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Being An Angel To Get Him (Chapter 8)

Title: Being An Angel to Get Him (chapter 8)
Rated: R
Genre: Humor (?), Fluff, Romance, Angst
Pairing: KyuMin, brotherhood! QMi
Summary: Kyuhyun used to act like an escaped soul from hell but, when he realizes he falls in love for a popular boy in the university, Kyuhyun turns from being a demon into an angel.

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Chapter 8: Love vs Lust

"Guys, could you please speed things up?" Siwon shouts from the living room. He can't stop looking at his Rolex wristwatch then the stairs back-and-forth in hope when he look at the stairs, the boys will be there.

They're finally there at the fifth times Siwon take a look at the stairs. "Now, quickly put your bag in the car! Make sure you don't left any important stuffs here. And don't forget to bring your Bible!" Siwon's ears aren't wrong when they hear the boys' loud grunt. "I just want to avoid some "unexpected" things." Siwon mutters under his breath. His feeling is telling him that something would obviously go wrong. But, he doesn't really know what. So, maybe morning and night prayer would protect them from whatever the wrong thing is.

"Hyung!" Ryeowook calls. He takes out a black book from his bag and hands it to Siwon. "Eunhyuk forgot to bring his Bible. And Kyuhyun... He doesn't have a Bible yet." Ryeowook says before leaving Siwon stands still in the living room, staring at his little brother Bible. He feels something is clutching his heart. So, that is why he feels something would go wrong there.

"Maybe not would... Maybe something wrong is going on there." Siwon mutters to himself.


Kyuhyun opens his eyes at the sudden loss of warmth around him. He blinks repedeatly to adjust with the bright sunlight that shines through the window. His hand keeps rubbing the other side of the bed to feel the skin of the man who slept next to him last night. But, the realization comes to him a little bit late. He turns around to see that the man he's looking for isn't there. But, judging from the warmth on where the man had slept, he left not long ago.

So, Kyuhyun sits up on his bed, stretches his body as he yawns really wide like a lazy big ass hippo, and scratches his not itchy back, then hair, the cheek, then arm, and back to where he started scratching. After that, he stares at the blue sky through the window and spaces out for around fifteen minutes before he's heading to the kitchen. His mind tells him to look for Sungmin. But, his stomach cries louder than his mind.

He follows the smell of roasted ham to the kitchen. He wonders who cooked his favorite food early in the morning. He thinks it must be Sungmin or Kyuhyun just hope it's Sungmin. But, he never thought that Sungmin is skinnier and taller than him this morning. Kyuhyun blinks his eyes to see clearly that the one who's cooking is not Sungmin.

"Zhoumi?!" Kyuhyun feels his breath stuck in his throat when he sees the cut on his brother's bottom lip, the bruise on his cheekbone, and Kyuhyun's sense is telling him that there are still more than that behind Zhoumi's shirt.

"Surprise to see me alive?" Zhoumi mutters under his breath. He puts the ham on the plate and places it on the dining table. "Your favorite breakfast." Zhoumi says after he recieves a long silence from Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun stares at the plate of two stripes of ham, two slice of breads, and scrambled egg on top of one of the bread. Then, he looks at Zhoumi who is looking at him with a tired look. "I thought you hate me." Clearly, something must have happened to Zhoumi last night.

"Is it wrong if I just want to treat my brother nicely?" Kyuhyun's face changes into a look of 'what the fuck with that sudden word of kindness?'.

"KuiXian, I want you to be the protective brother I used to have. And I want to repay you for everything you've done for me." Zhoumi says without looking into Kyuhyun's wide eyes. He keeps fiddling with his fingers. Kyuhyun knows Zhoumi would do that whenever he's nervous. So, Kyuhyun takes that as a cue to put his hand on Zhoumi's and holds it tightly.

"Mimi... You're always be my brother, and so I am to you." Kyuhyun lifts Zhoumi's chin so the taller can look into his eyes. When Kyuhyun sees the cuts and bruise closer, he feels the urge to protect his brother. Kyuhyun traces his thumb on the cut on Zhoumi's bottom lip. He hears Zhoumi's loud hiss of pain in return. "Who did this to you, Mi? Where were you last night?" A tone of concern is heard from Kyuhyun.

So, here's the thing why Zhoumi hesitates on telling Kyuhyun the truth:

1. Mr. Kwon is threatening him

Last night, Zhoumi was drunk. But, he wasn't drunk enough to realize the face of the man who suddenly appeared behind him. He had felt unexplainable fear inside him. His heart was thumping really fast as if it would stopped beating all of a sudden. He knew the man was someone from his and Kyuhyun's past.

"Mr. Kwon..." Zhoumi croaked out.

"Ah... Zhoumi! I finally found you. It's time to go home. Kyuhyun must be worried about you..." Mr. Kwon had said, grabbing Zhoumi on the forearm. When his fingers clutched around Zhoumi's forearm, the younger suddenly remembered the day when Kyuhyun was taken away from him. His sense said that he shouldn't go with this man.

"Please... Leave me alone..." Zhoumi said. "Don't... Don't touch me! I don't know you! Please leave!" Zhoumi snatched his forearm away from Mr. Kwon only to get grabbed tighter on the wrist. "Nooo!! I don't know you! Leave me alone!" Zhoumi started screaming as he tried to get away from Mr. Kwon. Everyone in the bar looked at Zhoumi with a weird look, thinking that the tall man was drunk really bad.

"Ah this kid... He must be drunk. Sir, you should take him away from here before he cause any chaos." The bartender said, helping Mr. Kwon on taking Zhoumi to a black sedan parked outside the bar.

"Please don't!! I don't know this man! Please let me go!" Zhoumi screamed and thrashing his body here and there. He felt his tears were threatening to fall.

"You better shut up or I swear you'll see Kyuhyun's dead body on tomorrow's newspaper." Mr. Kwon had whispered coldly to Zhoumi. It finally made the young man suddenly gave up and let Mr. Kwon took him somewhere he didn't know.

2. Kyuhyun was taken away because of Zhoumi

Pain. All Zhoumi could felt was pain. Mr. Kwon took Zhoumi to a bedroom a minute after they arrived at a small one story house. Zhoumi tried to struggle from Mr. Kwon's tight grip around his wrists only to get punched on the lips. The rings which Mr. Kwon was wearing left gruesome cut on Zhoumi's bottom lip.

"Stop struggling and just do as I say!" Mr. Kwon yelled at him, giving a hard slap on Zhoumi's cheek. "Huh! You're prettier than your brother but, you are more troublesome than him!" Mr. Kwon said. It finally dawned on Zhoumi. He finally realized what had happened to his brother for the years since he was taken.

"You... Torture my brother... You torture KuiXian!" Zhoumi suddenly felt angry by just imagining the things Mr. Kwon did to Kyuhyun even though an hour ago he was trying to kill Kyuhyun.

"Oh not just torturing him... My clients really love him. They paid me to have one night stand with your brother. For short... Your brother is a whore like your mother."

In a flash Zhoumi slapped Mr. Kwon really hard but, he got a hard punch on the face in return. Bloods splattered from Zhoumi's mouth when he got hit. "When you were kid. I want to take you. But, your mother didn't let me. She gave Kyuhyun instead. And think about this... It was your entire fault that he has to live a life like this!"

"I thought he... He's happy with you... I thought you gave him life and made me misreable because you killed my mother!"

Another punch was received by Zhoumi.

"I don't have any choice but to kill her. She didn't want to give you and she almost killed me! Again, it was all because of you Zhoumi. Your mother died because of you, Kyuhyun became a whore because of you. Now, how about you repay them by giving me 'pleasure'?" Mr. Kwon grabbed Zhoumi's hair and drew the young one closer to him.

Zhoumi stopped struggling and just let Mr. Kwon raped him. Images of Kyuhyun being raped and abused like this flooded Zhoumi's mind as Mr. Kwon kept doing everything to him, making him felt lower than a dog. Kyuhyu has gone throught this, and Zhoumi finally realized that.

'Everything is my fault, not his.' Zhoumi thought.


"Mimi~ Are you there?" Kyuhyun is knocking on Zhoumi's head a little. The taller one finally snaps from his deep thoughts. He sees that Kyuhyun had finished eating. "You haven't answered my question actually."

"Oh! I... Was at a bar last night and got caught in a bar fight. It was nothing serious really..." Zhoumi didn't lie that he was at the bar. But, he did lie about the bar fight. "KuiXian... Can I ask you something?"

"Shoot." Kyuhyun says while playing with his blackberry.

"How was your life with... Ummm... Mr. Kwon?"


Kyuhyun receives a BBM message from Siwon which nearly make his heart jumped out in shock. But, he doesn't answer the message right away. He looks at Zhoumi deeply in the eyes. "Why so sudden?"

"Just asking... I want to get to know you better after years of hating you." Zhoumi says, tapping his fingers impatiently on the table.

"Nothing much... At least he finally let me to live in a college dorm after years of persuading him. Doing things he wanted me to do in order to be in a college. Well... It's all worth it I guess..."

"Worth it?" Zhoumi was asking himself that being a whore, being abused or raped was all worth it?

"Ummm yeah I guess... He never let me out of the house. He always kept me inside because he doesn't want me to exhaust myself. And being able to leave the house is really something." Kyuhyun smiles. "Becuase of that, I get to see other people like my friends now. I get to chase my dream. I get to have popularity which is I think is ruined thanks to you." Kyuhyun laughs shyly. But, Zhoumi doesn't. He's too deep in thought. "And I get to..." Kyuhyun looks up at Zhoumi and suddenly feels sorry.

"I'm sorry Mimi..."

"It's faith that made you met him. And it's faith that re-united us. KuiXian, do me a favor will you?"

"What is it, Mi?"

"Take care of Sungmin, kay? Don't hurt him and don't ever let him go. Show him love. The truth is, I don't think I ever show him enough love. I let lust win over love. I just couldn't stop molesting him... I couldn't hold it if I don't sleep with him. I do love him but... My lust is stronger." Zhoumi sounds regretful. Kyuhyun stand up from his chair and hugs his brother. It has been a long time since the last time he did that. "Okay KuiXian?"

"Okay Mimi... I'll take care of him. I'll protect him like the way I used to protect you. But I'm sorry I took-"

"I told you not to be sorry!" Zhoumi smacks Kyuhyun's head playfully. A wide grin is plastered on his face. Despite that, Kyuhyun can still see a trace of sadness in Zhoumi's eyes. "By the way, I have to go back to the dorm now. Tell Sungmin my goodbye, kay?" Zhoumi breaks away from the hug and walking toward the door when Kyuhyun suddenly says.

"Mi... Why... Why am I feeling like this is going to be the last time I see you?" Kyuhyun bites his lips. His heart keeps beting loudly, asking him to not let Zhoumi steps out from the door. His heart is telling him to make Zhoumi stays for another night.

"It's just one of your stupid senses... We'll see each other again. So… Tell Min my goodbye okay? I love you brother." With that Zhoumi pulls the door open and steps out from the villa. The sound of the door closed echoes around the room. Kyuhyun doesn't even know why that sentence sound like a last farewell.

"I love you too, brother..." Kyuhyun finally says. He doesn't even know why tears are starting to blur his vision.


"How touching..." Mr. Kwon says after Zhoumi had stepped out from the house.

"I've said my goodbye to him... I'm... I'm ready to do whatever you want me to do." Zhoumi declares. He tries to hold back the tears that are about to fall out from his eyes. "It's my turn now to feel a complete lust..."

"Yes, you're right. Hmmm you are a very toughtful person. You have been loved by so many people. And now it's your turn to feel lusted by so many people."

Zhoumi can only nod blankly at that.


Sungmin has been listening to the two brothers talking in the kitchen. He also watches when Zhoumi leaves through the door, leaving Kyuhyun standing there like a child being put into detention. Sungmin finally decides that whatever the past behind either Kyuhyun or Zhoumi is better left unknown by him. He feels likat their past is better be hidden and forgotten.

"Mimi..." Kyuhyun's voice snaps Sungmin from his deep thoughts. "Mimi..." Sungmin peeks from behind from the gap on the stairs railing. He sees that Kyuhyun's eyes are red and a shock expression appeares on his face. "MIMI!!"

"Kyuhyun!" Sungmin steps down from the stairs in an incredible speed, chasing after Kyuhyun who is suddenly dashing out from the villa like he's being possesed. Sungmin passes the door that is left opened by Kyuhyun. He sees that Kyuhyun is chasing after Zhoumi's car that is driving away from the villa.

"Kyuhyun stop!" Sungmin keeps shouting for his lover to stop. He tries to force his legs to run faster. He fears that Kyuhyun woulg get run over by another car if he's running like that without looking anywhere else but Zhoumi's car. And his fear is about to happen.

"KYUHYUN!!" A loud scream escapes from his mouth as he hears the truck passes by. He falls on his knee as he was unable to reach out for Kyuhyun when the truck is coming from the left. He feels tears have fall from his eyes, and useless for not be able to save Kyuhyun. Sungmin waits for the people to react after they saw Kyuhyun got crashed by the truck. But, he doesn't hear anything...

"What..?" Sungmin feels someone is poking on his head. "Why are you calling me, Minnie?" The poking still continues. "Minnie~!" The voice calls Sungmin in a sing-sang tone. Finally Sungmin looks up to see that Kyuhyun is looking at him with a blank look on his face.



"I thought you were..." Sungmin looks behind Kyuhyun and sees that isn't dead body on the road. So, this Kyuhyun he's talking with is not a ghost. "Dead..."

"Well that truck almost got me but as you see I'm..." Before Kyuhyun could finished his sentence, Sungmin stands up and hugs him tightly around his neck. The shorter guys sobs silently on Kyuhyun's shoulder.

"Don't ever do that again! You scared me! What were you doing anyway?" Sungmin hit Kyuhyun's chest a little hard, knocking the air out of Kyuhyun. The taller one takes a deep breath before answering Sungmin's question.

"I just wanna know where Zhoumi is going. He..." Kyuhyun's expression suddenly gets darker than before. Sungmin knows right away that it has something to do with the brothers' past. Sungmin chooses to stay silent. He doesn't really want to know more than the fact that Zhoumi and Kyuhyun are brothers. He doesn't ask to know about it, but Kyuhyun suddenly says. "Min, I... I... I used to be a whore."
Sungmin knows that knowing more would hurt him and Kyuhyun.

"This man named Mr. Kwon took me from my mother. Not actually took... My mother gave me away. I blamed Zhoumi for that. But, now I know it was faith. It wasn't Zhoumi's fault. And Mr. Kwon... He did many bad things to me. He forced me to do this and that." Kyuhyun feels Sungmin's arms are getting tighter around his waist. "He still let me go to school. But, he told me after I graduated from High School, I'll be working as a full time whore. But... I wanted to chase my dream. I begged him many times so I can go to a college. I got punched many times cuz of that. But, as you can see..." Kyuhyun rubbed Sungmin's hair and inhale the sweet scent of it. "I'm here. That means he let me go."

"Kyu... I don't want to know... I don't care if you're a whore or not." Sungmin says. He looks up to Kyuhyun and their eyes met. "I still love you. Thank God that man let you go! I don't want you to be misreable!"

"Well, now I wished he didn't let me go..."

"What? Don't you want to be happy? Don't you want to be free?" Sungmin pulls away from Kyuhyun. His eyes are wide in shock.

"No..." Kyuhyun answers. "Because, Mr. Kwon has replaced me with Zhoumi! He-he-he'll... Do the things he did to me-to Zhoumi! Zhoumi will be hurt! My brother couldn't stand that hard violence. He'll die!" Kyuhyun can't hold back his tears. He just cries his pain in his heart out. "We'll turn left to return to our dorm. But, Zhoumi... He drove to another road. I recognized the way he took. The way he took is the way to Mr. Kwon's house. I... Have to save him, Min!" Kyuhyun shakes Sungmin's body really hard. His hands are gripping tightly on Sungmin's forearms.

"Kyu... You won't save him alone..." Sungmin manages to say. "I'll... No... We'll go with you!" Those words caught Kyuhyun's attention.

"We?" Kyuhyun croaks out.

"Yes! Me, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, and your friends will help you save Zhoumi. He's my ex now... But, I have to be thankful to him for staying with me."

"Min... That... Means a lot to me. Thank you... Very much." Kyuhyun leans down to press his lips against Sungmin's. The sudden electrifying feeling in his body makes his hands move to caress Sungmin's cheeks. Kyuhyun wipes the tears from Sungmin's cheeks and pulls his lover's face closer to his to deepens their kiss. But, they should know that they're doing that in public.

"Ahem! I know you both love each other. But, it's not good to do that in public." Both of the lovers turn around to see that Siwon has stopped on the road side, watching them kissing passionately.

"Ah hyung! I'm... Sorry..." Kyuhyun pulls away from Sungmin. Both of their cheeks are crimson red. Ryeowook spots that and is pointing at him.

"Haha! Kyuhyun is blushing~!" Which he gets a smack on the head by Yesung.

"Shut it unless you want to get thrown at a passing car!"

Siwon laughs at the YeWook stupid act. He looks back at Kyuhyun who is still blushing but he still can see a trace of sadness on Kyuhyun's face. "Mind telling me what's going on now?" Siwon asks.

"I wanna talk to you at the beach..." Kyuhyun says. Siwon just nods at that and he has a feeling that the problem is nothing about Sungmin.


The afternoon breeze at the beach feels freshing in Siwon's lungs. He inhales deeply as he and Kyuhyun are taking a stroll along the beach. He's feeling like praising to the Lord for creating this beautiful world.

"Have you ever felt grateful to be able to live in this world?" Siwon asks, breaking the silence between him and Kyuhyun.

"Just now yes... Thank you for showing His kindness."

"The nature also shows you his kindness. You should thank the nature too!" Siwon chuckles when he sees Kyuhyun thanking the nature for showing God's kindness. "Not just the nature... What are you feeling right now with Sungmin?"

"I'm feeling loved by him."

"And there! Love is also one of God's kindness. And you can feel His kindness through other people. You should thank the emotion called love for making you feel God's kindness."

"Thank you, Love..." Kyuhyun says with a smile on his face. "I've never felt loved by someone before. But now... I am..."

"You know Kyuhyun... When people don't love you, God loves you. You just didn't see it right away. God shows that He loves you by setting you free from Mr. Kwon." Siwon puts an arm around Kyuhyun's shoulder. His free hand is messing with Kyuhyun's hair. "It's weird how human can get so oblivious."

"But... Mimi... He... Is taken by Mr. Kwon. That's what I want to tell you. Does that mean God doesn't love him?"

"It's a part of His plan for something better. God knows what is best for each of us. And maybe... Just maybe... Your intention to save Zhoumi is one of His plans." Siwon looks at Kyuhyun who is stunned at how amazing Siwon could read his thoughts.

"Seriously, how do you know I want to save him? How-how to read mind?"

"Your face tells me everything. Let me tell you... If you really want to save him, please make sure you don't go against God's will. Don't kill... But, forgive. I know it must be hard to forgive someone like Mr. Kwon. You've told me about your past and hearing that really hurt my heart. But, I want you to show Mr. Kwon true kindness. Show him God's kindness by forgiving him for everything he has done."

Kyuhyun listens to Siwon's words nicely. He is impressed at how perfect Siwon is. But, Kyuhyun doesn't want to tell Siwon that Siwon is perfect because he would start blabbing about how all humans are not perfect.

"Is that love then? Love means saving people from the darkness?"

"You can say that... Love vs Lust... Love would win because love gives you more happiness but, lust... It'll tear you apart. That's the difference Kyuhyun." Siwon explains. "And you have to show Mr. Kwon a love by forgiving him. I'm sure he'll change, Kyuhyun. Just.. Don't kill him, kay? Taking away people's life is God's job. Not yours."

Kyuhyun nods. He likes how light his heart would get after he talked about his problem with Siwon. Kyuhyun even thinks that Siwon is an angel.

"Thanks hyung..."

"You're welcome..."


A/N: This chapter mostly tells about the difference between love and lust. Hmmm… I never write something serious like this. And yeah Zhoumi is replacing Kyuhyun. And sorry for lacking KyuMin moment here >.< I’ll make more KyuMin moment on the next chapter. Sorry again for updating so long. I’m busy fixing my scores and studying for exam. And probably I’m dead on Friday… Report card… all red… and then tons of angst fanfiction will pop out in my mind >.< I hate angst actually…
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