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HAEppybday Donghae!! (one shot)

Title: HAEppybday Donghae!!
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor (?)
Pairing: Everyone with Donghae
Summary: Donghae asks every SJ member if they remember what day is it today but, no one remembers that today is his birthday.
A/N: This convo fic is dedicated to Donghae who is having his birthday today... HAEPPYBIRTHDAY DONGHAE OPPA ^^


Hae: Hyuk, do you know what day is it today? ^^

Hyuk: *looks at the calendar* It's Saturday *continues reading*

Hae: And? *hoping Eunhyuk knows that today is his birthday*

Hyuk: :OOOO

Hae: Just remember? :D

Hyuk: I have a promise to visit Monkichi (monkey) at the zoo today! *leaves*

Hae: He doesn't remember :'(


Hae: So what if Hyuk doesn't remember... I'll just go ask the other member

*finds a target in the kitchen*

Hae: Wook!

Ryeo: Щ(≥◊≤ Щ) *throws all the flour in the air*

Hae: Did I surprise you? :|

Ryeo: Get the HELL OUT of my kitchen!! >xO *pushing Donghae out of the kitchen*

Hae: Okay! Okay! But, do you remember what day is it today?

Ryeo: Yes!

Hae: Really?! (⁄ ⁿ□ⁿ)⁄

Ryeo: Today is Saturday you idiot! and today is the day you ruined my kitchen! Get out~! *kicks Donghae*


Hae: Yesung~ *hope he remembers* do you know what day is it today?

Yesung: Look, Ddangkoma is eating... *giggles* >ω<

Hae: umm yeah... *about to leave*

Yesung: Did you ask what day is it today? I think it's a special day...

Hae: *eyes sparkling* Tell me!

Yesung: The turtle I bought from indonesia will arrive today! xD

Hae: Okay... congrats :| *leaves*


Hae: Teuk-hyung! *ah... this guys must remember. he's the leader everyone!*

Teuk: Yeah?

Hae: Do you know what day is it today?

Teuk: Oh yes I do... *looks at Donghae meaningfully*

Hae: Tell me! xD

Teuk: Today is my anniversary with Kangin. oh I hope he returns from the army soon *sniffles*

Hae: I miss Kangin hyung too... :| *leaves*


Hae: Yo! KYUMIN!!

Kyu: *lost the game*

Min: *misses a note on the guitar*

Hae: Do you know what day is it today? ^^

KyuMin: NO! Get OUT!


Hae: *Enters Siwon's room*

Siwon: Oh hey Donghae! Do you want to read Bible with me? O:)

Hae: Manager hyung just called and I have to go now. I'm here to say that.. so... bye

Siwon: Wait! Do you know what day is it today?

Hae: *please tell me he remembers* What is it? ^^

Siwon: It's supposed to be my anniversary with Hankyung but... well yeah you know the situation.

Hae: Right... *nods* Go read the Bible to calm your heart *stomps out from Siwon's room*


Hae: I HATE TODAY! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ME!!! *kicks the coffee table*

Shindong: Today is a special day right?

Hae: Huh? *wipes away a tear*

Shin: I said... Today is a special day, right?

Hae: What- *RIIIINNNGGGG* Hello?

Kibum: Hey! You better check twitter now...

Hae: What fo-

Kibum: Just check it!

*So, Donghae quickly uses his laptop to check a social network called Twitter. it really shocks him*

Hae: Oh... My... God... *sees all the mentions from his fans and other super junior member, wishing him a happybirthday with a hashtag #HAEppybday * What the... So everybody...

Shin: Happy birthday to you~

*soon all the SJ member in the dorm sings for Donghae, making the accapella version of happy birthday with Sungmin playing the guitar*

Hae: So, you guys do remember!!

Hyuk: Sorry for that... here! Monkichi and I made this for you *gives a beautiful drawing of a monkey and fish hugging a sea monkey between them* The sea monkey is our child *giggles* *blushes*

Ryeo: Ah hae! Thanks to you my cake isn't perfect! Look at the fish! It looks ugly! *puffing his cheeks*

Yesung: Donghae! Look at the Indonesian turtle I bought... It's for you! Thank God it actually arrives today ^^

Turtle: *hides inside its shell*

Teuk: Kangin and Heechul send me a video of them singing happy birthday while dancing to you. And I'm just going to give you a birthday kiss! *kisses Donghae's forehead*

Hae: Umma~ :')

Siwon: Now that everyone are gathered here today... let's we pray for Donghae so, God will bless his birthday. Hey hey! Don't try to turn around! I've prepared the prayer all night!

Kyu: Can we just throw the cake at Hae's face now?

Everyone: NO!!

Kyu: Shit
Tags: fanfic, superjunior
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