series of gruesome thoughts of Mr. Kwon hurting Zhoumi runs in his mind. He covers his mouth with his hand to muffle a loud growl. Like he just swore, without thinking, he runs out from the villa and taking Sungmin’s iPhone with him. He doesn’t care about anything else. Zhoumi’s life is what matter the most, ignoring the loud calls from Siwon.


“Kyuhyun! Kyuhyun wait!” Sungmin hears Siwon’s voice is getting louder as he keeps calling for Kyuhyun. He doesn’t turn around to see what’s going on even when Eunhyuk is shouting Siwon’s name and then a loud slamming sound soon follows.

Sungmin really hates this weird silence. It’s really heavy as if it actually has a weight on Sungmin’s shoulder. He is indeed curious on what just happened but, he doesn’t find his voice to ask to the others as if something is clutching his throat. He doesn’t know what he is feeling right now. But, his heart is thumping really wide until it’s hurting his eardrums. He has a strong feeling that whatever that made Kyuhyun ran out from the villa is Zhoumi. And Sungmin has a strong feeling that something bad is going to happen. His heart tells him to go after the three boys especially Kyuhyun because, he doesn’t want something to happen to them. But, his mind tells him to just stay because it would be dangerous.

But, what the hell! It’s Kyuhyun we’re talking about here! Sungmin doesn’t want his lover to be in danger. As much as he doesn’t want Zhoumi to be in danger no matter how much he doesn’t like his ex right now. Buts still, Sungmin wants to thank Zhoumi for taking care of him.

“RYEOWOOK!” Sungmin calls out, pulling off his apron from his waist.

“Yeah?” Ryeowook appears behind him really quick and his face gets thrown with an apron seconds after he arrived at the kitchen.

“You go cook for the other, kay? I have to go somewhere. I’ll be back. And don’t tell Donghae that I just left!”

“Hey, do you know what’s going on with Kyu, Hyuk, and Siwon?” Ryeowook asks as Sungmin is jogging to the front door.

“No, this is why I’m going to find out.” With that, Sungmin opens the front door and slams it close behind him.


Siwon had insisted on coming with Kyuhyun to wherever the younger is going. Kyuhyun couldn’t say no to that because of Siwon’s short touching speech about how he cared about his friends. And Kyuhyun didn’t feel like arguing when Eunhyuk appeared and said gave a short touching speech about how he understood that it’s hard being a brother and having the need to protect his sibling. Kyuhyun just asked Siwon to drive his car as an answer.

And now they are driving to the direction of a house where Kyuhyun has the hardest moment of his life. They are heading to Mr. Kwon’s house. Kyuhyun takes a deep breath and releases it after holding it for a few seconds. He also notices how Siwon clutches the steer really tight until his knuckles turned white.

“Nervous?” Kyuhyun asks, surprising the older.

“Yeah… Kind of… I think I’m really scared since I can’t stop praying since we left the villa.” Siwon smiles awkwardly.

“I know I shouldn’t be scaring you… But, I hope you know that if you’re coming with me, you’ll get hurt if we get caught.” Siwon doesn’t show any reaction to that, but Eunhyuk does. He feels his stomach got twisted and he tries to breath in-and-out to hold himself from vomiting. Siwon’s little brother can’t imagine how his life would be without Siwon. He isn’t ready to replace his father’s position as the President of the Choi Company. And if Siwon is gone, everything will fall to Eunhyuk no matter how much he doesn’t want to rule the company.

Eunhyuk really wish he could stay longer with his brother. But, unfortunately his wish is not granted.

“Hmmm? That’s odd… Mr. Kwon’s car isn’t there. But…” Kyuhyun looks to his right where there’s a large park. “But, Zhoumi’s car is parked there. So, does that mean Zhoumi is at the house alone?” Kyuhyun doesn’t feel like saying this horrible house a home. Home is where you feel safe and loved, not tortured or anything else.

“That’s good, right? We can go save him and go to the police. And I’ll tell my lawyer to take care of your case. In no time, you’ll be living a happy life with Zhoumi.” Siwon says, making two dimples appeared on his cheeks as he smiles. “So...” He parked his car a little bit far from Mr. Kwon’s house. “Shall we get going now?”

“Oh yeah sure…” Kyuhyun takes a deep breath and releases it as he steps out from the car. Siwon is about to step out of the car when Eunhyuk grabs his arm.

“Please… Stay here, hyung. I’m scared that… that… you’ll get hurt!” Eunhyuk pleads. Siwon takes his hand and hold it tightly in his. Then, he looks deeply though Eunhyuk’s eyes. Siwon also has a feeling to be with his little brother a little longer. Without him asking his body to do it, he suddenly pulls his little brother in his embrace.

“Hyung loves you… I’ll be okay, dongsaeng. Now, hyung wants you to stay here and call me if a man is going near the house. Okay, dongsaeng?” Siwon pulls away from the hug half heartedly. He cups his little brother’s cheeks and pressing on it a little bit hard, making Eunhyuk’s lips formed into a pout. Eunhyuk nods at Siwon’s command. Then, he can only watches Siwon and Kyuhyun walking away from the car and enter the house through the back door.



“Oh hi Heebum!” Kibum, Siwon’s roommate greets the black cat the suddenly appears in his room. Kibum doesn’t even question how the cat got in to his room. He knows that Heebum is some kind of a mythical cat.


“You hungry?” Kibum chuckles a little when he sees Heebum shakes its head. Kibum doesn’t feel like a crazy person for talking with a cat since the cat itself understands what he was saying. “So, what are you doing here?”

Heebum answers to that question quickly. It jumps to the desk and looking at all the pictures there. Kibum watches what that mythical cat is doing. Heebum suddenly stares at a photo of Siwon who was smiling really wide at the camera. Then, Kibum knows that something bad would happen to Siwon when Heebum raises its paw to pulls down the photo frame really hard.

Meow…” Heebum’s meow sounds really gloomy and scary. Kibum approaches his desk and takes the photo frame in his hand. He notices that the glass has cracked.

“Heebum… Go back to the spirit world…” Kibum mutters loud enough for Heebum to hear. The cat tilts his head and lets out a lazy meow. “Whatever…”


Kyuhyun still remembers where Mr. Kwon would hide the key when he left. He finds the backdoor key hidden in the flowerpot. He unlocks the door and together with Siwon, they enter the house silently. And suddenly everything comes back to Kyuhyun. He covers his mouth to suppress a scream that is about to escape his mouth. His eyes are seeing the little boy that used to be him, sitting at the corner of the kitchen with Mr. Kwon in front of him, spilling the Soju on his head. Kyuhyun tries to ignore that blurry image in front of him.

As they step in into the living room, Kyuhyun sees his little self being forced by Mr. Kwon to suck that man’s privae thing. Kyuhyun sees Mr. Kwon’s horrible orgasm face and his little self trying to hold the tears. Kyuhyun grabs Siwon’s shoulder tightly.


“I’m okay… This place brings back a lot of memories… This is a one story house but, it’s pretty huge. I’ll go check arund the house and you go to the warehouse at the backyard… Well, he used to tie me up there like a dog.”

Siwon winces at that as if he can feel the pain Kyuhyun was feeling. “You sure you’ll be okay here alone?”

“Positive… Just go.” Siwon nods then he heads to the warehouse which is placed at the backyard, leaving Kyuhyun exploring the house while seeing blurry figures from his past memory around the house.


Siwon spots the warehouse behind a large tree. He takes big steps toward the warehouse. However, as he is getting closer, the feeling to turn around and leave the place grows stronger for no reason. Yes, he is afraid but, there’s something telling him that he shouldn’t enter that warehouse. But, what if Zhoumi is there and he doesn’t check it and just tell Kyuhyun that Zhoumi is nowhere to be found? That would be called as lying. And Siwon hates that.

So, he says some prayers in his heart before he pushes open the big warehouse double doors, and notices a black sedan inside the warehouse with a figure standing in front of the car. That figure sees him and smiles like the devil.



The blond haired guy sits up straight after five minutes of sleeping because of the knocking on the car’s window. He looks through the window and sees that it was Sungmin who knocked on the window. Eunhyuk wonders how that man could be here. So, Eunhyuk rolls down the window to talk clearly with Sungmin.

“Ho-how could you be here? I thought you’re with the others!”

“I followed you three okay! I rented a bicycle from the villa and you do know how far this damn house from the villa not to mention the heat!”

“And… Why are you here?” Eunhyuk asks again, ignoring Sungmin’s tale of adventure from the villa to where they are now.

"I'm worried about Kyuhyun... I don't want him to be-"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Shit!" The two boys say in unison. It doesn't take much time for Eunhyuk to realize that those three loud sounds were gunshots. Without thinking, he pushes the car door opened, hitting Sungmin's thigh on the process, and runs toward the backyard where the gunshot was heard.

Eunhyuk is worried about Siwon, while Sungmin is worried about Kyuhyun. And the only question for them is... Who got shot by Mr. Kwon?


His hand is trembling after he shot the gun three times in the air. He tries to stay calm despite anger has reached the top of his head. He keeps his eyes locked on that person in front of him, waiting for any sign of movement before he's going to decide to make a clear shot on that shiny forehead.

"I thought you're afraid of gun..." Mr. Kwon says

"Stay away from my friend!" Kyuhyun says through gritted teeth. "Don't touch him! S-S-Stop hurting everyone I care about! Just hurt me instead!"

"One thing I like about you... You are so brave and always walking toward danger. But no... I like someone pretty..." Mr. Kwon looks at Zhoumi-who is standing at the doorway-from the corner of his eyes.

"No, please... Let him go. He's vunerable... I'm better than him. I'll take his place. Please..." Kyuhyun never thought he'll be doing this. He never thought he'll be back as a whore like he used to (again) because of Zhoumi. 'One sacrifice is worth it...' Kyuhyun says to himself. He smiles a sad smile and throws the gun at Mr. Kwon. "Do anything you want to me. Hurt me... Kill me... Anything."

"Okay... If that's what you want. I don't want it to be slow for you." Mr. Kwon points his gun at Kyuhyun's chest. He doesn't want to take it slow. He wants them to die quickly, so he and Zhoumi can move out in time.
"Goodbye Kyuhyun!"




Both Sungmin and Eunhyuk shout in unison-after they arrived at the backyard a little bit too late.


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